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Tell the NSW Government that you support workers and unions' right to strike to protect their industrial rights and working conditions. 

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Gill Tangye
Liz Hind
Linda Cairnes
Josh Acton
Ben Whipp

Protect the right to strike

Our rights at work have never been handed to us. 

Whether it’s workers compensation, the eight-hour working day, penalty rates or leave entitlements like sick leave, parental leave and public holidays - our workplace rights have always been hard fought and won.  

And this year we’ve seen more workers out on the street, on the picket line, and taking strike action than ever before.

Teachers, nurses and midwives, transport workers, early childhood educators, university staff, and public sector workers have all walked off the job for  an increase in pay, better conditions, an end to staff shortages and more resources.

In NSW there is no guaranteed right to strike and take industrial action - will you add your name to show your support for the right to strike?

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