Newtopian Outreachers – Thank You & Community Celebration

Congratulations to all the incredible volunteers at the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre who were honored last week at the Newtopian Outreachers – Thank You & Community Celebration. 

It was my pleasure to join with the staff and volunteers at NCC as they celebrated how the Newtown community is successfully coming together to focus on one of our most pressing problems – homelessness & rough sleeping.

The volunteers have been engages in a brand new homelessness outreach program through the Neighbourhood Centre called Newtopian Outreach. The Newtopian Outreachers gave their time and energy to learn about why it is critical for all people to have access to housing, supported by services, as the first step to achieving wellbeing.

This year, the wonderful Newtopian volunteers conducted weekly outreach with Newtown Neighbourhood Centre staff, offering housing related information services to our rough sleepers. The results were so encouraging that they have decided extend the program further.

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