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Attention: NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Kevin Anderson, Minister for Better Regulation

We the undersigned urge you to put a moratorium on all evictions to ensure we don't add to the current health crisis with an increase to the housing and homelessness crisis.

We implore you to act to protect the most vulnerable in our state who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or living with severe rental stress or housing insecurity.

We ask that you ensure they are supported financially and socially - and aren't left with massive debts.

Now is the time for us to work together and do all that we can to limit the stress, anxiety and health risks faced by those who are facing real financial and social hardship due to this compounding crisis.


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Put a Moratorium on Evictions in NSW (Closed 06/04/20)

This petition has now been closed and directed to the Premier. For the latest updates on this issue, click here.



We need a moratorium on evictions in NSW immediately so that no one is evicted while we are dealing with this pandemic.

People who don’t have secure income, casuals, freelancers, students, hospo staff, retail workers, creatives, artists, musos as well as people with disabilities and those who have carer responsibilities - are most likely also renters. These are the people also most likely taking a massive hit to their incomes due to the cancellation of major events and changes to how people are eating out, socialising and going about their daily lives for the foreseeable future.

We already had a housing and homelessness crisis in NSW before this virus hit. 

The harsh reality of housing stress and insecurity impacts over 300,000 low income renters in our state.

Housing is a human right - and now more than ever we need to ensure as many people in our society as possible have the guarantee of a safe, secure and affordable place to live.

Everyone needs to be able to take actions to minimise transmission of this virus and that's best done if you are in secure housing - a key component of financial security and personal well being. 

That means NO EVICTIONS until we are through this thing as a first step.

And a clear plan for bringing together the right people to ensure people are not left with unmanageable debts as a result of this current crisis. 

We have written to the Premier requesting urgent action - you can read that letter here - but we need you to add your voice to the call. Sign the petition now!




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