WestConnex to Build 7 Lane Highway At Residents' Front Doors

Euston_Rd_Ch10.pngWestConnex plans to expand Euston Road in Alexandria to 7 lanes leaving a mere 1.8 metres between the increased traffic and hundreds of residents living in apartments on Euston Road between Sydney Park Road and Maddox St.

This means all the trees and verges along this section of Euston Road will be destroyed and already the barriers and construction fences are in place. 

Sydney Park Road will be widened as well with more trees and verges removed on both sides. The expected 60,000 extra vehicles on Euston Road per day will severely impact on the health and well being all of local residents.

We have written to the Minister for WestConnex, Stuart Ayres about this unacceptable situation, asking that he intervene to stop the destruction of local residents amenity and safety. 

Watch the Ten EyeWitness News report which covered the impact on a young family living in Euston Road.

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