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Attn: Brad Hazzard, Minister for Health

We urge you to work with the NSW Chief Medical Officer to develop a COVID-safe plan for peaceful protest in NSW.

Please ensure we can exercise our right to peaceful protest without fear of an excessive police response.

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Right to COVID safe protest

We call on the Minister for Health to work with the NSW Chief Health Officer to develop COVID-safe guidelines to allow people to safely and legally exercise their democratic right to peacefully protest.

Our right to peaceful protest is a central part of our democracy.

Given that there are COVID-safe plans for sporting events, pubs, restaurants, schools, racecourses, sex work, major events and other types businesses, we also need COVID safe guidelines to allow safe, peaceful protest. We will be living under some form of health restrictions for some time, and need to find ways to live with the virus - not to suspend democracy indefinitely.

Being able to engage in peaceful protest, community rallies and non-violent direct action is a human right and a key part of our democracy.

Recent protests in NSW have been subject to an excessive police response – we need to have a safe way to be able to come together as a community and express our views.


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