The Station Street Community

Read in Parliament on 18 November 2015:

"I draw the attention of this House to the fantastic efforts and initiatives of the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre in working towards a more inclusive, resilient, vibrant and self-reliant community in the electorate of Newtown. I especially acknowledge the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre's community development worker, Emily Walpole, for her tireless advocacy and efforts on behalf of the residents of 31 Station Street, Newtown. When it became clear that sudden changes to the exterior of the building were having a significant negative impact on the livelihood of residents, Emily did everything in her power to have those concerns heard.

I also acknowledge the work of the Marrickville Legal Centre, in particular Julia Murray, for her support for those efforts. I commend each and every resident of 31 Station Street for the patience and dignity they showed in the face of distinct adversity, in particular a tenant representative, Merci, for her efforts in facilitating tenant meetings and for her calm and practical approach under difficult circumstances. I congratulate everyone involved. I was pleased to pass the building and see the apartments filled with light once more."


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