Have your say: the future of Newtown Tram Sheds

Nestled into the heart of our neighbourhood, the Newtown Tram Sheds could be the perfect site for a buzzing community, cultural, or creative space.

But for years the heritage-listed Sheds have sat unused and in a growing state of disrepair, in spite of community energy to see them transformed into a space we can all enjoy.

Under the current NSW Liberal-National government it’s only a matter of time before the site is sold to the highest builder -- just like so many other public buildings and spaces that have been flogged off and redeveloped for private interests. 

Tell us what you want to see the site transformed into, whether that's an arts hub, public and affordable housing, or a community space. Your comments will help shape a community-led vision for the future of the site -- and build a grassroots campaign to make it happen.

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