Public Education

A strong public education system is key to investing in the next generation and building a fair, successful and cohesive society.

Inner-city schools are bursting at the seams. University fees are set to rise. Child care and preschool is inaccessible and unaffordable. TAFE is being privatised.

Both Labor and Liberal governments have shut down local schools, increased fees and outsourced education to private providers.

We know public education is the key to a tolerant and equal society.  All Australians should be entitled to free, well-funded and high quality, life-long education and training. We want to give our teachers, lecturers and early childhood educators the resources they need, so we can all reach our potential.

The Greens will work at a state and federal level to:

  • Ensure two years of free public preschooling for all children.
  • Fully fund equal pay and quality standards in all child-care centres.
  • Support Gonski to ensure schools are funded on the basis of equity and need.
  • Continue to lead the campaign to restore TAFE funding and freeze TAFE fees.
  • Redirect public subsidies from the wealthiest private schools to disadvantages public schools.
  • Continue to fight for free university education for all Australian students.


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