Parliament Celebrates Historic Yes! Vote on Marriage Equality

Today the NSW Parliament celebrated the historic result of the marriage equality survey. Read Jenny's speech marking the occasion below. 


Ms JENNY LEONG ( Newtown ) ( 16:21 :15 ): By leave: I speak on behalf of The Greens on the matter of public importance on marriage equality, and I thank the member for Summer Hill for putting this matter on the agenda. I acknowledge members' contributions to the debate, particularly the member for Sydney. I thank him for his tireless efforts campaigning for marriage equality. More than a decade ago the member for Sydney and I first united in a campaign for marriage equality, and it is wonderful that we are so close to seeing this country embrace marriage equality. I acknowledge the support of my Greens colleagues the member for Ballina, Tamara Smith, and the member for Balmain, Jamie Parker.

Last night something amazing happened when there was a gathering of people at Taylor Square. It started with a couple of hundred people arriving half an hour before the advertised official proceedings were due to start. The equality campaign held a flag-raising and there were a number of speeches to thank people in the movement. That transitioned into a march and dance down Oxford Street, by which stage thousands of people joined a community action against homophobia organised by Reclaim the Streets. People wandered down Oxford Street dancing, hugging, singing and shouting out from the bars. This celebration was led by the wonderful members of the 78ers holding a banner, and it was a privilege to stand next to those individuals who first marched down Oxford Street in 1978 for LGBTIQ rights. I encouraged them to turn around with their banner and look back at the whole length of Oxford Street blocked off by people all chanting, "Yes." It was an absolutely wonderful occasion.

I give a massive shout-out to the folks at Community Action Against Homophobia and Reclaim the Streets. They stood strong and said that they knew their community well and people would gather in their thousands on Oxford Street. They encouraged the Surry Hills Local Area Command to pay attention to the gathering. Unfortunately, they had to go to the Supreme Court to seek permission for the gathering and they were granted the right to march and dance on the street. We have done what we needed to do to get a massive yes vote. Now it is over to Canberra.


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