WestConnex Update, February 2017

What a week it has been for WestConnex – with the release of a damning report by the National Auditor General, the arrival of the Minister for WestConnex in the NSW Parliament, and Labor supporting a Greens motion in the Senate condemning the Federal Government for lack of governance in expending federal funds for the project.

Meanwhile on the ground the cowboys at the Sydney Motorway Corporation continue to bulldoze through without any regard for safety or compliance.

If there was ever a time to step up our efforts to stop this private polluting tollway from destroying our neighbourhoods, polluting our air and slugging us with exorbitant tolls it is NOW.

Here’s three things you can do right now to support the ever-growing community campaign against WestConnex:

  1. Contact the new Minister for WestConnex.  We have written to the Minister raising serious concerns about the safety and compliance breaches. Make sure the Minister knows about the serious safety concerns, which he is now responsible for – sign your name to the letter here or call his office on 8574 6500.

  2. Read and share the Greens motion, supported by Labor, which passed in the Senate this week. Following the damning report for the National Auditor General Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon moved a motion condemning the Government. You can read more about this and the report here – and be sure to share it with your friends so more people know about it.

  3.  Support the ever-growing local community campaigns. Inspiring community activists, concerned residents and local businesses are at the centre of the action standing up against the destructive WestConnex. Take a minute to connect with a campaign group - and if you can offer some support.


Here’s how The Greens responded to the Auditor General’s damning report of Westconnex this week.

MEDIA RELEASE: WestConnex audit slams Federal Government process
“The report points the finger at both the Liberal Coalition and Labor, because they were pushing the WestConnex project well before even an initial business case was presented to the appropriate government departments,” Jenny Leong said. Read more…

MEDIA RELEASE:Senate supports motion condemning governance of federal funds for WestConnex
The Australian Senate supported a Greens motion noting the ANAO Report and condemning the lack of governance surrounding the federal funding of WestConnex and the diversion of funds from public transport projects. “This is what happens when planning is done on the run for electoral gain,” said NSW Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon. Read more…


A new special Minister for Westconnex

As the NSW Parliament resumed after the summer recess, we saw the arrival of the Minister for WestConnex, Stuart Ayres, who’s heading up the special ministry created by the Premier after the removal of Duncan Gay from the Roads portfolio but we know that a special ministry won’t solve the disaster that is WestConnex.

I’ve written to the WestConnex Minister Ayres asking that he urgently address the compliance issues and the health and safety of all people living or working near WestConnex sites – you can add your name to this letter here.


The Sydney Park Camp continues
I joined community members who assembled at Sydney Park camp to protest in January as tree removals began in Sydney Park and along Euston and Campbell Roads where the Sydney Motorway Corporation and RMS intend to take over 850 trees.

The MUA Sydney Branch lent their support to the protest camp, hosting a free bbq for activists and joining the front line peaceful blockade. Community members and MUA supporters were met with an unacceptable level of violence from police and seven people were arrested and charged using some of the anti-protest laws that the NSW Coalition government enacted in 2016.

Get involved in the protest camp by dropping down to the campsite on Euston Rd, Alexandria, calling our office on (02) 9517 2800 or emailing [email protected] for more information. SMS WESTCON 0490 257225 to receive action alerts.

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