NSW Treasurer fails to rule out Serco involvement in public housing

In response to a question from NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP, the NSW Treasurer has failed to rule out allowing global corporation Serco from profiting from public housing in NSW.

Serco are infamous for their operation of Australian detention centres, which have been the subject of many complaints of human rights breaches.

Jenny Leong MP said:

“The Treasurer has made it clear that the door is wide open for Serco to step in to the public housing sector in NSW.

“We know that Serco has met with the Minister for Social Housing and the Minister for Finance, Services and Property. We also know that Serco are already involved in public housing contracts in other countries.

“The NSW Government should not allow public funds from the Social and Affordable Housing Fund to go into private companies like Serco, which has a reputation for profiting from human rights abuses.


While Serco is not involved in any of the nine projects shortlisted for Phase 1 of the Social and Affordable Housing Fund, it is clear from the Treasurer’s statement that they will not be prevented from future tender applications.

From the Treasurer’s response:

“I would say and I want to say this very clearly … anybody in this state, whether you are a government entity, a non-government entity, or a private entity who has an interest in supporting the government’s noble intentions of providing additional social and affordable housing should be free and is free to participate in all of the processes we have.”

Watch the full response here:

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