Recognising Sustainability Projects in Newtown

Jenny Leong MP recognised recent sustainability initiatives in the Newtown electorate; The Newtown Neighbourhood Centre who partnered with the Sydney Sustainability Centre for the Newtown Festival and the work by Young Henry's brewery to have a positive carbon footprint. 

Hansard extract:

"I draw attention to recent innovative sustainability, waste reduction and carbon positive initiatives in the Newtown Electorate. The Newtown Festival, hosted and run each year by Newtown Neighborhood Centre, continued to expand their sustainability and waste reduction focus at the 2019 festival. The festival partnered with Sydney Sustainability Centre and implemented strategies such as using green energy sources, hosting sustainable living workshops and using compostable plates and cutlery. They also had a worm farm for composting the food scraps – further diverting additional waste from landfill. I extend my congratulations to Liz Yeo, CEO of Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, Sydney Sustainability Project and the festival team for leading the way on environmentally responsible festival practices.

Meanwhile, our local Young Henry's brewery have partnered with UTS to make the brewery's carbon footprint positive. The team has installed 400 litres of algae to capture the carbon emitted by its brewing process. The resulting algae will be repurposed into products including bioplastic, fertilizer, clothing and pharmaceuticals. I congratulate the brewery's co-founders, Oscar McMahon and Richard Adamson, project manager, Greg Hall, and the whole UTS and Young Henry's teams, on their commitment to taking local, sustainable action – and leading the way for others."

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