The Pace of the Pandemic

Since we have entered this new world order, the 24/7 political news cycle, the live pressers, the snappy posts, the edgy tweets, and the record breaking stats are being pushed out a pace more rapid than ever before.

Then, almost before they hit the screen, they are replaced, out-of-date, or overtaken by something newer, bigger, or even more surprisingly unprecedented.
As an antidote to this, I feel there is a need to try to step out of this manic cycle and take the equivalent of a breath or three - to provide some thoughts, some context, and some background.
In the coming days, I will be posting notes on protection for renters (why no action?) as well as the treatment of non-citizens (trying to get a grasp on the inherent discrimination coming out during this crisis). It is highly likely I will also share some views on racism, the precarious life of artists and creatives, and fast fashion. After that, who knows.
If there are things that are happening in the context of our local ‘hood, the NSW response or the political landscape that you would like to suggest we cover, don’t hesitate to make the suggestion in the comment below.
Finally, remember to stay home whenever you can, wash your hands often and to keep physically distant while remaining connected.

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