Taking Action on the WestConnex Stench

The community has known for a while that WestConnex stinks - but now it is having a real impact on local residents, workers and businesses.

Residents In St Peters, Sydenham, Tempe, Newtown and beyond have been suffering for two weeks because of a foul, toxic odour coming from the WestConnex construction site at the old Alexandria Landfill site next to Sydney Park. Shamefully, no real action was taken until Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong raised this with the Minister.

After two weeks of community pressure and complaints raised with the Environmental Protection Authority, Sydney Motorways Corporation and the Minister for WestConnex, Jenny raised the issue directly with the Minister's office. The EPA finally issued a Prevention Order demanding that the odour is contained on the site.

As reported in the SMH, the contractors building the WestConnex interchange on top of the old Alexandria landfill site have until Friday to take action to ensure local residents are no longer affected by the toxic stench. Jenny also spoke with Wendy Harmer on ABC Sydney about the community's concerns and the Minister's lack of action.

Watch Jenny question the Minister over his inaction during Question Time on Wednesday 29 March:

In a media statement, Jenny said it was unacceptable that residents complained to various bodies for two weeks and no real action was taken. 

“What is the point of the Minister for WestConnex, if he is failing to take proper oversight of the serious concerns around the construction of this tollroad.

“Under his watch, thousands of residents have been badly impacted by this foul, toxic odour for weeks.

“The Environmental Protection Agency and the Sydney Motorway Corporation have finally responded after I raised the alarm with the Minister’s office.

“It was clear from the Minister for WestConnex’s response in Parliament that his role is redundant. When pushed on what he would do, he simply pointed to the action taken by the EPA and Sydney Motorway Corporation.

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