Greens: Redfern/Darlington Sell-off Must be Stopped

Greens Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP, has slammed the latest sell off of land around Redfern station reported in the SMH today and called for the sell-off to be immediately stopped.

“Shamefully, this isn’t an isolated incident in our local area - the wholesale sell-off of public land around Redfern station started with the Australian Technology Park site, is happening just down the road in Waterloo, and it’s clear from these latest leaked documents that the Liberal’s privatisation agenda continues.”

“To link the sell-off of publicly owned land in the inner city to fund the Redfern station upgrades is beyond belief - it’s like selling off the family home to fund the renovation of your kitchen.”

“The failure of successive NSW governments to make Redfern - one of our busiest city stations - accessible, is a disgrace. And now we see that the vague assurances from this government that some the proceeds of the privatisation of the Australian Technology Park site would finally be used to upgrade Redfern was just spin.”

“Now, once again we see the NSW Liberals trying to justify the sell-off of more public land under the guise of using the funds for public infrastructure.”

“Well we don’t buy it, and we will be doing all that we can with the community to stop them selling it."

“At a time when the need for public and affordable housing is at crisis point; when the demand for space for schools, creative and recreational spaces in our cities is at an all-time high, selling off public land is completely irresponsible.”

“The Greens completely oppose the sell-off of public land in our city - and will stand with the community to ensure that the NSW Liberals don’t sell any more of what isn’t theirs!”

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