Save Carriageworks

Carriageworks has gone into voluntary administration. The Government must urgently step in and save them. They must scrap the wasteful and pointless Powerhouse Museum relocation and instead spend that $1.5billion on saving our arts community, starting with Carriageworks.                                                                                                                            

Watch Jenny talking on Facebook live about why Carriageworks must be saved.

Dear Premier,

We won’t let Carriageworks go without a fight. 

We request that you:

  • Urgently appoint an Arts Minister who will fight for our decimated arts and creative industries
  • Reset funding priorities including scrapping the $1.5billion Powerhouse Museum relocation 
  • Guarantee funding to keep Carriageworks alive
  • Develop a rescue package to support struggling artists and creative industries workers via wage subsidies and grants

The arts will be vital for getting us through this pandemic and ensuring we have a vibrant and thriving economy post-COVID lockdown. We can’t let them down. 

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