Freeze Rent Increases Now! Renters Community Action Meeting

Sick of ranting to your friends about your rent increase, stressing about an eviction, dealing with dodgy real estate agents and going to shitty rental inspections?

Seeing red at the endless news stories of horror rentals and skyrocketing rents?

We want to turn that rage into action.

The Greens are pushing for an immediate 2-year rent freeze to hit pause on unchecked rent increases, get the cost of rent under control, and so make renting more secure and more affordable.

We know that so many renters have had enough and are ready to get active to push for change - will you join us?

Newtown Neighbourhood Centre is a fully accessible, single level venue with with ramps and an accessible toilet.


August 10, 2023 at 6:00pm - 7:30pm


Gadigal Hall, Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, 11 Darley Street Newtown


Chandi · · 9517 2800

Will you come?

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