South Eveleigh public housing

Map with an outline around Henderson Rd, Explorer St and Station Pl.

The government via the NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) has proposed to redevelop the Explorer Street public housing estate in South Eveleigh. This proposal is based on the LAHC Communities Plus project formula which allows for only 30% social housing but 70% private housing on public land. This model is opposed by the Greens who are calling for an end to all privatisation of public lands and public housing. We reject the proposal to demolish the existing public housing in Explorer Street and Aurora Place in South Eveleigh to build high density large scale housing with 70% being sold off as private dwellings. We demand that public land is held by the public for the public and that the government properly maintains existing public housing while providing massive financial investment in more public housing to cover the needs of those 100,000 + people on the waiting list.

See Jenny Leong’s Media release on the South Eveleigh Explorer Street redevelopment.

See Jenny Leong’s Notice of Motion from Nov 2020.

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