Jenny Leong asks the Premier about the Secret Coalition Deal

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown this week asked the Premier to reveal the details of the secret deal between the Liberals and Nationals that allow them to govern in NSW. The Premier refused to do so.


Ms JENNY LEONG (Newtown) (14:32:00): My question is directed to the Premier. In the interests of transparency and accountability, will the Premier outline to the New South Wales Parliament the nature of the deal between the Liberal Party and The Nationals that determines who governs this State?

Ms GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN (WilloughbyPremier) (14:32:22): I acknowledge the question asked by the member for Newtown and I wonder where she was late last week, when this was made abundantly clear. I refer her to the comments that were made publicly and on the record. I also refer her to the joint statement put out by the Deputy Premier and myself on Friday. I make the following comments: I want to state, as this is the first time this week I have had the opportunity to be on my feet in question time, that the citizens of our State have never relied on us more than they do at this time. Irrespective of what we are discussing in here, many families across the State are hurting, with the cumulative effect of drought, floods, storms and now COVID.

The SPEAKER: I call the member for Swansea to order for the first time.

Ms GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN: What they are relying on is that every person in this place, irrespective of which party they are from, is focused on the needs of their constituents and the community. The Labor Party, earlier in the year, wrote to me and suggested we should not hold Parliament because of COVID. Then they wrote to me and said we should have more sitting days because of COVID. Since I have been in this place during the pandemic—

Ms Jenny Leong: Point of order—

Ms GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN: —I have not received a single question from those opposite about the struggles and the pandemic that our communities are going through. I have concluded my answer.

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