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To the NSW Government,

Take a step toward addressing the climate and energy unaffordability crises and turn the roofs of LAHC's properties into a giant solar farm.

Installing solar panels could slash tenants' energy bills and provide access to reliable, affordable, climate-friendly energy. 

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Support solar for public housing

As the cost of living soars, we know that many in our communities are doing it tough. But public housing tenants on limited incomes are being hit particularly hard.

Soaring energy costs mean that too many people in public housing are sweltering in summer or shivering in winter - too afraid to turn on a fan, air conditioner, or heating out of fear of being hit with an unaffordable energy bill. As the climate crisis intensifies, things are only going to get worse.

That's why we're joining local public housing tenants to call on the NSW Government to install solar panels on the roofs of its public housing properties across the state.

Solar panels could provide climate-friendly energy to people living in public housing and drastically reduce their power bills as the cost of energy continues to climb. Any surplus energy could be fed back into the grid for the broader community to use and generate solar feed-in tariffs that would offset the capital costs of installation.

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