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The climate emergency threatens the safety of the environment, people, our health, water, ability to grow food, and the air we breathe. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Labor’s proposed laws don’t even mention coal, gas or our forests. If you don’t have a plan to phase out coal and gas and end native forest logging, you don’t have a plan for the climate crisis.

We have to take this opportunity to push Labor further and faster. 

The Greens will use our numbers in the Parliament to fight for climate action based on science and survival, and we need your help. We are calling for:

  • Net Zero emissions by 2035 
  • Replace coal and gas with cheap, reliable renewable energy by 2030 
  • Immediately end native forest logging
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Labor is taking us backwards on climate

Labor is taking us backwards on climate. Proposed laws set to be debated in the NSW Parliament will delay reaching net zero emissions until 2050, this will lock in 2 degrees of global heating and cause: 

  • more extreme and frequent fires, floods and droughts
  • dangerous sea level rise
  • extinctions and ecosystems collapse 
  • food insecurity and rising cost of living
  • more destroyed and displaced communities 

Labor’s proposed laws will be even weaker than the former Liberal National Government’s and will breach the Paris Agreement. 

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