Westconnex M4-M5 Link

The Westconnex M4-M5 Link (also called Westconnex Stage 3A) is a set of tunnels, 8 lanes wide and 7.5km long affecting properties in St Peters, Newtown, Camperdown, Annandale and Haberfield. It is the longest and most expensive element of the Westconnex project and will have a huge impact on heritage properties, open space and traffic congestion in our community.

The plans for this stage of WestConnex were approved by the NSW Minister for Planning based on 'indicative' routes and other elements were not specified including exact depths of the 8 lane tunnels. It is now clear that some tunnel depths will be very shallow under local residential streets. There are grave concerns about the impact of the tunneling on properties and also about the noise of the traffic when the tunnels are operational. 

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M4-M5 Tunnel Route

This is the M4-M5 tunnel route map which allows you to zoom into your street address and see whether tunnelling will occur under your property and what the proposed depth of the tunnel will be. Just hold your mouse over your location and you will see the information appear in a pop out box.

Sub-Stratum Acquisitions

If your home is directly above the tunnel route, the Government will compulsorily acquire the land underneath the property. You will be sent a Property Acquisition Notice (PAN) under the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991 before any tunnelling commences. This compulsory acquisition does not prevent a property owner from selling/buying/re-mortgaging their property.

You can contact RMS for more information about substratum acquisitions by calling (02) 8849 2308 during working hours.

Property precondition assessments 

If your home is above or within 50 metres from the proposed tunnel, you should receive an offer for a free property pre and post condition assessment from the RMS. You can also apply for a dilapidation report from the Inner West Council. This page provides information on both the RMS and Inner West Council’s property assessments.

Independent Property Impact Assessment Panel

This panel is responsible for independently reviewing condition reports, resolution of property damage disputes and the establishment of ongoing settlement and vibration monitoring requirements. Either party can refer a dispute to the Panel with all costs borne by the RMS. For information on this panel contact RMS

WestConnex Community Reference Groups

Local community members can have issues raised via the WestConnex Community Reference Group and the Inner West Council's WestConnex Community Liaison Forum meetings. You can contact the Inner West Council for more information on these groups. 

Community groups such as the WestConnex Action Group, Newtown Residents Against WestConnex, Leichhardt Against WestConnex and Rozelle Against WestConnex also provide information about local campaigns and developments. 

How to complain

The Greens are calling for

  • The redirection of funding from WestConnex and the M4-M5 Tunnel and Rozelle Interchange into world class public transport
  • Deeper tunnelling
  • Expansion of the zone of influence to 250m
  • Vibration monitoring at homes within the zone of influence
  • Deployment of ground movement detection and satellite technology to confirm causation of property damage
  • Commitment to compensating property owners for compulsory underground acquisitions

Additionally here are some of my speeches in parliament about WestConnex and these are a range of Questions on Notice on WestConnex that our office has submitted over the years. The Greens in the NSW parliament succeeded in establishing an Inquiry into WestConnex and the Findings and Recommendations of this NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the Impact of WestConnex are here. Further information is available via our Stop WestConnex website.


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