WestConnex Destruction of Sydney Park Begins

Contractors have begun cutting down trees in Sydney Park, as part of the WestConnex project.

Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP joined community members at the Save Sydney Park Camp, where one resident is stationed in a tree in an act on nonviolent direct action.

“With every tree lost in Sydney Park we are one step closer to the reality of WestConnex – to the pollution, the congestion, and to the people of Western Sydney being slugged with exorbitant tolls to use this disaster of a road,” said Ms Leong.

“This 1950s ‘solution’ to Sydney’s traffic congestion problems won’t work – and will cost us dearly. Tolls, air pollution, loss of greenspace and heritage, destruction of neighbourhoods, that’s all WestConnex will deliver for Sydney.”

“The fact that the Baird Government can get away with this despite the massive questions that hang over this project makes it clear that NSW planning laws provide a protection racket for dodgy, self-serving development.”

“I congratulate the community for their sustained nonviolent direct action, for standing up to the Baird Government and their destructive agenda,” she said.

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