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To the NSW Housing Minister,

We urge you to scrap the flawed ‘Communities Plus’ model which results in public land to be privatised under the guise of providing new public housing dwellings. We urge you to ensure that any redevelopment of public housing on public land is maintained as public housing and that the land isn’t sold off. 

Specifically, we call on you to review the redevelopment plans for the Waterloo South redevelopment, the Explorer Street Public Housing redevelopment in South Eveleigh and the plans for 600 Elizabeth Street, Redfern so that:  

  • no part of these estates are privatised

  • that existing numbers of family sized dwellings are maintained or increased

  • that provision is made for at least 10% Aboriginal housing in these public housing redevelopments

  • all current, new and redeveloped public housing dwellings and community spaces are properly maintained
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Save public housing

It's unacceptable that the NSW Government is privatising public housing and public lands through it's Communities Plus formula that allows for the sale of up to 70% of all dwellings as private housing in all public housing redevelopments. 

We reject the privatisation of public housing estates and the sell off of public land to private developers.

NSW Land and Housing plans to privatise 70% of the proposed redevelopments in the public housing estates in Waterloo and South Eveleigh and in the proposed new housing development at 600 Elizabeth Street, Redfern. 

NSW has a chronic lack of public housing and the government has let its existing stock fall into disrepair. Family sized dwellings will be demolished in favour of 1 and 2 bedroom units in South Eveleigh and there will be are no quotas for Aboriginal housing in either project. 

We want to see investment in public housing so that the 100,000 people on the Housing waiting list are housed and all public housing properties are properly maintained.

After strong community campaigning against the plans for the redevelopment of public housing in Cowper Street and Wentworth Park Road in Glebe, the Minister for Housing, changed the plan to part-privatise this redevelopment so that there now will be 100 percent social housing on this site. 

We call on the NSW government to reject the Communities Plus formula for public housing developments in Waterloo, Eveleigh and Redfern and to increase its investment in public housing. 

We reject the privatisation of public housing property and land. 

Sign this petition to the Housing Minister and add your comments. 

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