Why We Support Safe Schools

Safe Schools is a vital education program that is about inclusion and support. It is an important tool for the prevention of bullying and discrimination. It addresses challenges faced by gender diverse students and students from diverse families, to ensure that all students are able to feel safe and supported in their school community.

The Safe Schools program is supported by parents, students and teachers from all walks of life. While it has broad community support, it also has particular support from our LGBTIQ communities, who know first-hard what it is like to be the victim of homophobic or transphobic bullying or harassment.

Conservative attacks on Safe Schools have been based on scare campaigns and misleading information about what the program involves.

Safe Schools is an evidence-based program created by educators. The materials and resources that make up the Safe Schools curriculum have been approved by the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training. They are designed to promote an environment where all students feel accepted and able to focus on their education.

Research tells us that many young people who are victims of transphobic or homophobic abuse or bullying will attempt self-harm and it is essential that those young people are supported within their school communities. Ensuring that our young people feel safe and included at school is key to their wellbeing.

When our community embraces diversity and celebrates difference, all of us benefit.

Read more about the Safe Schools Coalition at their website.

For more information on the Greens’ position on Safe Schools email [email protected]

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