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To NSW Premier,

I ask that you act now with compassion to support refugees, international students and temporary visa holders in NSW by providing relief and assistance so that they are not left struggling to without access to housing, food and essential services during this pandemic and the subsequent economic downturn.

We urge you to immediately act to ensure that in this crisis all people in NSW, no matter what their visa status, are able to access: 

  • Adequate healthcare, including mental health support
  • Emergency crisis housing as well as appropriate temporary, supported and affordable housing options 
  • State government services including travel concessions 
  • Emergency financial relief for those who’ve fallen through the gaps or are ineligible for current government subsidies
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Premier - support everyone through this crisis

The pandemic doesn’t discriminate on the basis of visa status – and neither should our government. 

Send a message to the NSW Premier and this government urging them to support protect refugees, international students and all temporary visa holders living in NSW.

Vulnerable members of our community need to be looked after and cared for. Basic needs such as housing, food and health services are fundamental rights and no one should be left without support, especially at this time. 

Add your voice to support refugees, international students and temporary visa holders who've lost their usual income, don’t have money to pay the rent or buy food or basics, and have been specifically excluded from government support. 

No-one should be too poor to live – we need to show compassion and care for everyone.


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