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MEDIA COMMENT: Greens concerned that rental reform will establish practice of ‘rent auctions’ in NSW

Commenting on the rental reforms introduced to NSW Parliament today, Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown and Greens spokesperson for Housing and Renters said: “The Greens, alongside renters across the state, welcome that the new Labor government is prioritising rental fairness reforms in the first week of Parliament. "Renters are bearing the brunt of the housing and cost of living crisis, we welcome portable bonds as a simple and practical way to ease the financial stress renters’ face moving house. “But when it comes to the changes proposed  to end “secret” rent bidding we hold serious concerns that this will have significant unintended consequences, and will  entrench rental auctions instead of stamping out rent bidding.  "When it comes to rent bidding, it shouldn't matter whether it’s solicited or unsolicited, secret or out in the open, the practice itself is driving up the cost of rent and needs to be banned outright. “Renters are already struggling with the soaring cost of rent and a brutally competitive market. The last thing we should be doing is entrenching a system of renting to the highest bidder.  “We look forward to working with tenants advocates, renters and the government to ensure this Bill does what it is intended to do - and protects renters from the harms of rent bidding. “The Greens have also today given notice of our emergency rent freeze bill. We want to press pause on skyrocketing, unchecked rent increases, and work constructively with the incoming government to fix the rental crisis.”

Greens NSW portfolios for new Parliament

With more Greens MP’s in our party room, a new government, and a new parliamentary term about to kick off, there have been some changes to our portfolio responsibilities.  We’re looking forward to continuing our ongoing work in the Housing, Renters Rights’ and Homelessness, Industrial Relations, Anti-Racism and Multiculturalism, and Women’s portfolios.  After 8 years of leading the Greens NSW LGBTIQA+ work, we are excited to announce that Amanda Cohn will be taking up this portfolio to continue the Greens long and proud work for rainbow rights.  We’re thrilled to be expanding the Human Rights portfolio to include anti-discrimination, where there is so much work to be done and continues our close work with the Rainbow community on much needed protections and reforms.  We can’t wait to get stuck in! You can see the full list of Greens NSW MP’s portfolios below.

MEDIA RELEASE: Redevelopment of Elizabeth Street, Redfern will be a sell off of public land for private profit

Today’s announcement from the NSW Liberal National Government to redevelop empty land across from Redfern Oval, that until 2013 was 100% public housing, will see more public land flogged off for private profit. The plans announced today propose to build 300 new apartments at the site, of which none appears to be public housing, only one third would be for community housing and the vast majority for private development.

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