Baird Government Sacks Local Councils

In a move that completely undermines our local democracy, Mike Baird has pushed a head with his council amalgamation agenda. Mayors and councillors from 42 councils across the state have been sacked, including those from our local Marrickville, Leichhardt and Ashfield Councils.

Local councils elected by their communities will now be replaced by administrators hand-picked by the government. 

This is the NSW Liberal/National Government agenda - a vision for government tailored to developers and large private interests, at the expense of community voices and services that support the most vulnerable. The sacking of local councillors and the imposition of administrators until September next year is the worst possible situation for our community.

We face massive threats from WestConnex and Urban Growth over the coming year - and now the Baird Government has sacked our strong, progressive, local council representation.

Read more on what this means for NSW from Greens' spokesperson on Local Government David Shoebridge.

Image taken from the SMH

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