Stop WestConnex Community Groups

Read in Parliament on 22 March 2016:

"I draw the attention of the House to the 12,866 individuals and non-government organisations that have made submissions to the new M5 Environmental Impact Statement [EIS] raising their concerns around the WestConnex and the new M5. I congratulate members of the local community campaign groups who worked so hard to inform the people of New South Wales and those directly affected by WestConnex about the significant and alarming impact this toll road will have on their lives and the lives of all their children and families. These groups include the WestConnex Action Group, NoWestConnex: Public Transport and the Save Newtown group.

I note that the list of all the submissions made to the new M5 EIS is over 180 pages long. This extremely large number of submissions highlights serious community concerns about this WestConnex toll road. I urge the Government to listen to them and their strong communities."


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