Tribute to John Bartholomew

Today Jenny paid tribute in Parliament to Anti-Westconnex campaigner John Bartholomew. 

Ms JENNY LEONG ( Newtown ) ( 16:17 :47 ): I draw the attention of this Parliament to a longstanding community campaigner against WestConnex, Mr John Bartholomew. John has volunteered his considerable skills as an artist and sign-writer, encapsulating key themes in his wonderfully wrought, hand-painted posters and placards. Some of his more memorable slogans include "WestConnex—there's no plan, it's just a scam"; "Motorists against Tollway Extortion say WestConnex will fail so build more public rail"; and "WestConnex—up to twice as fast as walking". Some members may have seen John's work with the White Elephants, protesting WestConnex outside this Parliament. While I know that some members in this Chamber may not appreciate the huge, growing community opposition to WestConnex, I am sure all members will appreciate that individuals like John act with a genuine concern for their community about the decisions that will impact on their lives. On behalf of our community, I thank John for his wonderful signs and for his tireless work in fighting for better transport solutions than WestConnex.

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