Recognising Aboriginal History, Welcoming New Australians

Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong will visit a number of events across the electorate of Newtown on Tuesday, January 26th, recognising Australia’s long and lasting Aboriginal history, and welcoming new Australians from across the seas to the local area.

Ms Leong will join the Invasion Day 2016 march, which begins at The Block in Redfern, and also visit the Yabun festival of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Festival in Victoria Park Camperdown.

Ms Leong said:

“Once again, I will begin the 26th of January in Redfern – a place that has a unique identity as the Aboriginal heart of Sydney.

“The Block has been at the heart of many movements and struggles for justice. It’s essential that we do all that we can do both acknowledge and protect this significant site.

“The Invasion Day March once again brings together Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and their supporters, to continue highlight the ongoing campaign for Aboriginal sovereignty.

“January 26th is also marked by some as Survival Day – a day to celebrate the survival of Aboriginal people, language and culture. That’s what I’ll be doing down at the Yabun festival with thousands of others enjoying great music, fine food and recognition of culture.

Also in attendance will be Greens Federal Senator Lee Rhiannon:

“Tomorrow I will be joining the rally at the Block in Redfern to stand with the Indigenous community on Invasion Day.

“January 26 is a solemn day for many as it marks the beginning of the Frontier Wars. These wars started in 1788 and spanned over 100. In many cases the same battles are still being had, and the struggle for justice, sovereignty and treaty is ongoing.

Ms Leong will also be welcoming new Australians at the City of Sydney Council and Marrickville Council Citizenship ceremonies:

“The diversity of our local area is key to what makes it such a wonderful place to live, being able to join the community to welcome more new Australians to our community, with their stories, cultures and experiences, is always inspiring.

“As someone whose father came to this country as an international student from Malaysia over 40 years ago, and then became a citizen– I know how significant these days can be for those choosing to make Australia their home, and the impact it has on their families’ lives.

“These community festivities organised by our local councils are just one example of the many ways local government contributes to our sense of community and the building of a more inclusive and peaceful multicultural society."

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