Revised Inner City High School Catchment Released

In good news for families living in Redfern, the Department of Education has revised the boundaries for the Inner City High School Catchment following a concerted community campaign to allow local kids to attend the school.

“The revision will be a welcome win for some - but there still remains a number of unanswered questions.

“Communities and families living in Redfern - some of whom live literally across the road from the new school - are now in the catchment, which is great news for them.

“However, issues and questions still remain: most crucially, how was the review conducted and who was consulted given no parents we spoke to were contacted - and that those living in Darlington are excluded?

“We have been working with parents and concerned community members about this since the discriminatory catchment was announced in late December - and have been increasing the pressure on the Minister and Premier about this since then.

“Clearly this pressure is working - but there are still lots of unanswered questions and genuine concerns - which is why we need to ensure flexibility and transparency around this new high school in our area. That means ongoing and genuine consultation NOT just putting up maps on websites.

“This shambolic cycle of announcement without consultation, then urgent review (still without consultation) is typical of this Liberal Government,” Ms Leong said.


  • There is a public meeting regarding the Inner City High School scheduled for Sunday 3rd March at Redfern Town Hall
  • Jenny Leong wrote to the Minister and Premier last week, calling on them to announce the findings of the review. The letter and attachment is available here.
  • Jenny Leong held a series of very well attended offices for affected parents in early February 2019 (images available on request)


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