Petersham Station Upgrade

Jenny Leong MP pictured on the stairs at Petersham Station holding an image of the proposed upgrades.

After many years of advocating with the community, we were pleased to see that the 2019-20 NSW budget set aside $5.4million to upgrade Petersham Station. The planned works include two new lifts connecting the existing footbridge to the Terminus St entrance and the station platform, a new access ramp and stairs from the Trafalgar St entrance to the existing footbridge, additional accessible parking spaces, a formal ‘kiss and ride’ are on Terminus St, new bicycle parking on both sides of the station and accessibility upgrades to the toilets. 

Work on the upgrade is now underway and is due for completion in 2022. You can stay up to date with the latest information including community notices here.


Artist’s impression of the proposed Petersham Station Upgrade, subject to change during detailed design

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