Tinkering With Lockout Laws Won’t Boost Sydney’s Nightlife

In response to the changes to Sydney’s lockout laws that were announced today, Member for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson on Night-time Culture and Economy Jenny Leong MP, says the changes will do little to encourage a thriving Sydney nightlife.

“The fault with the lockouts is that they were – and are – a blanket punishment. Instead of dealing with the people or the venues that were the problem, the lockouts punished everybody in our city who wanted to be out late and have fun,” she said.

“The changes announced today will have a minor impact on a limited number of venues. This isn’t the boost the Sydney’s night-time culture and economy that our musos, creatives, shift-workers, and all-night party-goers know we need.”

“You can dance to a DJ, a jukebox or a band. You can be entertained by a drag queen, a performance poet or a heavy metal covers band. It’s laughable to think that a government bureaucrat will be responsible for determining what live entertainment is.”

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