WestConnex Business Case Slammed by Independent Review

The City of Sydney’s independent review of the WestConnex Updated Business Case reveals that the decision to proceed with WestConnex is highly questionable, says NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex Jenny Leong MP.

“This report by SGS Economics and Planning shows what we suspected all along, that WestConnex is a big con with the real possibility that NSW taxpayers will be exposed to the massive risks of a failed project.

“It seems the real Benefit Cost Ratio is nowhere near the figure that Roads Minister Duncan Gay so confidently touted. In economic terms, this project just doesn’t add up and can’t be justified. 

“With what appears to be a significant over estimation of the benefits for this project and an underestimation of costs, it’s high time the Premier pulled his arrogant Roads Minister in to line.

“The omissions identified in the report, along with the swathe of incorrect or misleading assumptions in the traffic modelling and social impacts demonstrate the desperate lengths the Roads Minister will go to. 

“The criticisms in this report are extensive however, the SGS conclusion that the Updated Business Case and the EIS documents for the M4 or M5 are seriously deficient  because they failed to address alternative solutions to the serious congestion issues that Sydney faces now and beyond 2031, demonstrate the paucity of the Government’s vision and planning expertise. 

“It’s crucial that Premier Baird steps in and takes control of this WestConnex disaster before it’s too late.

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