MEDIA RELEASE: Federal Greens put Labor in spotlight on call to stop WestConnex

Acting Federal Greens leader Scott Ludlam, Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon and Greens NSW transport spokesperson, Mehreen Faruqi MP, joined campaigners and community members at the SaveSydneyPark anti-WestConnex protest camp in Alexandria today.

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News: WestConnex to build 7 lane highway at residents' front doors

Euston_Rd_Ch10.pngWestConnex plans to expand Euston Road in Alexandria to 7 lanes leaving a mere 1.8 metres between the increased traffic and hundreds of residents living in apartments on Euston Road between Sydney Park Road and Maddox St.

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Speech: It's not too late to stop WestConnex

NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex and Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP, spoke in Parliament on Wednesday 4 April 2017, to challenge the myth that WestConnex is a done deal.

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Stanmore Bus Stop Closures Unacceptable

Jenny met recently with local residents in Stanmore, who are concerned about a proposal to remove bus stops on Douglas St that are serviced by the 412 bus.

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Media: Will USYD'S transport dreams be derailed again?

Published in Honi Soit, 6 April 2017

Noticed the crowds getting bigger at the City Road bus stops? Finding it harder than ever to overtake others on the Redfern Run? The University has noticed too, but whether or not these concerns will result in any real change is another question.

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Media: Premier Gladys Berejiklian says Sydney houses are $50,000 cheaper because of government policies

Published in Sydney Morning Herald, April 7 2017

Premier Gladys Berejiklian has been challenged to produce evidence that the government's policies have significantly reduced house prices, after claiming in Parliament that the average Sydney house is $50,000 lower than it would be thanks to state government policies. 

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Media: Campaign against Westconnex tollway steps up

Published in Green Left Weekly, 8 April 2017

Opponents of the $16.8bn WestConnex tollway project held a lively protest outside NSW Parliament on April 6 built around two demands: Not another cent for WestConnex; and No new tolls. 

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Media: University of Sydney plans $300 per week rooms for students lodging at Camperdown campus

Published in Inner West Courier, April 8 2017

CASH-strapped students would struggle to meet “affordable rents” charged by the University of Sydney in the latest proposal to build hundreds of new student lodgings at the Camperdown-Darlington campus.

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Media: Police and security guards take control of new taxi rank to make streets safer in Newtown

Published in Inner West Courier, 9 April 2017

POLICE and security guards have started patrolling a new taxi rank in Newtown in a bid to curb assault rates and reduce traffic chaos from late-night revellers hailing cabs along King St.

Three security guards have been employed to oversee the safety of patrons and taxi drivers at the cab rank (outside the Commonwealth Bank) near Whateley Lane.

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Letter to the Transport Minister about Light Rail construction in Surry Hills

Many Surry Hills residents have contacted our office concerned about the construction of the Light Rail in Surry Hills. While there is strong community support for government investment in public transport infrastructure like the Light Rail, residents have raised a number of issues about the delivery of the project. We have written to the Transport Minister, outlining the concerns that have been raised with us.  

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Keep Newtown diverse, warm and welcoming: update from Newtown Vibe public meeting

On Wednesday 15 March 2017 the Protecting the Vibe public meeting was co-hosted by the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre and Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP.

It followed on from a 2015 public meeting on the Newtown Vibe, called in response to community concerns around the Sydney lockouts and community safety, and gave the community the opportunity to hear about the work of the Newtown Vibe Roundtable, established after the initial public meeting, and to report in on the current vibe in Newtown.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Greens commit to improving rental security for Newcastle

NSW Greens Housing spokesperson, Jenny Leong MP says that ending ‘no grounds’ evictions in NSW is a simple reform that will provide much needed security for renters in Newcastle, Port Stephens, the Hunter and across the state.

The Greens are kicking off a campaign to end ‘no grounds’ evictions with the launch of the website.

“Many renters live in fear of being thrown out of their home, even when they pay rent on time and look after the property.  These laws are unfair and out of date,” Ms Leong said.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Greens MP calls out Premier on housing supply

Today in Question Time, following the Premier and the Treasurer talking up the Government’s record on housing approvals, NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing Jenny Leong MP asked the Premier to explain at what point the increase in housing supply would result in stabilising or reducing housing prices in NSW.

Jenny Leong MP said:

“It just doesn’t add up. We are seeing record levels of housing supply in NSW yet house prices continue to spiral upwards. 

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MEDIA RELEASE: Greens MP says WestConnex offers unacceptable alternatives

NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex Jenny Leong MP has called on the Minister for WestConnex to stop pitting communities against each other with false solutions, in response to today’s announcement that the proposed mid-point tunnel site for the M4-M5 Link will be at Darley Road and not next to the Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt campus.

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Speech: the Newtown Response to the Lockouts

NSW Greens spokesperson on Night-time Culture and Economy and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong spoke in the Parliament about the local, targeted response to the lockouts that has taken place in Newtown.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Challenges ahead for new NSW Police Commissioner

The Greens wish new Police Commissioner Mick Fuller well in his new role leading the NSW Police Force.

The NSW Police Force is well overdue for fresh leadership, with poor succession planning by the Coalition as well as  infighting and internal disputes amongst senior police overshadowing the broader work of frontline police for too long.

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Taking action on the WestConnex Stench

The community has known for a while that WestConnex stinks - but now it is having a real impact on local residents, workers and businesses.

Residents In St Peters, Sydenham, Tempe, Newtown and beyond have been suffering for two weeks because of a foul, toxic odour coming from the WestConnex construction site at the old Alexandria Landfill site next to Sydney Park. Shamefully, no real action was taken until Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong raised this with the Minister.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Greens MP forces action on WestConnex stench

Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP has questioned the Minister for WestConnex on his inaction regarding the foul, toxic odour emanating from the WestConnex construction site in St Peters.

“What is the point of the Minister for WestConnex, if he is failing to take proper oversight of the serious concerns around the construction of this tollroad.

“It’s unacceptable that residents have complained bitterly for two weeks directly to the Minister and various bodies, but saw no real action until I raised it with the Minister today.

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WestConnex compliance failures

Increasingly, the NSW Government and the Sydney Motorway Corporation have failed to enforce safety and compliance conditions on WestConnex work sites and recent reports of serious defects in contractor’s trucks, shows that this project is running out of control and putting us all at risk.

The NSW Minister for WestConnex, Stuart Ayres is ultimately responsible for the safety of residents and workers in relation to all WestConnex works.  He must demand that the Sydney Motorway Corporation enforce all compliance conditions and that contractors and sub-contractors conform to all road safety regulations.

We have written to Stuart Ayres seeking his urgent intervention to resolve the mounting serious health and safety concerns regarding WestConnex construction worksites and truck haulage but to date he has not responded. 

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MEDIA RELEASE: Greens MP calls for Rental security to be part of solution to housing crisis in NSW

NSW Greens spokesperson for Housing Jenny Leong MP says that the NSW Government must consider the needs of the growing number of tenants facing lifelong renting as they address the housing affordability crisis.

“The reason that affordable housing is so essential is that it provides people on moderate incomes with a safe and secure place to live. That security should also be extended to renters and there’s a simple and immediate way to do that – by ending ‘no grounds’ evictions,” says Ms Leong.

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