Restore arts funding

The Greens have written to the NSW Arts Minister urging him to restore funding to Writing NSW and Pact Centre for Emerging Artists. At this time, artists, creatives and our arts and cultural institutions are doing it particularly tough - in many cases they were already struggling before the pandemic hit.

My Greens colleagues and I have written to the NSW Arts Minister urging him to ensure the ongoing funding and support for PACT Centre for Emerging Artists and Writing NSW. Now more than ever, we need more support and funding for the arts - and make sure artists in our community are looked after.

PACT was established in 1964 - they have contributed so much creatively and for the community - they are a valuable part of the Erkineville community and a essential part of our performing arts landscape. We need more security for organisations like PACT who support independent and emerging artists. I also have a close personal connection with PACT, but more on that later. Take the time to show your support.

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