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Add your name and call on the NSW Government to properly support and invest in public housing by:

  • Stopping the sell-off of public housing and public land for private profit
  • Massively investing in building new public and social housing to meet the needs of the growing waiting list
  • Bringing maintenance back into government responsibility to ensure decent living conditions for all public housing tenants   
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Save public housing

Everyone deserves access to a safe and secure home. But successive Liberal and Labor governments have sold off public housing for private profit and failed to adequately invest in maintenance to keep public housing dwellings in good condition.

The public housing waiting list has blown out of control, with more than 50,000 approved applicants waiting up to a decade for homes that may never materialise. 

Meanwhile, too many public housing tenants face unacceptable wait times for basic maintenance and are forced to live with significant health and safety risks like leaking roofs, broken stoves, mould, rats, and dodgy plumbing.

The Greens want to see immediate, massive investment in public housing so that everyone on the waiting list has a home and all public housing properties are properly maintained.

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