Cuts to refugee supports mean hundreds could be left homeless

There are fears that hundreds of refugees living in community detention could be left homeless, after the Federal Government cut housing and income support. We have written to the NSW Premier, urging her to raise concerns with the Federal Government, as it will be NSW health, housing and community support agencies who will be left to deal with the social and economic impacts of this decision.

You can watch our Notice of Motion to the NSW Parliament below.


I give notice that in the next available sitting day I will move that that this House:

  1. Notes some 160 refugees in New South Wales in community detention have had or will have their visa status altered by the Commonwealth Government's decision to change their visa status to Final Departure Bridging Visas.

  2. Notes this action means that these people will now have no access to any federal financial safety net and no assistance to seek housing, employment and some healthcare during this period of extreme economic downturn.

  3. Calls on the Government to condemn this action from the Commonwealth Government.

  4. Calls on the Government to immediately provide support to people affected by this change where it can.


You can read our letter to the Premier below.

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