Community Recognition: Raise Foundation

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown, recognised the Raise Youth Frontiers program at Fort Street High School.

 "I draw the attention of this Parliament to the Raise Youth Frontiers mentoring program at Fort Street High School. Raise Foundation is a charity organisation operated by volunteers and donations that implements mentoring programs in public secondary programs in Australia. Raise has operated the Youth Frontiers program at Fort Street High School since 2015. The program matches trained adult mentors with mentees in years 8 and 9 whom their teachers feel might benefit from it. On Monday I spoke at the graduation for the latest cohort of mentors and mentees at Fort Street. The mentees all spoke about the massive confidence boost the program provided to them, and many of them were able to speak in front of a crowd for the first time. The mentors also noted how much they looked forward to the program every week. I thank Fort Street High School head of wellbeing Penelope Starr and Raise program counsellor Nicole McEncroe as well as the Raise team for its dedication to supporting the next generation of young people."


Hansard link here.

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