Proposed Montessori school in Camperdown

In response to concerns raised by local residents in Camperdown regarding the proposed Inner Sydney Montessori school at 1-7 Probert St, Camperdown, we have written to the Minister for Education seeking clarification as to the guidelines that determine whether a site is suitable for a school.

We are seeking information from the Minister for Education on the guidelines used by the Education Department to assess needs, suitability and locations for school developments and also whether there are any other guidelines used when assessing private school developments.


The local community has been informed that this development will be assessed as a State Significant Development and that the Inner Sydney Montessori Association will soon lodge a formal application for a school with a capacity of 120 children which would operate 6 days a week.

We understand that the Inner Sydney Montessori Association has existing approval to run a Parent and Toddler Program on this  site 6 days week which allows for sessions for up to 8 children and their parents to attend sessions every 2 hours between Monday and Saturday.

We ask all local residents living in and around Probert St that want to share further information and be kept informed as things develop to get in touch with our office by emailing [email protected]

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