Action to save unburnt native forests in NSW

It has been devastating to see the NSW Government give the green light to log precious remaining patches of unburnt forest.

Not only that, but we were truly shocked that the Liberal National Government has announced that it will give nearly half of all funding for regional recovery to Forestry Corporation and only a quarter to local councils, who provide essential services and employ many more people than the logging industry.

After the droughts and bushfires caused so much devastation, we need to hit pause, and stop native forest logging to let our forests, their animals and local communities recover. 

Greens MLC David Shoebridge has started a petition calling for an end to native forest logging.

We will continue to work to ensure that this pandemic is not used as an excuse to continue the destruction of our precious environment.

We have also written a representation to the Premier, urging her to stop this short-sighted and destructive action.

representation to the Premier


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