Liberal’s WestConnex Sale Locks Sydney into Toll Road Monopoly Future

Today’s announcement by the NSW Liberals that a 51% share of WestConnex has been sold to the Transurban consortium is the nail in the coffin for many of Sydney’s drivers who will now be at the mercy of a monopolised toll road regime for decades to come.

Jenny Leong MP, NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex said:

“WestConnex is the largest transfer of public funds into private pockets in this country and this sale is the apex of the Liberal’s wholesale sell out of the NSW public. This deal is more about providing a payoff to their big business mates than it is about serving the people of Sydney with efficient and affordable transport options.

“They’ve bulldozed this destructive project through despite continuous red flags from experts and wide spread opposition to tolling and motorway construction.

“This is a gift to the private sector who will fleece the people of Western Sydney for decades to come with toll charges that are set to rise above inflation.

Jamie Parker MP  Member for Balmain said:

“Instead of investing in world class public transport the government is locking Sydney into a car dependent privatised toll way future.

“Not content with solidifying the motorway monopoly the government is set to pour billions more into Westconnex with its proposals to link it with the Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link toll ways.

“Today public submissions closed on the parliamentary Inquiry into Westconnex with thousands of submissions coming from across Sydney. I look forward to the inquiry lifting the veil of secrecy and exposing the folly of Westconnex.

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