Tribute To Faye Lowe

We pay tribute to Fay Lowe for her contribution to Australia Street Infants School for almost 40 years. 


Ms JENNY LEONG ( Newtown ) ( 13:15 :02 ): I draw the attention of this Parliament to the enormous contribution made to the Newtown community and the generations of children and families of Australia Street Infants School by Miss Fay Lowe. Miss Fay started as the preschool cook at Australia Street Infants School in 1973 and stayed for 39½ years. In that time she has cooked more than 7,000 meals and provided care, support and a friendly face to many students and their parents. A post about Miss Fay on Humans of Newtown has been flooded with memories of Miss Fay's chicken, cookies, cakes, pumpkin soup, vegemite sandwiches and her constant and reassuring presence to all those preschool students venturing into the world of school for the first time. Miss Fay has made Australia Street Infants School a home away from home for so many children for many decades. On behalf of the Newtown community, I offer thanks for the love and respect that Miss Fay has shown the community throughout her time at Australia Street Infants School.


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