Tell the Premier that renters need a better deal

Take a minute to send a message to the NSW government to ask that they act to urgently support and protect renters.

The NSW Parliament will meet on Tuesday 12 May to consider further emergency measures to support people during this pandemic - renters are under too much stress and more needs to be done.

We want to renters to get a better deal during this pandemic. Housing is a human right and everyone should have the right to a safe, secure and affordable place to live, especially at this time. 

By taking this action you will be adding your voice to support renters who've lost their usual income, don’t know how to pay the rent, and are being unfairly burdened with trying to individually negotiate from a position of weakness.





To Gladys Berejiklian, NSW Premier, Dominic Perrottet, NSW Treasurer, Kevin Anderson, Minister for Innovation and Regulation and Damien Tudehope, NSW Minister for Finance and Small Business,

I ask that you protect renters and provide relief and assistance so that they are not left struggling to negotiate with landlords or cope with unaffordable rents and huge rent debts.

I want to see: 

  • A full moratorium on evictions - no unfair no grounds evictions during this pandemic. 
  • Affordable rents - paying no more than 30% of your income means that the rent is affordable.
  • No rent debt - no rental agreements that include the accumulation of rent debt.
  • An emergency housing fund - to support people who’ve fallen through the gaps including those living in sharehouses, boarding houses, student accommodation, backpackers and informal housing arrangements and who are ineligible for income or other support.
  • Information for renters distributed to all renters via Fair Trading so that renters know their rights at this time.

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Hetty Wilson
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Marie-Louise Bethune
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Carolyn Kent-Muldrew
Jo Hobson
Kellie banyai
Phillippa Murphy-Haste
Daniel Smith
Paul Adabie
Elli Lamplugh
Rosalyn Hennesy
Dave Ellis
Rosie Paijmans
Amelia Milgate
Geoffrey Parry-Ewing
Wade Potts
Jon Singleton
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Lana Mercer
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