NSW hit-hard as Australian Arts Sector Devastated By Funding Cuts

As Australia’s performing arts sector is reeling from the announcement that many performing arts companies have lost their federal funding along with drastic cuts to peak national arts organisations, the real impact will be felt by many artists and arts organisations in NSW.

In the wake of the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) announcements,  Screen Australia will lose $10.4 million over four years, which is the third cut to the funding body for local film and television in 18 months, while a 3% efficiency dividend has been imposed on federally funded galleries, museums and art galleries who will lose $36.8 million.

And while Screen Australia’s budget shrinks, an additional $47.3 million will go towards international films shot in Australia over the next two years - Ridley Scott’s new Alien film and the third Thor movie.

NSW Greens spokesperson for the Arts and Creative Industries Jenny Leong MP said, “This is a terrible blow to our cultural life and to our ability to tell Australian stories, with savage cuts to key arts organisations and to our emerging artists which will impact on us all for decades to come.

“It is the smaller, community based organisations that create accessible and innovative work, and provide an essential training ground for the creative people who go on to be leaders in the industry. 

“By gutting the companies that support emerging artists, the Government is destroying the future of the industry.

“Here in NSW, Shopfront Theatre and Outback Theatre for Young People – have no Australia Council funding for 2016. Tamarama Rock Surfers Theatre Company also announced it will be closing its doors due to lack of funding this week.

“We need to provide avenues for young creatives to develop their craft and to tell Australian stories in the theatre and on film.  We want to see a thriving arts scene today and also guarantee a strong and vibrant sector in the future,” Ms Leong said.

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