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To the Minister for Education,

Parents and students in NSW public schools must have a clear choice when it comes to scripture classes and ethics classes. Information about both options must be provided at enrollment, allowing parents to 'opt-in' to either scripture or ethics.

We urge you to end the automatic enrollment of all students in scripture classes in our secular, government funded public schools.

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Troy Plummer
Lydia Smithers

Scripture In Public Schools Must Be 'Opt-In'

In NSW public schools students are automatically enrolled in 'special religious education' classes without their parents' explicit consent. Parents have to 'opt-out' their children in writing if they don't want them to take part in scripture classes.

Our public schools are secular and government funded. There should be more transparency for parents around scripture classes.

The NSW Liberal Government rejected findings of its own review of scripture and ethics in NSW public schools, which would have given parents and students more information about their options. 

Tell the Minister for Education that it's not reasonable to automatically enroll every student in NSW government-funded, secular public schools into scripture classes.

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