MEDIA RELEASE: Greens Newtown MP Condemns WestConnex Arrests

Reports that Police have arrested three residents taking part in nonviolent direct action at Holmwood St in Newtown today are cause for serious concern for our community.

Member for Newtown and spokesperson on WestConnex Jenny Leong MP says that people have a right to engage in peaceful protest.

“Local residents were peacefully protesting at the site when contractors shamefully built a fence around them. It’s not the first time we’ve seen dodgy tactics like this used by private contractors doing the Baird government’s dirty business,” she said.

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Why our community camped out to Save Sydney Park

Published in the South Sydney Herald, October 2016

This stand of trees on Euston Road next to Sydney Park has been earmarked for destruction to make way for WestConnex. Eventually the Baird government will take 14,000 square metres of the park and 350 trees including all those along the park side of Euston Road and Campbell Road as well as those along Sydney Park Road.


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Greens MP Objects to Hanson Comparison

Today in NSW Parliament, during a debate on public housing, the National’s Member for Myall Lakes Stephen Bromhead implied The Greens were “a lot like Pauline Hanson and the One Nation Party”.

Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP says that the comparison was nothing short of insulting.

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Speech: NSW Container Deposit Scheme

After a successful and long-running community campaign, legislation to establish a container deposit scheme in NSW has come to Parliament. The scheme will have a positive impact on waste management in NSW.

Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP joined the debate. A full transcript of her speech can be found below.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Baird's compulsory acquisition overhaul too little too late

Today’s announcement from Premier Baird regarding the government’s compulsory acquisitions process is well short of offering landowners and residents a fair process, according to Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP.

“Community pressure on the Baird Government has forced it to respond to a multitude of serious and legitimate concerns and I congratulate those who’ve worked so hard to get action on this issue.

“While I welcome the Premier’s and Minister Perrottet’s long overdue statements on reforming the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act, we need to be clear that what has been announced today does not address the major concern of hundreds of people undergoing compulsory acquisitions right now.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Sydney Park trees saved by WestConnex protest camp - for now

The #SaveSydneyPark community camp has successfully put a halt to unauthorised tree felling by WestConnex in Sydney Park, as work on the Euston Road works site was stopped today.

NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP has congratulated the efforts of the thousands of people who were a part of this nonviolent direct action to protect the award-winning and much-loved park.

"Were it not for the clear display of strength Baird’s private contractors would have gotten away with destroying many large trees and bulldozing an area of land that is owned by the City of Sydney council and over which they had no approval," she said.

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MEDIA RELEASE: NSW Treasurer fails to rule out Serco involvement in public housing

In response to a question from NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP, the NSW Treasurer has failed to rule out allowing global corporation Serco from profiting from public housing in NSW.

Serco are infamous for their operation of Australian detention centres, which have been the subject of many complaints of human rights breaches.

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News: Protestival for Sydney Park

Published in City Hub, 5 October 2016

By Jordan Fermanis

On Saturday October 1, protestors and partygoers descended upon Sydney Park in what was billed as a ‘protestival’. The protestival was organised by the WestCONnex Action Group and Reclaim the Streets.

The protestival came together with only a weeks notice. It commenced at 1pm, where music acts kept crowds entertained until 6pm.

The event was held not far from where WestConnex protestors have set up a tent blockade which has been running for almost three weeks.

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News: Hounded By Police

Published in the Central Sydney Magazine, 5 October 2016

By Heather McNab

Revealed: Drug dogs sniff out troubling trend for Redfern

RESIDENTS in Redfern are more likely to be targeted by drug sniffer dogs than neighbouring suburbs after revelations the area is among the highest for searches that come up empty-handed.

Figures released under a Greens’ Freedom of Information request show that in the last two years, police performed 1313 searches in the area – far more than the Newtown, Surry Hills or Kings Cross police commands.

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Community investment in solar powered beer is a small step towards big change

Published in the South Sydney Herald, September 2016

Recently, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, over 150 people from across Sydney gathered to launch a unique solar energy project that brings together the beer brewing expertise of Young Henrys with the solar energy knowhow of Pingala.

It’s a special collaboration – not just because it will deliver ‘solar powered beer’ – but because it allows community members to come together to invest in small-scale renewable energy.

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Keep our schools Safe Schools

Tamara Smith, Member for Ballina and NSW Greens spokesperson for education today spoke in support of the NSW Safe Schools Coalition Program.

'It is astonishing that we have people petitioning NSW parliament, saying that they do not want schools to be safe for all students that attend them. Surely everyone would agree that our schools should be safe, supportive and inclusive for all young people,' said Ms Smith.

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News: Sydney Park protest camp stops bulldozers


Community members and local anti-Westconnex campaigners were joined by Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Greens MP for Newtown, Jenny Leong, on Monday morning Sept 19 and stopped the first bulldozer destroying parts of Sydney Park. A protest campsite was established which was later raided at 3am by the Redfern police and WestConnex who pulled out the protestors who had been previously assured that they would not be moved during the night. 

However, the camp remains and is growing as more people join the campaign to Stop WestConnex bulldozers here. Join them and sign up at the protest camp on Euston Road, Alexandria (adjacent to Sydney Park) or Call our office on (02) 9517 2800 or email for more information.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Greens Committed to Vibrant and Violence-Free Sydney

Recognising the threat to Sydney’s vibrant night-life from the Baird Liberal Government, the NSW Greens have established a new Night-time Culture and Economy portfolio. This has been announced today in line with the release of the Callinan Review report.

Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP, will take carriage of the new portfolio and continue to work closely with key stakeholders to keep Sydney safe and open.

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Greens back Gayby Baby toolkit

The Greens have attacked moves by the NSW government to remove the Gayby Baby School Action Toolkit from state schools.

"The NSW Education Minister has pulled a valuable resource that his own department has supported, seemingly because he was told about it by the media," said the Australian Greens LGBTIQ spokesperson Senator Janet Rice.

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Media release: NSW Government assurances re WestConnex asbestos concerns ring hollow


The Greens say recent revelations from a whistleblower regarding asbestos contamination in WestConnex road fill add to the alarming list of asbestos concerns about this project which have been made to the NSW Premier Mike Baird and Roads Minister Duncan Gay.

“The number of serious concerns raised over the past 12 months regarding asbestos handling and safety precautions on the WestConnex project should have raised red flags for Duncan Gay,” said the Australian Greens spokesperson for transport and infrastructure Senator Janet Rice. 

“However, Minister Gay has continuously disparaged or rebuffed claims from residents and from Jenny Leong, NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex, that WestConnex has been acting outside proper health and safety protocols. 

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NEWS: Baird's double deception on WestConnex acquisition process

Given the recent revelations concerning the Government's responses to the Russell Review of the compulsory acquisition process, it now is clear that the Premier failed to act on two key reports which were highly critical of the government’s compulsory acquisition process and functioning of the Valuer General's office.

The first dates back to May 2013 when the Report of the Joint Standing Committee on the Office of the Valuer General, chaired by Liberal MP Matt Kean was released. This committee made 29 recommendations which included a number criticizing the fairness and openness of the land acquisition process and the functions of the Valuer General’s office, but the government did nothing to make the process fairer.

Mike Baird was Treasurer at this time when the Liberals embarked on hundreds of acquisitions for infrastructure projects including Westconnex, NorthConnex, Sydney Metro and the Sydney light rail, knowing the process regarding property valuations by the Valuer General was not transparent and was unfair in a number of ways.

Then in February 2014, the government received the Review from David Russell, SC, which was commissioned in 2012 and included guiding principles on how compulsory acquisitions should be dealt with by government.  

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