Newtown Community and Activist Calendar

We want to help foster engagement with the activist and community groups already organising in our city! 

Our community is vibrant and active. Every week, there are rallies, community fairs, forums, free events, and organising meetings. We know many people in our community want to connect with other activists and community members - that’s why we’ve set up the Newtown Community and Activist Calendar!

Social movements will only get stronger - and achieve positive change - with more engagement and deeper community organising. 

We've created a Google Calendar of upcoming events to help communities and activists connect as a service to our local inner city and inner west communities. It’s important to be clear that we aren’t the organisers of most of the actions and events in the calendar - we are using the resources of our office to collate and provide details to help our community to connect with the groups who are - and get more active in changing the world.

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