Save South Eveleigh Public Housing BBQ


The NSW Liberal National government is planning to demolish and privatise the public housing estate in South Eveleigh on Explorer St and Aurora Place. 

Residents will be forced to relocate while high density housing is built on this site that will contain up to 70% private housing.

Currently there are 46 town houses on the site housing families and larger households. The plan is to increase the number of dwellings to 430 and make 70% of these private housing with only 30% public housing. This may also end up reducing the actual amount of public housing on the site as 3 and 4 bedroom homes are being replaced by 1 and 2 bedroom units.

Public land should not be given to private developers. We are facing an acute affordable housing crisis with some 50,000 eligible applications for public housing on the NSW waiting list with delays of up to 10 years for housing.

Communities in Glebe are facing a similar situation with the public housing estate in Franklin Street up for demolition and 70% privitisation as well. 

Join the gathering and BBQ to keep public housing in public hands! 

Save South Eveleigh Public Housing BBQ
Saturday February 13 from 12-2pm
South Sydney Rotary Park 

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Co hosted by Jenny Leong MP and the Friends of Erskineville (FOE)

More Information: 

Read our media statement on this and the proposal in Glebe

Read the Resolution from the South Eveleigh Community meeting of Dec 2020

Sign the Friends of Erskineville and Hands Off Glebe petition to the Housing Minister 

Read Jenny Leong MP's Notice of Motion in the NSW Parliament 

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