Greens call for No Evictions in NSW during Corona crisis

Jenny Leong MP, NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing and Homelessness is urging the Premier to put an immediate moratorium on evictions for people unable to pay rent during the Corona virus pandemic, as well as recommending a number of urgent measures to assist people who are homeless and those living in public and social housing.

On Monday Ms Leong launched a petition calling for a moratorium on evictions and already over 1000 people have signed it:

NSW Greens Housing and Homelessness spokesperson Jenny Leong MP said: "We are urging the Premier to immediately put a moratorium on all evictions in NSW to ensure we don't add to the current health crisis with an increase to the homelessness crisis," Ms Leong said.

“This health crisis has already caused many thousands of people who are casuals or self-employed to lose all or most of their income. The stress and impact of this loss of income should not be compounded by the threat of eviction hanging over their heads.

"If we don't take this necessary step, people who don't have secure incomes - casuals, freelancers, students, hospitality staff, retail workers and those in the creative industries - suffer even further.

"People with insecure work are also likely to be those with insecure housing - and they are the people also most likely taking a massive hit to their incomes due to the cancellation of major events and changes to how people are eating out, socialising and going about their daily lives for the foreseeable future.

"Groups identified as 'at risk' should not have to make the decision as to whether to put their health or their home first. This will be a dangerous reality for many who worry that not going out and about isn't an option because they need to pay the rent.

"A moratorium on evictions is just the first step needed to protect renters, we also need to ensure that those unable to pay rent due to loss of income aren't left with a massive debt, that a clear plan is developed to support people who are homeless, and public housing tenants are supported” Ms Leong said.

Ms Leong wrote to the Premier yesterday, with three urgent recommendations:

  1. An immediate moratorium on evictions in NSW, and solutions to ensure renters aren’t left with massive and unmanageable debts.
  2. A plan for rough sleepers, boarding houses and assurance for services who support homeless people.
  3. Additional support for public and social housing tenants.

Further information:
Jenny Leong 0499 550 996

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