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One Nations So Called Religious Freedoms

Former Federal Labor Leader turned NSW One Nation MP Mark Latham has introduced a Bill in to the NSW Parliament to amend the Anti-Discrimination Act - this Bill is now the subject of an inquiry. The NSW Anti-Discrimination Act is well overdue for a review, but this Bill does not offer the solutions we need, instead it promoted to rights of some people over many others.

Latest News - Public Housing During COVID19

These are very difficult times for many people, especially for those living in high-rise housing in our inner city. Our office is working hard to ensure that during this time, all public housing buildings across NSW are kept clean and safe for all residents, NSW Health leads any emergency response plans and procedures if there is a COVID-19 cluster in a public housing tower and most importantly, that the dignity and rights of public housing tenants are protected.  

Statement on WestConnex M8

NSW Greens Statement on the opening of WestConnex M8 WestConnex is one of the most expensive transport infrastructure projects that Australia has ever built. The M8 section of tollroad cost more than $4.3b for a 9 km series of tunnels and the St Peters Interchange. This polluting, private tollroad further locks people who commute in NSW into a highly tolled transport system that’s unsustainable and environmentally unsound.  The social and environmental damage of the M8 has been enormous with homes and green spaces bulldozed and communities broken up and dispersed.  Some of our inner city suburbs, including Newtown, St Peters and Alexandria have been now ringed and carved up by massive above ground, multi-lane roads which will become car parks, as traffic congestion increases and heat sinks, as temperatures rise. The amount of traffic that will be now funnelled onto local streets and to vibrant King Street is alarming. Roads like Euston Road and Campbell Road have been widened to many lanes around the perimeter of the new St Peters Interchange. This means that traffic will spill out from the Interchange and back up above ground as it is funnelled into smaller residential streets and local roads in the surrounding suburbs. The King St Gateway was supposed to protect the high street from increased traffic congestion but to date, nothing much has happened. It is unacceptable that local residents and businesses are not being provided with any clear details on this - they are understandably anxious about the impact that this tollroad and the increased congestion will have on their homes and businesses. Despite this latest opening, there is still no direct connection to Mascot airport or the Port Botany which was the original justification for WestConnex. The impact on air quality is a major concern for local residents as there will be four large pollution stacks in St Peters – with some in close proximity to St Peters Public school and near local residential apartments. The impacts for those beyond the inner city, the tolls for the M8 are huge – and tolls are being reintroduced on the existing M5 East. These tolls are some of the highest in Sydney and have made Sydney one of the highest tolled cities in the world.  Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown                                                     Abigail Boyd MLC, NSW Greens Transport Spokesperson

Memorable moments

A look back at some highlights from the past few years.

Travel Concessions for International Students

Unlike domestic students in NSW, international students are not eligible for travel concessions.  In 2006, this was determined to be racial discrimination, but still today the practice continues. For decades students, student organisations, universities and community groups have been campaigning for international students to be able to have equal access to travel concessions as their local counterparts. Now is the time for us to finally fix this - and end this discrimination in our laws. Urge the Premier to support the Bill to grant international students travel concessions - SIGN THE PETITION HERE.

NSW Greens introduce Bill to end travel concessions discrimination

Jenny Leong MP, Greens Member for Newtown and spokesperson for Multiculturalism today gave notice of a Private Member’s Bill in the NSW Legislative Assembly to support international students by giving them concessions on public transport.

UPDATE: over 5000 Save Carriageworks petition signatures delivered to the Premier

Thank you to the 5014 people who have signed the Greens' petition to save Carriageworks. Yesterday Jamie Parker MP, Cate Faehrmann MP and I presented our petition to the Premier, calling on her to: Scrap the Powerhouse Museum relocation Guarantee funding to keep Carriageworks alive Implement a rescue package for struggling artists and creatives We are still collecting signatures so make sure to sign and SHARE the petition here 👉

WIN! Public Service pay cut blocked in the Parliament

BREAKING: The Government's controversial pay freeze (pay cut) for public servants has been blocked after The Greens, opposition and cross bench blocked it in the NSW Upper House.

Action to save unburnt native forests in NSW

It has been devastating to see the NSW Government give the green light to log precious remaining patches of unburnt forest.

Information and Support for Businesses

This directory has been established to assist local business owners in accessing all available supports, grants and advice during this time.    

Important Update for Renters and Tenants - COVID19

[UPDATE May 14, 2020] Legislation Passed Supporting Renters The NSW Parliament passed the Covid-19 Emergency Legislation Amendment (Emergency Measures) Bill 2020 No 2 yesterday which included amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 to be in force during the emergency period - a big step forward from where the government stood just a few weeks ago regarding protections for renters.  The amendments gave renters two important wins:  1)  renters may be able to break their leases with reduced penalties by applying through the Tribunal under certain circumstances: if the landlord has refused to negotiate rent relief, or refused to negotiate in good faith or, if a tenant and a landlord are unable to come to an agreement on a fair and affordable rent reduction.  2)  renters and households who are Covid-19 impacted (by losing more than 25% of their incomes or the household's income), will be able to receive reduced rents via a compensation fund that will support landlords who can show hardship and who pass on rent reductions to tenants. The Greens put up a series of amendments which would have given renters more significant support at this time in key areas:   giving the Tribunal the power to impose reduced rents and to prioritize renters' applications as urgent rent relief for renters and landlords in financial hardship  restricting the ability of landlords to evict tenants on no grounds stopping retaliatory evictions break lease option without any financial penalty  maintenance records available on request to renters allowance of pets to give tenants more flexibility when seeking a home Jenny provided a wrap up of what happened on Facebook live after the legislation passed which you can watch here. To find the details about these changes and other measures and how they can help in your specific circumstances, go to the Department of Fair Trading site or check out the information on the Tenants Union site. We will continue to work for a better deal for renters especially during this pandemic when the right to an affordable, livable home is more crucial than ever.    [UPDATE April 13, 2020] Overdue Eviction Moratorium Welcome, But No Rent Relief Yet Today the NSW Government finally made clear their plans to enact a moratorium on evictions in NSW renters and other measures to protect commercial and residential tenants during this pandemic. These measures will see much needed protection put in place, but is it unclear whether the money allocated to the package will actually assist in reducing rents at this time. If you are a renter and need the full detail for what it means for you - check it out here - we would also encourage you to read the information on the NSW Tenants Union site here. The moratorium on evictions in NSW, including protection from being blacklisted, will provide crucial protection for those who have been living with the stress of being evicted into homelessness because they can’t pay their rent. The announcement also includes an additional funding boost of $2.3. million for advice and advocacy services to the NSW Tenants Union so that they can continue to support tenants through these negotiations with their landlords. Read the Greens media statement in response to the announcement here. The announcement today does not include direct financial support for renters - it remains to be seen whether the measures put in place to support tenants in negotiations and incentivise landlords to provide rent reductions - will be enough. The Greens are committed to ensuring that no-one is evicted into homelessness during this pandemic - or left with a massive rent debt when it is finally over.   [UPDATE April 9, 2020] Renters waiting while Minister enjoys Pearl Beach ‘Holiday’ Home It seems the NSW Arts Minister has been flouting the restrictions and spending time at his holiday home in Pearl Beach, while artists and the entire creative industry suffers as a result of this pandemic. Read more about this and the need for urgent rental relief for tenants - many of whom are artists, musos and creatives - on Jenny's facebook here.   [UPDATE March 30, 2020] A Moratorium on Evictions Last night Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a number of significant and much needed measures to protect renters and tenants during this pandemic.Commercial and residential tenancies As part of its work on helping businesses hibernate, National Cabinet agreed that short-term intervention is needed for commercial tenancies. Work on this has begun, but there is more to do, including for residential tenancies.  National Cabinet agreed to a moratorium on evictions over the next six months for commercial and residential tenancies in financial distress who are unable to meet their commitments due to the impact of coronavirus.'' Read the full statement and details here. This is a vital first step in protecting renters to ensure that no one is forced into homelessness as a result of losing their jobs at this time. And I know this is a massive relief for so many people who have lost their income and didn't know how they were going to pay their rent this week.  Thank you to everyone who signed the petition calling for a moratorium and have been pushing for this with us over the last weeks.  It's now up to the NSW government to enact changes and bring this into law. There is nothing stopping them from acting on this - and putting the moratorium in place today. This is because we were able to secure much needed amendments to the NSW COVID-19 Emergency Measures Act to give them the power to act for renters and tenants immediately (read more about that below).  We know that a moratorium on evictions is a crucial step - but more needs to be done. A moratorium without direct financial support to renters is only pushing the problem further down the road. We know that many renters have lost their income, so the last thing they need is to be living with the reality of an ever growing rental arrears debt. At the end of this pandemic, it isn’t acceptable for people who rent to be left with huge and unserviceable debts.  If significant amounts of direct financial support can be handed out to big business and banks in this current crisis, then there is no excuse for not also providing direct financial support to renters. These are our priorities: that NO-ONE is evicted into homelessness and that renters are financially supported so they don’t accrue massive debts. To ensure no-one is evicted in to homelessness during this pandemic: Immediate action by the NSW Government to implement the moratorium on evictions as agreed by National Cabinet Direct financial support for renters to ensure they do not accrue large debts as a result of not being able to pay rent Rents frozen for the next 12 months so that renters going back into the workforce won't face increased rents and rental stress during this transition period  No mortgage foreclosures, so housing isn’t lost due to people being unable to meet their mortgage repayments. Support and access for international students, refugees and asylum seekers and other visa holders, so that no one, no matter what their citizenship status, is homelessness during this pandemic In addition to this, we have been working closely with Homelessness NSW and other key homelessness services to ensure that protections and plans are in place to house people who are currently homeless, living in boarding houses or find themselves in other specific circumstances and need specialist housing and support.  We are also working to support local businesses to ensure they are updated and connected with supports for them - get in touch if you want to know more about this. We will continue to provide updates and share more details as they are available. In the meantime - we urge you to contact the Premier and the NSW Minister responsible for residential tenancies - to share your story and explain why they need to act immediately.    

Op Ed: Migrant Workers Deserve State Support

Here’s my opinion piece from Monday's Sydney Morning Herald. Let’s be done with arbitrary distinctions about who is entitled to certain wages or conditions, healthcare, housing or access to services based on the colour of someone’s passport or the status of their visa.All people are born free and equal in dignity and rights - and no laws or government policies should ever undermine this.

COVID-19 information and contacts

We have developed a directory of contact details for health advice, income support, government services and assistance available regarding COVID-19. 

Federal Greens talk housing

Greens Leader Adam Bandt and Senator Mehreen Faruqi discuss the housing crisis, and the looming debt crisis if tenants are forced to repay 6 months rent after the shut down is over.

Fashion Revolution Week

I know we are in the middle of a pandemic and things are really intense, but it’s also Fashion Revolution Week. So to try to break up the endless virus content, we have let Tommie Mag take over our instagram.

Grants Available

New grants have been announced to help arts organisations, businesses and organisations survive the COVID-19 shut down. The City of Sydney has grants of up to $20,000 to help creative industries and the NSW Government has announced grants for socially isolated seniors to remain connected.

Newtown's Blessing Box

Our community has certainly come together during this pandemic. Newtown's beautiful Blessing Box is just one example of locals stepping up for each other. Well done to Maureen, Michelle and Joy for setting it up - such a lovely idea.

Media Release - Overdue Eviction Moratorium Welcome, But No Rent Relief Yet

In response to today’s announcement by the NSW Government outlining an eviction moratorium for NSW renters and other measures, Jenny Leong MP, NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing welcomed the much needed protection put in place through an eviction moratorium and increased funding for tenant support, but questioned whether the money allocated to the package will actually assist in reducing rents at this time. Jenny Leong MP said:“This moratorium on evictions in NSW, including protection from being blacklisted, will provide crucial protection for those who have been living with the stress of being evicted into homelessness because they can’t pay their rent.  

Renters waiting while Minister enjoys Pearl Beach ‘Holiday’ Home

This morning we woke to news that the NSW Arts Minister Don Harwin appears to have been spending time at his holiday home in Pearl Beach while artists, musos and all those working in the creative industries have been trying to come to terms with the reality of losing all of their income, cancelling all of their plans and in many cases facing the grim reality that they can’t pay their rent.

The Pace of the Pandemic

Since we have entered this new world order, the 24/7 political news cycle, the live pressers, the snappy posts, the edgy tweets, and the record breaking stats are being pushed out a pace more rapid than ever before.

Planning law changes under the Emergency Measures

The NSW Planning Minister has used powers under the COVID-19 Emergency Measures Act to extend the hours developers and construction companies are able to work - clearing the way for 7-days of work on construction sites for existing projects.  These extended hours have come into force this week causing much concern to residents who will be severely impacted. At a time when health advice is directing people to maintain social distancing, work from home and stay at home - it is understandable that many are worried about these extended construction hours. There will no doubt be additional stress put on people living near construction sites who, under these changes, will have to tolerate unbroken days of construction impacts. Many of our local communities are currently already impacted badly by WestConnex construction - and this will only exacerbate the problem. Jamie Parker MP, NSW Greens spokesperson on Planning released this statement and continues to advocate for communities impacted by these changes. You can see him on a recent interview on Nine News here. It is clear that the Government must: Stop all night work Provide effective noise and dust mitigation Install noise and vibration monitors in impacted homes Provide a strict noise timetable. 

Greens call for urgent support for non-citizens in Australia

Non-citizens living in Australia have been stranded with no income, no housing and no way to leave the country and governments must urgently step in to give people access to the same support as citizens, Greens NSW Multicultural spokesperson Jenny Leong said today.

Assistance needed for non-citizens during COVID-19

[UPDATE 19 May 2020] The Sydney Alliance are calling on the NSW Government to provide urgent financial support for those people in NSW not covered by JobKeeper and JobSeeker. I responded to their letter on behalf of the NSW Greens as the Greens Spokesperson for Multiculturalism and you can find our response here. [UPDATE 15 April 2020] We are pleased to support the #unityoverfear campaign - please take a minute to do the same. The anti-chinese and anti-asian narratives and actions are causing many people, including myself, real harm at this time. Racism is NEVER okay. [UPDATE 31 MARCH, 2020] Today I wrote to the NSW Premier on behalf of a large cohort of people who live in the electorate of Newtown, our city and NSW, who are currently facing extremely difficult circumstances and have become very vulnerable as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can download the full letter here. Our office has been contacted by a significant number of non-citizens who do not have any resources to support themselves and are not able to access the measures put in place for citizens or those offered yesterday by the federal government to category 444 visa holders. As the NSW Greens Multicultural spokesperson, I feel very strongly that to ensure a cohesive society where everyone is treated equally and is able to live free from discrimination and racism, we need to ensure that wherever possible all people are able to access basic needs, services and supports without regard to their citizenship status. This is particularly important during times of crisis, and even more so during this current pandemic.

What?! New mining approvals during a pandemic

Community consultation has never been the Coalition’s forte. We can’t let them now use COVID-19 as an excuse to ignore the community and ram through controversial mining projects. Email the government now to demand a moratorium on new coal and gas projects:

Greens amendments to protect renters pass NSW Parliament

The Greens NSW successfully amended the COVID-19 Emergency Measures Bill in NSW Parliament last night, to enable protections for renters to be part of the emergency response by the relevant Ministers now that Parliament has been adjourned.

Greens call for No Evictions in NSW during Corona crisis

Jenny Leong MP, NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing and Homelessness is urging the Premier to put an immediate moratorium on evictions for people unable to pay rent during the Corona virus pandemic, as well as recommending a number of urgent measures to assist people who are homeless and those living in public and social housing.

Call to Premier for Moratorium on Evictions and other urgent Housing and Homelessness measures

Today I called on the Premier and Minister Gareth Ward MP (Families, Communities and Disability), Melinda Pavey MP (Water, Property and Housing) and Kevin Anderson MP (Better Regulation and Innovation) to take urgent steps to ensure that people in NSW have a safe, secure, affordable and habitable place to live - from renters to public and social housing tenants and those who are homeless. At the top of the list was our call for a Moratorium on any evictions of rental tenants during this period.  Read or download the full letter here.              

NSW Greens Climate Protection Bill to Quit Coal

Jenny Leong MP, Greens Member for Newtown today gave notice of a Private Member’s Bill in the NSW Legislative Assembly to take the action needed to protect our climate and put our community's needs first. The Bill will immediately prohibit the approval or expansion of new thermal coal mines in NSW and prohibit thermal coal mining in NSW by 2030, making it an offence under the Mining Act after this date. The Bill also provides just transition provisions to protect workers employed in thermal coal related industries.  Greens Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP said: “We have known for decades that burning coal is the single biggest contributor to climate change. We must and we will phase out coal mining. The scientific community knows it, the emergency responders know it, the Greens know it and our community - from student strikers to regional Mayors are calling for political leadership to make it happen. “We abhor the NSW government’s coal addiction - there are currently 14 new and expanding coal mine projects which if approved, could produce more coal and greenhouse pollution than Adani’s controversial Carmichael coal mine in Central Queensland. “This Bill provides a pathway for the exit from coal to happen, while providing a just transition for the workers currently employed in those mines, so that no one is left without a livelihood. “We have no doubt that NSW has to quit its addiction to coal, that the old parties need to break their toxic relationships with the big polluters and that coal mining will one day be prohibited in our state.  Greens MP and Mining spokesperson Abigail Boyd said: “We are a state reeling from the impacts of climate change – we have felt it, breathed it in, and grieved for it this summer. The fossil fuel industry has lost all social licence to destroy our lives, property and environment in the name of profit. “It’s time to stop letting the fossil fuel industry push NSW around. It’s not actually hard – our Bill sets out exactly what needs to happen to phase out coal and move to renewables, without leaving workers behind.  “The science is clear that the only way to prevent catastrophic climate change is to stop extracting fossil fuels, and to instead divert the resources currently propping up the fossil fuel industry towards the renewable energy transition.   “Coal has had its day. It’s time for the old parties to support real action on climate change and support our Bill to end thermal coal mining in NSW.”

Keep the laws that assess climate impacts of coal

At a time of unprecedented drought and fire events throughout New South Wales, when our farmers, scientists and firies are calling for urgent action on climate change, the NSW Liberal National government is trying to introduce legislation to water down the environmental requirements for approving new coal and gas mines.  Burning coal is the biggest contributor to human-made climate change. It makes fires, heatwaves and drought worse. But the Minerals Council wants to weaken laws that require the climate change impacts of new coal and gas mines in NSW to be assessed as part of the planning approval process. Coal mined here in NSW has led to around 500 million tonnes of carbon emissions - greater than total emissions from the UK or France. Sign this petition to keep our environmental laws strong to stop our coal making global climate change worse.   Weakening the laws that require the full climate change impacts to be considered in the assessment of new coal mines is a dangerous backward step that will make climate change worse. If NSW is genuine about its own goal of net zero emissions by 2050, this legislation should be abandoned. Help us protect the laws that protect our environment.

Jenny Leong MP Asks the Minister About Safety Audits for Public Housing

Jenny Leong MP, Greens Member for Newtown has asked the Minister for Families and Communities to reassure residents of public housing in Redfern that their safety is assured following a recent fire.

Jenny Leong MP on the Dissolution of RMS

Jenny Leong MP, Greens Member for Newtown has praised the dissolution of the RMS, which will see it's responsibilities handed over to Transport for NSW.

Jenny Leong MP on The Project

Jenny stepped out of the chamber on Thursday night to update The Project on the bill to decriminalise abortion.

Jenny Leong MP on Wage Theft

Jenny Leong MP, Greens Member for Newtown calls out the prevalence of wage theft in the hospitality industry and calls for stronger protections for workers.

Greens to Co-Sponsor NSW Abortion Law Reform Bill

The NSW Greens are 100% pro-choice and pleased to be joining with pro-choice MPs from across the political spectrum to co-sponsor the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019. Jenny Leong MP, Greens spokesperson for Women’s Rights, and Abigail Boyd, Greens Women’s Equity and Economic Justice spokesperson will be named on the Bill as co-sponsors along with 13 other NSW Members of Parliament.

Greens Welcome Latest Move to Reform Abortion Laws

MEDIA RELEASE: Greens Welcome Latest Move to Reform Abortion Laws   Jenny Leong MP, the NSW Greens spokesperson for Women’s Rights, along with Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi, have welcomed the latest move to decriminalise abortion in NSW and congratulated the NSW Pro-Choice Alliance and those who have been pushing for this much-needed reform. "It's past time for women to have the right to make decisions about their own bodies. It's time for abortion law reform," Ms Leong said. "I look forward to working collaboratively with pro-choice members of the NSW Parliament to finally achieve the change we all want, and our community needs. “The Greens offer our heart-felt thanks and congratulations to the NSW Pro-Choice Alliance and feminist women’s organisations and activists who have played a leading role in getting us to where we are today. “If we succeed in getting this change through the NSW Parliament, it will be the culmination of a campaign that our mothers, indeed our grandmothers, feminists and pro-choice activists have been fighting for over generations,” Ms Leong said. Dr Mehreen Faruqi, Senator for NSW said: “It's been almost three years since I introduced the first bill to decriminalise abortion, putting the issue onto the political agenda. I'm so proud of the Greens role in catalysing debate on reproductive rights. “Abortion law reform is something that the community overwhelmingly wants. It's time to bring NSW out of the dark ages.  “Decriminalisation of abortion is the beginning not the end. We need sustained effort to increase access and reduce costs, especially for rural and regional women,” she concluded.  

Community save Globe Wilkins preschool

The announcement this morning by Sarah Mitchell, Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning that the Globe Wilkins Preschool will be maintained onsite at the Wilkins Public School is a big win for the local community, according to Jenny Leong MP, Greens state Member for Newtown and Greens Inner West Councillor, Tom Kiat.   Jenny Leong MP “This is a big win for all the parents and local community who must be congratulated for campaigning hard to keep this invaluable preschool in our community. “This welcome announcement shows that the state government has recognized the role the Globe Wilkins Preschool plays in setting the high bar of excellence in early childhood education over many years. “Building a new preschool at Wilkins will mean that the excellent work Globe Wilkins does with its Aboriginal Preschool Language program and its ongoing support for children with a disability, will continue and grow.

Media Release: Budget delivers accessible train station upgrades

The Newtown electorate has received key funding in the 2019-2020 state budget to progress crucial accessibility station upgrades, according to Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown  “As a Greens MP I know that the best way to get outcomes for our local community is to work closely with residents and advocate strongly for our community to the Government – we are pleased to see that this approach has worked when it comes to delivering accessibility infrastructure for our train stations in the Newtown electorate. “We knew that Redfern station was a high priority for accessibility upgrades thanks to years of strong campaigning from the community. We are pleased to see these upgrades confirmed in the budget following the earlier announcement, and we are in consultation with Government to ensure that all platforms at Redfern station are made accessible.

Greens NSW statement on NSW Liberal Government response to WestConnex Inquiry

The release of the Berejiklian government’s response to the Recommendations of the Public Accountability Committee’s Inquiry into the Impact of WestConnex shows contempt for those who have been significantly and negatively affected by WestConnex and for the committee process as a whole.  Many community members campaigned long and hard for this Inquiry and at times the testimonies provided were highly emotional and demonstrated the personal and financial toll WestConnex has had on so many people.

Jenny Leong MP Speaks up for Young People

Greens Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP has spoken up for young people in the NSW Parliament.

Jenny Leong asks Transport Minister for full accessibility at Redfern Station

Jenny Leong MP, Greens Member for Newtown has asked the Minister for Transport to expand planned upgrades for Redfern Station to include lifts for platforms 11 and 12 to make it fully accessible.

Jenny Leong MP on increasing Library funding in NSW

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown has spoken out in support of increased funding for our libraries.

Jenny Leong Declares a Climate Emergency

Greens Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP has declared a Climate Emergency in NSW and called on the government to act now.

Jenny Leong Recognises Community Groups Engaging in Local Democracy

Jenny Leong MP, Greens Member for Newtown has recognised the continuation local community groups make to local democracy by when they hold candidate forums in the lead up to elections.

Jenny Leong embraces the Extinction Rebellion

On her first day back in the NSW Parliament after the election, Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown has called on the government to act urgently on climate change.

Jenny Leong takes on Women's rights portfolio

Following the 2019 State Election, Jenny Leong is pleased to accept the Women's Rights portfolio on behalf of the NSW Greens. This portfolio will have an emphasis on abortion law reform, anti-discrimination and sexual consent laws. 

Media Release: Greens announce plan for air quality monitors

Greens announce plan for air quality monitors in pollution ‘hot spots’ on WestConnex route Jenny Leong MP for Newtown and Jamie Parker MP for Balmain have announced the Greens’ plan to address evidence of worsening air quality in Sydney. The Greens are calling for air pollution monitors to be installed at all local primary schools in close proximity to WestConnex construction zones and exhaust stacks.

The Greens support live music and your right to party

The Greens have a long track record standing up against the lockout laws and over-policing in NSW. We stand with musicians, creatives, artists, festivals, party-goers, hospo workers, foodies, wine-connoisseurs and people who want to be able to dance all night to 80’s Madonna or Mojo Juju. The Greens want live music to thrive in our city and know the importance of music festivals. And we will do everything we can to make this happen!We were the only party in parliament who opposed the lockouts when they were introduced. In the next parliamentary term, Greens MPs for Newtown and Balmain, Jenny Leong and Jamie Parker, will introduce bills to repeal the lockouts and ban sniffer dogs. We support a harm minimisation approach to drug use which includes state sanctioned pill testing. We oppose punitive regulations that shut down our nightlife and close down festivals.It's beginning to look like NSW has become the biggest party pooper state in the country. For a government that is supposedly ‘liberal’, and who values individual freedoms, the Berejiklian Government has becoming increasingly interested in regulating people’s private lives. While the wowserism of this government has provoked outrage, the double standards are breathtaking: at a time when our personal freedoms are being progressively restricted, major corporations are enjoying a golden age – at our expense. The overregulation of festivals has become the latest in a chain of events where the government has cracked down hard on innocent people on the dance floor. The fun police have been out in force these past few years – first sniffer dogs, then the lockouts, then banning protests and public assembly and now music festivals. See Greens MPs Jenny Leong and Tamara Smith's media statement on live music here. 

Revised Inner City High School Catchment Released

In good news for families living in Redfern, the Department of Education has revised the boundaries for the Inner City High School Catchment following a concerted community campaign to allow local kids to attend the school. “The revision will be a welcome win for some - but there still remains a number of unanswered questions.

Families in limbo: Minister fails to release Inner City High School catchment review

Families living around Redfern and Darlington have been left in limbo, after the Education Minister announced a review of the catchment for the new Inner City High School, but has failed to meet his own deadline, according to Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP.

WestConnex M4-M5 tunnel update

M4-M5 Tunnel Route This is the M4-M5 tunnel route map which allows you to zoom into your street address and see whether tunnelling will occur under your property and what the proposed depth of the tunnel will be. Just hold your mouse over your location and you will see the information appear in a pop out box. Sub-Stratum Acquisitions If your home is directly above the tunnel route, the Government will compulsorily acquire the land underneath the property. You will be sent a Property Acquisition Notice (PAN) under the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991 before any tunnelling commences. This compulsory acquisition does not prevent a property owner from selling/buying/re-mortgaging their property. You can contact RMS for more information about substratum acquisitions by calling (02) 8849 2308 during working hours. Property precondition assessments  If your home is above or within 50 metres from the proposed tunnel, you should receive an offer for a free property pre and post condition assessment from the RMS.  Independent Property Impact Assessment Panel This panel is responsible for independently reviewing condition reports, resolution of property damage disputes and the establishment of ongoing settlement and vibration monitoring requirements. Either party can refer a dispute to the Panel with all costs borne by the RMS. For information on this panel contact RMS.  WestConnex Community Reference Groups Local community members can have issues raised via the WestConnex Community Reference Group and the Inner West Council's WestConnex Community Liaison Forum meetings. You can contact the Inner West Council for more information on these groups.  Community groups such as the WestConnex Action Group, Newtown Residents Against WestConnex, Leichhardt Against WestConnex and Rozelle Against WestConnex also provide information about local campaigns and developments.  How to complain Contact WestConnex for general information and the complaint line - 1800 660 248 Contact the NSW Environment Protection Authority about out-of-hours works, noise, dust, fumes, odour or any form of pollution. Contact the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment's WestConnex Compliance Officer about construction work, workers, traffic or pedestrian changes - 1300 305 695. The Greens are calling for The redirection of funding from WestConnex and the M4-M5 Tunnel and Rozelle Interchange into world class public transport Deeper tunnelling Expansion of the zone of influence to 250m Vibration monitoring at homes within the zone of influence Deployment of ground movement detection and satellite technology to confirm causation of property damage Commitment to compensating property owners for compulsory underground acquisitions Additionally here are some of my speeches in parliament about WestConnex and these are a range of Questions on Notice on WestConnex that our office has submitted over the years. The Greens in the NSW parliament succeeded in establishing an Inquiry into WestConnex and the Findings and Recommendations of this NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the Impact of WestConnex are here. Further information is available via our Stop WestConnex website. Please feel free to contact our office via email or phone us on 95172800 should you require any further information on the impact of WestConnex. Community Impact In December 2018 details of the latest WestConnex M4-M5 route and tunnel depths were published on an interactive map which showed a large number of locations where the proposed tunnel depths would be far shallower than previously indicated. Depths of between 16-25 metres under many residential streets in St Peters, Camperdown, Annandale and Leichhardt are unacceptable given the severe impacts which have already been seen on homes in other areas at deeper tunneling depths.  The Greens and affected community members are calling for the following:  Scrap WestConnex and redirect money into public transport Deeper tunnelling Community representative on the RMS damage assessment panel Expand the zone of influence to 250m Vibration monitoring at homes within zone of influence Deploy ground movement detection technology to confirm causation of property damage Commit to compensating property owners for compulsory underground acquisitions Our office wrote to the Premier,  Planning Minister Roberts and WestConnex Minister Ayres in December alerting them to the unacceptable tunnel depths and lack of consultation on the new route and the shallow tunnel depths and called on them to ensure that the new plans were considered properly.  The response we received in February is unsatisfactory and did not address the issues our office raised in relation to the changed tunnel depths. You can take action and call on the Premier to act to ensure that the proposed tunnel depths through Leichhardt, Annandale, Stanmore, Camperdown,Newtown and St Peters are reconsidered as a matter of urgency and that the community is given a formal opportunity to respond to these tunnel depths as well as the new route. You can download a hard copy of this letter and share it with your neighbours.  

NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the light rail - update

The NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the CBD and South East Light Rail Project, it has made some strong recommendations in its recently released Report. The significant financial and health impacts of this project have been recognised and recommendations have been made in relation to property damage and compensation as well as a call for Transport for NSW to provide ongoing mental health support. One of the big issues that our office has lobbied for on behalf of local residents - the need for an additional stop at Wimbo Park - has been taken up by the committee with a recommendation that Transport for NSW favourably review the need for a stop there. The Report also recognised there were significant problems with major infrastructure being built as a Public Private Partnership and recommended that the government formally request that the Auditor-General undertake a review into the effectiveness of such contracts for state significant infrastructure projects.  It's time to put an end to major public infrastructure projects being privatised in either construction or operation.

Unfair catchment for the Inner City High School

Today we wrote to the Premier and Education Minister requesting an update on the review of the proposed catchment for the Inner City High School.  Many parents have been in contact with our office concerned that their Year 6 children will soon be commencing transition to high school programs, and they don’t know what their local high school will be. Click on the image to read the full letter.

NSW Liberals Talk Big but Deliver Nothing on Homelessness

NSW Greens Housing and Homelessness spokesperson Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown has responded to the Liberal's homelessness announcement today by questioning the priorities of the Premier and highlighting the hypocrisy of the Minister for Family and Community Services. “While setting targets is welcome, the targets announced by the Liberals today would amount to housing fewer than 5 people every week across the whole state! Surely we can do better than that.

Media Release: Greens in Newtown and Ballina support your right to party

Greens Members for Newtown and Ballina have confirmed their support for the Australian Festivals Association’s (AFA) demands on the NSW Government as the internationally renowned Bluesfest threatens to move the festival to Queensland. The Director of Bluesfest has squarely pointed the finger at this government for their actions. Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown "The Greens absolutely support the AFA’s calls, in fact we consider what they are asking for to be the basic minimum standard for community consultation and evidence-based policy making,”  said Jenny Leong, Greens MP for Newtown. "We’ve seen the Liberals and Nationals impose lockouts, attempt to shut down our city and stop us from dancing - and now they are throwing the same sort of uninformed and outdated views on our festivals and it’s having enormous consequences. "The Greens were the only party in the NSW Parliament to stand strong and oppose the lockout laws when they were introduced - our position is clear - we oppose the Sydney and CBD lockouts, we support pill-testing and we want a thriving and creative live music scene,” she said. “We need to stop the over policing of festivals - including banning sniffer dogs -  and support our musicians and the music industry in NSW." Tamara Smith MP, Member for Ballina “Today’s statements from the Director of the award winning Bluesfest are a real worry, this festival is such an important part of the local economy and our community,” said Tamara Smith, Greens MP for Ballina. “Regional festivals don't want to suffer the same fate as Sydney when lockouts were introduced and to see a hugely successful Festival in its 30th year, fighting for its existence is shocking. “This government seems hell bent on dismantling our music industry and closing down cultural events - it’s shameful. “Bluesfest are just the latest business owners to worry about how to keep the lights on in the face of restrictive and over the top government actions and they are likely not the last." Background: Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown, tabled the petition signed by 10,000+ people in support of Keeping Sydney Safe and Open in 2016 - her speech is available here:  

Media Release: Greens - Waterloo redevelopment plans need a radical rethink

Today's announcement by the NSW Minister for Social Housing, Pru Goward on the plans for the redevelopment of the Waterloo housing estate represents one of the NSW Liberal National government’s largest sell offs of a public asset, according to NSW Greens Housing spokesperson, Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown. “This is public land and right now there’s an urgent need for a significant action to address the housing stress people in our city are currently experiencing.  “In the current crisis, it is unacceptable that 70% of the proposed development on this public land will be turned over to corporate developers to make massive profits  – it’s time to call a halt to this scam.

Inner City High School Catchment

After a long wait and much anticipation, the catchment area for our new Inner City High School on Cleveland Street was released on Friday - and to be frank about it, it's utterly absurd. As you can see from the map below, the catchment takes in areas as far away from the site as Darling Point and Woollahra, but the school will not be accessible to families who live directly across the road from it, let alone the nearby areas of Redfern, Darlington and Chippendale. The fact the catchment skirts around areas with high concentrations of public housing in Redfern and Waterloo is also much cause for concern.

Urgent Call to Delay Demolition of Sydney Football Stadium

In response to media reports that the demolition of the Sydney Football Stadium will begin this week, bypassing due process, we have written to the Minister for Planning seeking his urgent intervention. Our office has been contacted by several residents who are concerned that this major project is being rushed through without the required checks and balances, and without considering the serious impacts on the local community.  If you would like to add you voice to the call for urgent intervention from the Minister for Planning, please get in touch via or contact Minister Roberts directly here

Proposed Montessori school in Camperdown

In response to concerns raised by local residents in Camperdown regarding the proposed Inner Sydney Montessori school at 1-7 Probert St, Camperdown, we have written to the Minister for Education seeking clarification as to the guidelines that determine whether a site is suitable for a school. We are seeking information from the Minister for Education on the guidelines used by the Education Department to assess needs, suitability and locations for school developments and also whether there are any other guidelines used when assessing private school developments.   The local community has been informed that this development will be assessed as a State Significant Development and that the Inner Sydney Montessori Association will soon lodge a formal application for a school with a capacity of 120 children which would operate 6 days a week.We understand that the Inner Sydney Montessori Association has existing approval to run a Parent and Toddler Program on this  site 6 days week which allows for sessions for up to 8 children and their parents to attend sessions every 2 hours between Monday and Saturday. We ask all local residents living in and around Probert St that want to share further information and be kept informed as things develop to get in touch with our office by emailing

Media Release: Parliamentary Inquiry Recommendations expose WestConnex debacle

The Greens respond to the Report by the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Impact of WestConnex which was secured by the Greens and the community. Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP: “The evidence and Recommendations of the Report demonstrate that this project has been a debacle. “The planning, delivery, financing and lack of transparency has caused significant negative impacts on the community. “The damage that his project will have on our community is far from over with years of devastating construction and billions of dollars of expenses still to come.

Pemulwuy project plan for largescale student accommodation on The Block

The Aboriginal Housing Company has submitted modified plans for the Pemulwuy Project which includes aboriginal affordable housing and student housing on The Block. These plans and the submissions regarding this new proposal are currently being reviewed by the Independent Planning Commission and you can find details here.  

Media Release: WestConnex M4-M5 tunneling depths a disaster for Inner West

According to the WestConnex M4-M5 Link interactive map showing the proposed tunnel depths throughout the Inner West, many homes located above parts of the route will be potentially irrevocably damaged, according to Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP and, Jamie Parker MP, Greens Member for Balmain. Jenny Leong MP:“Work on the M4-M5 WestConnex 8-lane tunnel should be stopped immediately as the impact on many residents’ homes along the route will be disastrous.“Depths of between 16-25 metres under many residential streets in Camperdown, Annandale and Leichhardt are extremely worrying given the severe impacts we have already seen on homes in other areas at deeper tunneling depths,” she said.

Newtopian Outreachers – Thank You & Community Celebration

Congratulations to all the incredible volunteers at the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre who were honored last week at the Newtopian Outreachers – Thank You & Community Celebration. 

Bourke St PS Fete

It's always a good time at the Bourke St Public School Fete and 2018 was no exception. This year the theme was Bourkey's Big Top and the school welcomed the locals into their grounds to celebrate everything that makes our community so great.  

Affordable housing forum draws huge attendance

Housing has become unaffordable for many people living all over Sydney.   I was happy to speak recently on behalf of the NSW Greens at the large community affordable housing forum, "We All Need a Home" in Parramatta which was presented by a group of community advocacy organisations.  The panel of local, state and federal politicians and housing experts heard from local residents about how hard it is to make ends meet when the rents are so high and the lack of security of tenure means people are forced to move regularly, adding large additional costs and dislocation them from their community.  We know that a very large percentage of people living in Parramatta are renting - over 6,000 according to the Census which is 68% of residents. The mean unit rent is about $500 per week and house prices have skyrocketed with the mean sales price for a home now over $900,000. These statistics mean that housing is just simply unaffordable for a significantly large proportion of people in Parramatta.  The Greens are committed working with community groups to push housing reforms in the NSW parliament which include giving all councils in NSW the right to prepare affordable housing contribution schemes for specific precincts, areas or developments within their local government areas. Inclusionary zoning is an crucial step to actually providing affordable homes and not just facilitating the construction of investment properties. We will also keep advocating for key reforms to the Residential Tenancies Act including the call to abolish no grounds evictions as well as changing state legislation so that annual rent rises are pegged to the CPI. While we have seen some positive changes to renters rights this year as a result of our lobbying and that of many peak housing groups, there's still plenty more to be done.    

Jenny Leong MP Condemns the Governments Attacks on Privacy

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown has condemned legislation from the Liberal/Nationals that allows the licence photos and personal information of regular citizens to be shared with public and private law enforcement agencies.

Jenny Leong MP on WestConnex Corruption

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown has put on the record the extraordinary revelation that Goldman Sachs (the company paid $16.5 in public money to facilitate the sale of the of WestConnex and the Sydney Motorway Corporation), own a $6.2 million share in the company it was sold to.

Jenny Leong MP congratulates winners of the Resilient Australia Awards

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown has congratulated the two impressive organisations from the Newtown electorate who took home Resilient Australia Awards this year.

Jenny Leong MP recognises winners of the ACON Honour Awards

Each year the ACON Honour Awards are an important opportunity to recognise the inedible work being done for and by the LGBTIQ+ community in NSW.

Jenny Leong MP calls for greater Koala protection in NSW

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown has condemned the Liberals and National for their woefully inadequate measures to protect Koala habitats in NSW.

Jenny Leong MP praises bill to make organisations more accountable

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown spoke on behalf of the Greens on the bill, which makes it easier for victims of child sexual abuse in institutions to prove that the organisations under whose auspices they were abused were legally liable.

Opera House Controversy: It's Our House

In response to the bullying and corporate exploitation of one of Australia’s most significant and iconic public places - the Sydney Opera House, Jenny Leong MP called out the culture of bullying in NSW, and joined with the community to draw a line in the sand to the Liberal and ALP’s capitulation to corporate bullying and the interests of the racing industry in this state.                            

Greens respond to new NSW Rental laws: key reforms missing

Jenny Leong MP, NSW Greens Housing spokesperson has responded to the passing of the Residential Tenancies Act in Parliament today, praising some changes, but saying the new laws fail to give renters basic security of tenure by ending unfair no grounds evictions.

Our community is not for sale

October 2018  - South Sydney Herald column There’s a lot going on right now in our local community when it comes to infrastructure, but not in a good way! The NSW Liberals and their big business mates seem hell bent on taking all they can from our neighbourhoods, and much less interested in giving us anything we actually need in return. Our community is vibrant, caring and creative. We value our public housing, our public schools, our public parks, our public transport. We recognise the need for significant investment in public services, including healthcare – and especially mental health support. We know that to end the housing crisis we will need to invest in more public, social and affordable housing. We know that privatisation and leaving it to the market doesn’t lead to better outcomes or address inequality.

Greens to introduce Bill to end exemptions that allow LGBTI discrimination in NSW

The Greens NSW have today announced that they will introduce a Private Members Bill to amend the Anti-Discrimination Act next week. The Bill will remove the exemptions that allow private educational authorities and religious organisations to discriminate against members of the LGBTIQ+ community.

Media Release: Inquiry Hears of massive toll of WestConnex on communities

NSW Greens Transport Spokeswoman Cate Faehrmann has branded the troubled Westconnex toll road a textbook example of Government mismanagement, poor planning and skewed priorities following the first day of public hearings at the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the impacts of the Westconnex project. “Today we heard compelling evidence from experts and community members which highlighted that Westconnex is a textbook example of Government mismanagement, poor planning and skewed priorities,” Greens MP Cate Faehrmann said.

Sydneysiders draw a line in the sand over Opera House bullying

In response to the bullying and corporate exploitation of one of Australia’s most significant and iconic public places - the Sydney Opera House, Greens MP Jenny Leong, Member for Newtown calls out the culture of bullying in NSW. “I was appalled when I heard the CEO of the Opera House, Louise Herron, attacked publicly last week. This is about more than turning our beautiful public places into corporate collateral, this is about drawing a line in the sand and saying, enough is enough to the bullies in our community, she said.

Jenny Leong MP on Strata Laws

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown has responded to changes to Strata Laws in NSW.

New Rental Laws introduced – Greens to amend Bill

The Greens have announced they will move a raft of amendments to protect renters, after the Fair Trading Minister today introduced a Bill amending the Residential Tenancies Act.

Jenny Leong says We Live Here

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown has hit back at the Liberal/National governments privatisation agenda that has seen the whole sale sell-off of major parts of Redfern, Darlington, Waterloo and Eveleigh.

Greens: $2.6 billion Sydney Gateway spend irresponsible

The government’s announcement by the NSW Roads Minister that the Gateway project to Sydney Airport will cost taxpayers $2.6 billion demonstrates yet again the extraordinary cost blowout of Westconnex at the expense of public transport solutions, the Greens NSW said today. Cate Faehrmann MLC, NSW Greens spokesperson on Transport: “It’s grossly irresponsible that the government continues to throw billions of taxpayers’ money at new toll roads and motorways at the expense of world-class public transport options,” said Ms Faehrmann. “Tens of billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money is being spent on funneling more cars and trucks onto toll roads to please private operators, yet a fraction of this could be spent on providing direct public transport options for the tens of thousands of commuters and travellers using Sydney’s Mascot Airport every day. “If the government was serious about relieving congestion around Sydney Airport, it would buy back the airport stations from the private operator and get out of the contract that prevents direct bus services being provided to travellers,” said Ms Faehrmann. Jenny Leong MP, NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex:“The link to the Airport and Port Botany was one of the key rationales for the $16.8b WestConnex  project.  It’s now become a separate project costing a massive extra $2.6b and still does not link to Port Botany,” said Ms Leong.“The Liberal National government’s lack of proper planning and exorbitant expenditure on WestConnex and now the Sydney Gateway is astounding given there are far cheaper and more effective solutions. “This latest announcement that the Gateway link will be toll-free is not to be believed given the re-imposition of tolls on the M4 to make the sell-off deal sweeter for Transurban,” said Ms Leong.    

Liberal’s WestConnex Sale Locks Sydney into Toll Road Monopoly Future

Today’s announcement by the NSW Liberals that a 51% share of WestConnex has been sold to the Transurban consortium is the nail in the coffin for many of Sydney’s drivers who will now be at the mercy of a monopolised toll road regime for decades to come. Jenny Leong MP, NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex said: “WestConnex is the largest transfer of public funds into private pockets in this country and this sale is the apex of the Liberal’s wholesale sell out of the NSW public. This deal is more about providing a payoff to their big business mates than it is about serving the people of Sydney with efficient and affordable transport options.

Parliament Wrap: Homelessness Week, Climate Change and Community Activism

It's been a busy time in the NSW Parliament, with the Liberals once again showing their heartlessness just in time for Homelessness Week.

Jenny Leong MP responds to the Liberals outrageous plan to circumvent court processes

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown has slammed a bill from the Liberals which not only changes the system for issuing penalties for drink-driving and drug presence offences to circumvent the courts, but significantly increases personalities for first-time, low grade offenses.

Jenny Leong MP commends the Minster for Fair Trading for strengthening consumer rights

Jenny Leong MP, member for Newtown was pleased to support a bill that allow consumers to settle small matters without the need to go through intimidating NCAT processes.

Greens: Redfern/Darlington Sell-off Must be Stopped

Greens Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP, has slammed the latest sell off of land around Redfern station reported in the SMH today and called for the sell-off to be immediately stopped. “Shamefully, this isn’t an isolated incident in our local area - the wholesale sell-off of public land around Redfern station started with the Australian Technology Park site, is happening just down the road in Waterloo, and it’s clear from these latest leaked documents that the Liberal’s privatisation agenda continues.”

Greens call for urgent intervention in light of NSW Auditor General’s report on FACS failures

NSW Greens Housing spokesperson Jenny Leong MP has called for an urgent intervention to protect public housing tenants in response to the damning NSW Auditor General’s report released today which found FACS - under the incompetent leadership of Minister Pru Goward - has not adequately supported or resourced its staff to manage so-called antisocial behaviour in public housing, or coordinate the case management of tenants with complex needs and mental health concerns. The NSW Greens Spokesperson for Housing Jenny Leong MP says: “We’ve been saying it for years - but now the independent Auditor General has made it crystal clear, the Minister for Family and Community Services Pru Goward is failing our community’s most vulnerable people by refusing to properly fund, train and resource front line staff.

Jenny Leong MP's Winter Recess Activities

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown gives a rundown of what went on during the NSW Parliaments Winter Recess, including speaking at Politics in the Pub in Surry Hills, and at the Greens Reboot conference, watching Blackbreaks play their final gig for a while at The Townie, attending the Lord Mayor's Citizenship Ceremony, speaking at the Affordable Housing Conference, attending the Aurora Ball and much much more.

Jenny Leong slams Minister Goward over bonds scheme for public housing

Greens NSW Housing spokesperson and Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP has condemned the Minister for Family and Community Services and Social Housing, Pru Goward for pushing through legislation which will force unfair bonds and conditions on public housing tenants while allowing for mandatory evictions.

Minister Goward inforces unfair bond on public housing tenants

Greens NSW Housing spokesperson, Jenny Leong MP has condemned the Minister for Family and Community Services and Social Housing, Pru Goward for pushing through legislation which will force unfair bonds and conditions on public housing tenants while allowing for mandatory evictions. “This latest punitive attack on public housing tenants comes right in the middle of Homelessness Week and means that some public housing tenants will end up homeless and on the street,” she said.

Jenny Leong calls on the Liberals/Nationals to choose Renewables

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown call on the Liberal/Nationals to end their reliance on coal in NSW and invest in renewables now.

Past failures on hate crime show urgent need for immediate reform of police oversight

MEDIA RELEASE 27/6/2018The report from NSW Police Force Strike Force Parrabell has been released today, highlighting systemic failings by the police in responding to gay hate murders between 1976 and 2000. The report found that one third of the deaths considered were likely gay hate killings.

Parliament Wrap: The Good News Edition

It's not often we have good news from the NSW Parliament, but this sitting was an exception. 

Greens Secure WestConnex Inquiry

 MEDIA RELEASE  21 June 2018 After years of community pressure for this disastrous, polluting tollroad project to be investigated, Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP, NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex  and Dr Mehreen Faruqi, NSW Greens spokesperson on Transport, have welcomed this development believing it’s long overdue for the horrors of this project  to be exposed. Jenny Leong MP said: “For months we have been working behind the scenes in the parliament – and supporting the community push - to get up an inquiry into WestConnex – so it is very welcome that it is now finally happening.

Liberals Shameful Blame Shifting on Public Housing

Greens NSW Housing spokesperson Jenny Leong MP has called the Residential Tenancies Act (Social Housing) Bill introduced by NSW Social Housing Minister Goward today as nothing short of blame shifting. “This bill is nothing more than an attempt by the Minister to shift the responsibility for the decade long waiting lists and maintenance failures on to the tenants of public and social housing – when really it is her and the Liberals that are failing people.

Greens: Hey Premier, If Homelessness is a Real Priority You Actually Need to Invest in Housing

NSW Greens Housing spokesperson and Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP has called out the failure of the NSW Liberal budget to address systemic housing issues while talking up a $3.9 billion surplus.“It is meaningless for the Premier to identify homelessness as one of her priorities if she is not willing to invest to actually address the housing crisis in our state, especially when the budget surplus this year is $3.9 billion.”

Liberal Budget Delivers Surplus but Fails to Deliver on Community Needs

NSW Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP and NSW Greens Member for Balmain, Jamie Parker MP condemn the NSW Liberal budget which boasts a $3.9 billion surplus but fails to deliver on basic community needs or crucial priorities for the state. Responding to the NSW Budget, Jenny Leong MP said: “The Liberal’s budget speech did not mention climate change once and that’s indicative of the thinking behind this budget – it’s one that could have been written in the 50’s with massive funding for private toll roads and a failure to recognise the real needs of the community, she said.

Private Interests Continue to Dictate the NSW Transport Agenda

Greens NSW MP and Transport Spokesperson, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC and Greens NSW MP, Member for Newtown and WestConnex spokesperson, Jenny Leong, have reacted to the NSW Budget announcements on funding for WestConnex, the F6, Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link.  


Greens NSW Housing and Homelessness spokesperson Jenny Leong MP has called out the NSW Liberal’s announcement today which reports a ‘$1 Billion Boost for Sydney’s Rough Sleepers’ as nothing short of spin.“The current approach to homelessness in NSW has been a disaster with a 37% increase in homelessness while the Liberals have been in charge," Jenny Leong MP said. “What’s been announced today seems to be basically business as usual, with the Liberals trying to big talk their spend as $1 billion for homelessness, when in reality this announcement seems to only have $61 million in new money over four years.“The Minister for Family and Community Services and Social Housing knows full well that helping people with their housing applications, assisting them with temporary accomodation or connecting them with services aren’t genuine solutions when these systems are already in crisis.“There are over 100,000 people currently approved for housing languishing on the decade long waiting list, and services providing crisis accomodation and support are already overstretched and unable to meet demand.”"It is nothing short of spin to try to present this as a billion dollar boost for homelessness when much of what is 'announced' is not new and already isn't working to reduce homelessness.“The Greens are committed to a Housing First approach to homelessness - we need a massive overhaul of the current approach, a significant boost in investment in social and affordable housing as well as increased funding for the services that support those who don’t have a place to call home.”

Marriage Equality in NSW and an End to Forced Divorce for Trans People

Jenny was thrilled to support a bill bringing NSW into line with commonwealth marriage equality laws, and finally putting an end to forced divorce for Trans people.

Wild Horse Management in Kosciuszko National Park

Jenny spoke in opposition to the bill introduced by the Nationals.

Modern Slavery

Jenny spoke in support of a bill to prevent modern slavery in NSW.

Whipping up Racism is not OK

Unfortunately racism is alive and well in NSW. In response to comments by Labor Leader Luke Foley about 'white flight' in Western Sydney, Jenny expressed concerns in the Parliament about members whipping up fear to score political points.

NSW Arts Minister Must Explain Create NSW Funding Delay

Greens NSW Arts Spokesperson Jenny Leong MP has written an urgent letter to the NSW Arts Minister Don Harwin calling on him to immediately explain the significant delay in decisions for the December 2017 Create NSW grants round. “It is unacceptable that there has been such a delay in the announcement of the Create NSW December 2017 funding round leaving artists and creatives in the lurch,” she said.

Make Rent Fair Campaign

I spoke on the need to end unfair no grounds evictions and The NSW Greens 10-point plan to make renting fair in the NSW Parliament on May 15      "It is time to change the laws to end unfair no grounds evictions. After years of campaigning, The Greens know that much more needs to be done to protect the rights of renters. Today I will tell the House about The Greens plan to address the rental crisis and provide renters with more security. We have set out a 10‑point plan that will show the people of New South Wales how committed The Greens are to change for and genuine protection of renters. We want to see an end to no grounds evictions, cap rent by limiting rent increases to once per year and regulate to prevent rent increases beyond CPI. We want to improve the flexibility for tenants in cases of domestic and family violence. We want to ensure transparency, through the creation of a publicly available maintenance log and maintenance reports, for people seeking repairs from their landlords." Read more here

This Week in NSW Parliament: Westconnex, Sydney Metro Privatisation, and Bill McKibbon!

May 2018 Westconnex, Sydney Metro Privatisation, and Bill McKibbon: A report from Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown, on the week that was in the NSW Parliament.  

National Domestic Violence Remembrance Day

Today we expressed our support for National Domestic Violence Remembrance Day, and called on the government to take a housing first approach to ensure victims of domestic violence do not end up sleeping rough.   

Community Recognition: Fashion Revolution Week

Congratulations to the local women, creators, makers, designers and retailers from the electorate of Newtown who participated in Fashion Revolution Week. 

Jenny's speech in Parliament on the privatisation of the Metro and transport

Jenny Leong spoke on the outsourcing by the Liberal Transport Minister of the delivery of transport in this state to private companies.

Greens Call for Full Transparency in Response to Latest WestConnex Approval

In response to the latest shameful rubber stamping approval of the next stage of WestConnex the Greens are urging the NSW Upper House to support the call for all papers relating to the sale of WestConnex. Jenny Leong MP Member for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex: “We know NSW Labor and the cross benchers are concerned about the lack of transparency and accountability of the Liberal/National Coalition when it comes to state infrastructure and their privatisation agenda which is why we are urging them to support the Greens Call for Papers to release all documents related to the tender and sale of the Sydney Motorway Corporation.

Jenny Leong MP brings the voices of the women of Newtown to the Parliament

Today Jenny gave a speech in the NSW parliament on some of the key issues for women in the Newtown electorate based on the responses to a survey her office conducted on International Women's Day in March.

No new coal in NSW

The amount of new coalmining output currently being assessed by the Government for New South Wales is 25 per cent greater than the total output of the deeply unpopular Adani mega mine.  Jenny questioned the Premier about whether the NSW Government is committed to protecting our climate.

Minister Must Explain Real Reason for Punitive Public Housing Strategy

Responding to the latest reporting today on the NSW Government’s Local Allocation Strategy which shows that hundreds of innocent people may be excluded from accessing public housing in the inner city, Greens NSW Housing and Homelessness spokesperson Jenny Leong has questioned the motives of such a move. “Given the recent fudging of the public housing waiting list numbers by the department, we are calling on the Minister for Family and Community Services to immediately reassure the public that this latest ‘strategy’ isn’t a cynical ploy to further reduce the waiting list without actually housing anyone.

Statement regarding investigation into racist and sexist Facebook posts by NSW Police

Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP, has resorted to using the Government Information (Public Access) Act, to seek information into the findings of an investigation set up in response to racist and sexist abuse of her by members of the NSW Police.

Massive increase in homelessness

Today’s release of the statistics on Homelessness from the ABS 2016 census data, shows that homelessness and other consequences of the lack of housing affordability are rising unacceptably in NSW, according to NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing and Homelessness and Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP.    

Jenny's Speech in Parliament on Westconnex Shonky Dealings

Read Jenny's speech in Parliament about media revelations of shonky Westconnex dealings.   

The Renewable Energy Revolution is here

Recently in the NSW Parliament, we highlighted the renewable energy revolution, which is happening before our eyes.

Disability Advocacy Funding: Question to the Premier

With Disability Advocacy organisations facing devastating budget cuts under the NDIS rollout, we asked a question of the Premier in Parliament.

Celebrating 40 Years of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Read Jenny's Speech in parliament celebrating the fourtieth anniversary of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.   

Removing Anti-discrimination Exemptions for Pregnant Women in Employment

Read Jenny's statement in support of removing exemptions from the Anti-Discrimination Act of 1977 regarding discrimination against pregnant women in employment.   

Sarah Midgley our 2018 Local Woman of the Year

Jenny's speech in Parliament congratulating Sarah Midgley - Inner West Council Citizen of the Year.

Construction noise in Darlington

Residents in Darlington have contacted our office with complaints of unbearable noise from an Ausgrid construction site at Sydney University. Jenny has written to Ausgrid, Sydney University and raised the matter in Parliament in an attempt to resolve this as soon as possible.

Inner West Bus Privatisation Contract signed

The Liberal government has pushed ahead with privatisation of bus services in Sydney’s Inner West, with an announcement that the contract has been awarded to Transit Systems. Commenting on the signing Jenny Leong, MP for Newtown says:“There has been a huge groundswell of people in the inner west demanding the buses are kept in public hands.“Many people in the inner west don’t own a car and rely on buses as a primary mode of transport. This is an essential service that should be kept in public hands.

RMS releases flimsy response to WestConnex Stage 3 submissions

NSW Roads and Maritime (RMS) has released a huge but vacuous document responding to the 13,000 submissions about Stage 3 of WestConnex, including from other Government departments and local councils. “It is extremely alarming that so many serious concerns about this project have been not been responded to in an adequate manner, said Jenny Leong MP, Greens Member for Newtown. “There were 13,000 community submissions against this plan including detailed objections from the EPA, NSW Health, the City of Sydney and the Inner West Council – reading through the hundreds of objections and the flimsy responses is shocking.

Motion to Censure the Minister for Transport Andrew Constance

Today Jenny spoke in favor of a motion to censure the Minister for Transport Andrew Constance for misleading the people of New South Wales and wasting $100,000 of tax-payer funds on a rigged ferry naming competition.   

Rally for Aboriginal Justice and Sovereignty

Statement in Parliament on the rally for Aboriginal justice and sovereignty in Redfern and the movement to recognise January 26 as Invasion Day.   

Newtown Electorate Community Building Partnerships Grants Announced

Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP has today announced the winners of the 11 projects that were successful in gaining funding through the 2017 NSW Community Building Partnership program. This funding provides financial support for community infrastructure projects to improve the facilities used by a range of organisations and groups within the electorate of Newtown. Jenny Leong MP said:

Homelessness Figures Show Crisis Worsening

Responding to today’s release of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) Annual Report on homelessness services NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing, Jenny Leong MP and Australian Greens spokesperson on Housing, Senator Lee Rhiannon have called for an urgent commitment to a housing first approach by state and federal governments.

NSW Government Peak Environment Agency Rejects Latest WestConnex EIS

NSW Greens WestConnex spokesperson and Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP has joined with NSW Greens Environment and Transport spokesperson, Mehreen Faruqi to call on the Premier for an immediate halt to the WestConnex tollroad after the NSW Government’s own independent peak environmental agency, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made a submission rejecting the Environmental Impact Statement for the final stage of the project as it does not have adequate information to enable an assessment.

Greens committed to affordable housing in all council areas

State government plans to allow five more local councils to access Sepp 70 provisions is welcome news but needs broadening, says NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing, Jenny Leong MP and NSW Greens Local Government spokesperson, David Shoebridge MP. Jenny Leong MP said: “We welcome to move to increase the number of councils able to access these affordable housing provisions, but given the level of the housing crisis we can’t just be tinkering at the edges. “This year the Greens gave notice of a bill that would allow all councils access to affordable housing provisions under Sepp 70 not just a select few.“The greens are committed to targets which will really start to make housing affordable again and that means at least 30% affordable housing in new dwellings.

Greens rental plan counters rental crisis

With today’s release of the latest Rental Affordability Index, NSW Greens Housing spokesperson Jenny Leong MP, called for an urgent response from the government to the rental crisis. “This latest report again confirms that we are experiencing an alarming crisis in housing which has to be addressed by the Liberal National NSW government. 

More cooked than the climate

We were joined by some special guests at our recent Stop Adani stall at Newtown Festival... See all the pics on insta:

News: Newtown Mural

Jenny praised the community response to the destruction of iconic street art in Sydney.

Greens: Compensation and Certainty Needed for Latest WestConnex Bungle

Greens WestConnex spokesperson and Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP, today called on the Premier in question time to intervene to provide just compensation the property owners who received incorrect information from the Central Register of Restrictions as a result of WestConnex.

Statement Opposing Draconian "Future Crime" Laws

The NSW government today debated new draconian laws that would allow for an individual to be incarcerated for a crime they have not yet committed. Read Jenny's statement opposing these "future crime" laws.  

Statement in Parliament on Refugees

Statement in Parliament encouraging Labor to adopt a more humane approach to refugees, and commending young Labor activists who passed a motion calling on Labor Left members of Parliament to respond to and reflect human rights concerns.   

Parliament Celebrates Historic Yes! Vote on Marriage Equality

Today the NSW Parliament celebrated the historic result of the marriage equality survey. Read Jenny's speech marking the occasion below.   

Keep Public Transport in Public Hands

As a result of incredible community-led campaigning, the Berejiklian government was again forced to debate the privatisation of Inner West buses. Read Jenny's speech in parliament supporting the campaign, and opposing the privatisation of public transport.   

Greens Oppose Handouts to Big Developers

The Greens today opposed the Berejiklian Government's bill to give a massive tax handout to developers, and to instead put the revenue into public housing. Read her speech below:  

Greens: Mass Eviction Threats Must be Stopped

Greens NSW Housing Spokesperson Jenny Leong MP has committed to stand up for the one third of people in NSW who rent and work to put an end to  mass eviction threats by billionaire developers like Harry Triguboff. "People are already living with such fear and insecurity as a result of the current rental housing crisis - it's not just arrogant it's shockingly irresponsible for anyone to threaten mass evictions as Mr Triguboff has done."

NSW Greens submission on the Pemulwuy Project

The NSW Greens remain clear in voicing our concerns about the potential repercussions of the current Pemulwuy Project proposal on the community of Redfern. Our submission to the Department of Planning on 27 October, 2017 focused on our concern about the current proposal to see 596 housing units dedicated to student accommodation in Precinct 3 of the development. We note that the Department of Planning & Environment has already approved a 6 storey dwelling that accommodates 154 students. We remain concerned at the extent of the already approved housing given there are a mere 62 units being dedicated to Aboriginal housing on land that has for more than four decades been dedicated to Aboriginal housing. The Block is highly significant in terms of Aboriginal cultural and social heritage in NSW and Australia. It has a rich history of Aboriginal culture, activism and community building. This proposal comes at the end of many decades of plans and engagement by members the Redfern Aboriginal community to maintain and improve Aboriginal housing on this site. In order to remain faithful to the history of the land and the promise of the project started in the 1970’s, the primary and overriding character of any redevelopment should focus on providing housing for Aboriginal people.  

Our Submission on the modified Pemulwuy Project

Our office made a submission jointly with the office of David Shoebridge, NSW Greens Planning Spokesperson, on a modification to the approved concept and project plan for the Pemulwuy Project - a development by the Aboriginal Housing Company in Redfern.  You can read our submission here. 

NSW Government Must Act to Protect Renters Now

Responding to a welcome change in policy by the NSW Labor Opposition today, NSW Greens Rental and Tenancy spokesperson has renewed calls for the Government to put an end to no grounds evictions as a priority. "We know that with holiday season fast approaching that thousands of families will be evicted from their rental home so that greedy landlords can cash in over the holiday period," Ms Leong said.  

Our submission to the Cameron Review of community legal centre (CLC) services

Our office made a submission to the Cameron Review of community legal centre services.  You can read our submission about the value of the work done by CLCs here. 

New WestConnex investigation increases pressure on govt

Yesterday’s announcement that the NSW Auditor General will undertake a second investigation into WestConnex puts the Berejiklian government under increasing pressure as the project again is scrutinized because of its huge costs, risks and the ongoing public interest in this project.  “The investigation comes on top of this week’s Citigroup report showing that the Business Case predictions are out by 10% as well as news of the ICAC referral of the Darley Road dive site acquisition process by my colleague Jamie Parker,” Jenny Leong MP, NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex said today.

Newtown Police Homophobia Case Under Scrutiny

In response to reports on the matter connected with the Newtown Local Area Command currently before NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal the Greens Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP said:"It is crucial that there is independent scrutiny of this serious issue and I will be watching the progress of this matter closely."

Community Recognition: Newtown Street Library

Jenny recognises the street library movement and students from the Newtown Public School Art club who decorated the street library for the Newtown Electorate Office.   

We Are Not Full: We Are Being Failed

Read our response in Parliament to the yesterday's SMH article proclaiming "We Are Full, Says Sydney". 

Greens in Parliament: Statement Opposing the Gutting of Water Quality Protections in Sydney

Today the Government used a confected crisis around Mount Piper power station's coal supply to sneak through laws that will gut protections for the quality of Sydney's drinking water. Read our statement in Parliament opposing these changes.   

Don't SuperFund WestConnex

We want our super funds to support healthy and secure lives in our retirement. But, what if the money in our super funds was contributing to the exact opposite? What if our super funds were considering investing our money in polluting and unsustainable projects like WestConnex? What if our retirement money was helping fund the very things we're trying to stop from destroying our neighbourhoods? Large multinational companies like Transurban are lining up to bid for the chance to own a controlling stake in WestConnex and more dirty tollroads throughout Sydney. But, they will only be able to do this if our super funds provide them with the financial backing using OUR money! We're targeting these funds because reports have referred to the involvement of these funds, or investment bodies (IFM) connected to these funds, in the forthcoming purchase of WestConnex and the Sydney Motorway Corporation.  We have the chance to disrupt the financing of WestConnex and stop construction on this eight-lane tunnel before it even begins by urging our super funds to withdraw financial support for WestConnex. Let’s make everyone’s future greener and cleaner by not allowing our retirement money to fund dirty tollroads. See the letters we've written to the CEOs and Boards of some key Australian superannuation funds asking them not to fund WestConnex  Australian Super UniSuper Host Plus HESTA Media Super You can contact your super fund here or write directly to your fund and tell them: #DontSuperFundWestConnex.  

Tribute To Faye Lowe

We pay tribute to Fay Lowe for her contribution to Australia Street Infants School for almost 40 years.   

Approval for "Indicative" Stage 3 Westconnex EIS: Question to the Premier

Our question to the Premier asking how approval can be granted to Stage 3 of Westconnex based only upon an "indicative" Environmental Impact Statement.   

Media Release: Government Paid Sydney Motorway Corporation $15million for Toll-free Period on Widened M4

In response to a question by NSW Greens MP and Spokesperson for Transport, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC during Budget Estimates, Westconnex Minister Stuart Ayres has revealed that the Government paid the Sydney Motorway Corporation $15 million for the four week toll-free period on the widened M4.

Greens call for clean air and fast transport, not exhaust fumes and traffic jams

The NSW Greens have condemned the newly released M4-M5 Link Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), criticising the plan’s lack of substantive detail, and called on the Planning Minister to immediately halt this ‘farce of a process’.

Greens condemn WestConnex EIS rush - commit to disrupt sell off

Responding to the expected release of the M4-M5 Link EIS on 18 August, Greens Member for Newtown and WestConnex spokesperson, Jenny Leong MP has slammed the NSW Liberal National government’s attempts to bulldoze planning approvals through to clear the way for the sale in October.

WHOAH! What a week in the NSW Parliament

The August session of parliament was a busy one.  We thought to share some of the things that happened:  -> Spoke against the new Bill which will give police powers to remove homeless people from Martin Place. The Government should be addressing the housing crisis not introducing laws to move on the  homeless.

Historic motion on women’s right to choose passes NSW Legislative Assembly

Today the Greens Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong’s motion supporting a woman’s right to choose safe, legal abortions passed unanimously through the NSW lower house. The motion that passed was as follows: That this House supports the right for women to make the choice that is right for them, which includes respecting the right to access safe, legal abortion.

Law and Safety Committee Inquiry into Violence Against Emergency Services Personnel

Statement in Parliament supporting measures to improve the safety of emergency services personnel.  

Liberal National government’s heartless Martin Place bill passes

Today in National Homelessness Week the Liberal National government rushed through legislation that will allow police to remove homeless people from Martin Place, seize and destroy their belongings and break up non-“authorised” protests within the CBD. This is a heartless response from a heartless government that would rather see homeless people disappear than take action. The Greens condemn the Liberal National government’s actions. 

Greens Oppose Heartless Laws Attacking Homeless

Today the Berejiklian Government introduced new legislation to push homeless people out of the sight of Parliament. The Greens strongly opposed this heartless and heavy-handed police powers response to this social problem.   

Disgusting and heartless response from the Liberal Government in National Homeless Week

The Liberal National government has used National Homeless Week to announce legal changes to empower the police to evict the homeless, and some of the most disadvantaged in our communities, from public land in the City of Sydney. The Greens believe that having access to a safe and permanent home is a fundamental human right. The parliament has a responsibility not to enact laws to facilitate harassment of homeless people, but to help them by providing permanent housing and to ensure those at risk of homelessness get the support they need.

Greens in Parliament: Supporting the Martin Place Street Kitchen and Safe Space Community

Today Jenny spoke in support of the 24/7 Street Kitchen and Safe Space Community in Martin Place.   

Acknowledgement in Parliament of the Make Rent Fair Campaign

Read our statement in Parliament supporting the Make Rent Fair Campaign.   

Affordable Housing Discussion in Parliament

Read our contribution to the affordable housing discussion in parliament.  

Greens: Sleeping Rough IS uncomfortable Premier

During NSW Parliament Question Time today Greens NSW Housing spokesperson, Jenny Leong MP raised the un-ignorable reality of homelessness on the doorstep of Parliament House. This happened on the day that it was reported that "the Premier has said homeless people sleeping rough in Sydney city centre made her “completely uncomfortable". "It's unbelievable that the Premier of NSW is reportedly complaining about how uncomfortable the reality of homelessness makes her - when it is the thousands of people sleeping rough that are really doing it tough.

Greens highlight injustice of religious education in secular Inner West

Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong and Greens MP for Balmain, Jamie Parker, have called for the 9831 children in their electorates who are not religious to be allowed to continue their studies during periods of Special Religious Education (SRE). Special Religious Education classes run for 45 minutes a week, and NSW law dictates that where a Special Religious Education program is on offer at a school, ‘no academic instruction or formal school activities should occur during time set aside for SRE.’ This means children whose parents don’t want them to participate receive no teaching during this period.

Lockout Laws discussion on 2SER

Jenny was interviewed on 2SER about the NSW Government's recent changes to the lockout laws.

NSW Government under pressure to back off Millers Point and Sirius eviction plans

A group of prominent Sydney residents are calling on the NSW Liberal-National government to drop their eviction plans for the remaining Millers Point residents. The situation is at a critical stage with the NSW Family and Community Services (FACS) refusing to accept the recommendations of the Housing Appeals Committee, which means evictions could start any day.

Terrorism law rushed through without scrutiny

This week in parliament the NSW Liberal Government rushed through new terrorism laws which will give NSW Police shoot-to-kill powers and make changes to parole conditions. I spoke on behalf of the Greens in the Lower House on this Bill. Instead of responding to the Greens serious concerns that I raised in my speech, the Attorney General in his reply, reverted to name calling.

Community Recognition: Parliament on King

Today we acknowledged the incredible work by Parliament on King supporting refugees and asylum seekers in the Newtown electorate.   

Response to the NSW State Budget, 2017

We need to be measuring the success of a budget on how it is delivering for people. A $4.5 billion surplus is not so great when 28,000 people are sleeping rough every night and 60,000 people are on the public housing waiting list in this state. Or when 7 train stations in the Newtown electorate don't have lifts cutting out so many from using public transport.  This shiny, neo-Liberal budget forgot about so many people.

Pre-budget discussion on Newtown Electorate concerns

Broadcast on ABC Sydney Drive, June 19, 2017 [starts at 2 hours, 28 minutes, 30 seconds into the program]Jenny joined a panel on the Monday Political Forum on ABC Sydney Drive discussing key issues prior to the announcement of the 2017 State Budget. Topics covered included train accessibility, housing affordability and homelessness, renter's rights, lock out laws and late night transport options, cycle paths and safety.   

Greens in Parliament: Stop Dismantling Gun Control Laws

Today we called out this government for their dangerous pandering to the gun lobby and stood up for stronger gun control laws.   

Open letter to St. Paul's College Council

Dear St Paul’s College Council members, I am writing to urge you to take immediate steps to ensure the safety and protection of all women who live in the College and to implement actions which will address the unacceptable culture of harassment and bullying within this College. The recent revelations regarding St Paul’s College students are disturbingly another instance of what appears to be an ongoing culture of sexism within this institution.

Labor commits to WestConnex Stage 3

Member for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex Jenny Leong MP, and Jamie Parker MP, Member for Balmain, have expressed their deep disappointment at media reports that Labor’s Luke Foley has now committed to all three stages of WestConnex. The two local MPs are calling on the community to re-double their efforts campaigning against it.

Newtown MP calls on Premier to listen to City on WestConnex

Greens spokesperson on WestConnex and Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP, calls on Premier Gladys Berejiklian to seriously consider the City of Sydney’s alternate plan for WestConnex. "What the city of Sydney plan shows is that there are genuine alternatives to the current WestConnex madness. Exploring these alternatives - that prioritize reducing congestion, sustainable transport options and much needed housing in our city - should be what the NSW state government is doing.

Greens call on Premier to channel investor tax into public housing

NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing Jenny Leong MP has weighed in on the NSW Government proposal to boost foreign investor surcharges on stamp duty and land tax, saying it will have little impact on housing affordability unless revenue raised is directly invested in to public housing.

Tribute to John Bartholomew

Today Jenny paid tribute in Parliament to Anti-Westconnex campaigner John Bartholomew. 

Greens in Parliament: War on Waste

In response to last night's airing of the ABCs War on Waste we asked the government when it will commit to ban single-use plastic bags in NSW as well as other measures it could introduce to reduce unnecessary waste.   

Greens Support Anti-Corruption Measures in Parliament

Today the Greens backed a measure to disqualify corrupt former politicians from receiving parliamentary pensions.   

Government Weakens Regulation of Problem Venues

The NSW Liberal Government, with the support of Labor, has pushed through changes that will weaken the regulation of problem venues in NSW. The Liquor Amendment (Reviews) Bill 2017 amends the 3 Strikes Scheme, designed to target licensed venues that repeatedly commit serious offences in breach of their liquor licence.

Public School Students Automatically Enrolled in School Scripture

Students who attend our secular public schools are automatically enrolled in scripture classes without the explicit consent of their parents. While parents can 'opt-out' their children, they have to do it in writing and may not know that's required. Earlier this year the NSW Liberal Government chose to ignore a number of recommendations from its own review of special religious education and ethics classes in NSW government schools. Those recommendations would have given parents more transparency around their choices in regards to scripture classes and ethics classes. 

Community Recognition: Community Legal Centres

Read our speech acknowledging the important work of community legal centres in the Newtown electorate.   

Three Strikes Report Secrecy Doesn't Pass The Pub Test

The Greens have today called on the NSW Government to release advice provided to the NSW Government by former High Court Judge Ian Callinan into its 'three strikes' policy, currently subject to proposed legislative changes. The Liquor Amendment (Reviews) Bill 2017 will be debated in Parliament this week and seeks to transfer strikes from the owner of venues and liquor licence holders to the licensee or manager of the premises. The changes mean venue owners will be able to avoid responsibility for breaches of licence conditions.

WestConnex hell at what cost?

NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP has responded to the release of the concept design for the WestConnex M4-M5 Link, calling on the NSW Premier to halt all works until she can justify the monolithic expansion of the WestConnex project. “This isn’t normal ‘project evolution’, this is a leap from ape to man. We’ve seen WestConnex expand from a $10 billion, 33km tollroad to $45 billion maze of motorways that will strangle Sydney. It’s unacceptable to have this level of expansion without the release of an updated business case or a revised cost benefit analysis. 

NSW Greens Response to WestConnex M4-M5 Link Concept Design

NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP will respond to the release of the concept design for the WestConnex M4-M5 Link, including impacts on the local neighbourhoods of Newtown, St Peters, Annandale, Camperdown, Leichhardt, Lilyfield, Haberfield, Ashfield and Rozelle. Ms Leong will call on the Premier to justify the massive expansion of this project and release updated cost benefit analysis and a new business case. 

Government Opposes Bill for Registered Nurses in Nursing Homes

Today the Berejiklian Government voted against measures that would have made registered nurses available 24/7 at nursing homes. Read Jenny's speech in support of this bill below:  

Recognising May Day and Sydney's Union History

The 1st of May is International Workers' Day, also known as May Day. It's a day to recognise the efforts of unionists, workers and activists to advance and protect workers' rights. Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP took the opportunity to commemorate the long history of union activity in the Newtown electorate and across Sydney's inner city.

Greens Defend Safe Schools in Parliament

Read our defense of the Safe Schools program in Parliament today, as we called on the Premier and Education Minister to make a clear statement in support of LGBTIQ young people to combat the damage done by the bullies in their party.   

Government Opposes Housing Affordability Measures

Today we called on the government to take concrete steps to improve housing affordability in Sydney. Their response shows just how completely out of touch they are on this issue.   

Government Caves to Dirty Politicking and Overturns Greyhound Ban

Today the NSW Government overturned it's ban on the Greyhound Industry, opening the door to further animal cruelty and abuse. Read our statements in parliament defending this ban.   

Community Recognition: Metropolitan Community Church Blesses Mardi Gras Festivities

Read Jenny's speech in parliament acknowledging the Metropolitan Community Church in Petersham for their work supporting the LGBTIQ community.   

Station Accessibility: Our Question to the Transport Minister

Today we asked Transport Minister Andrew Constance how long residents will have to wait for accessibility upgrades at train stations in Petersham, Stanmore, Erskineville, Redfern, Lewisham, MacDonaldtown and St Peters. Read his response here.   

Celebrating May Day

Published in the South Sydney Herald, May 2017 The 8 hour day, weekends, equal pay for women, ending child labour, paid holidays, sick leave, lunch breaks, the minimum wage, safe workplaces, sexual harassment laws, and the right to strike were all won by the hard work of union activists.

Federal Greens put Labor in spotlight on call to stop WestConnex

Acting Federal Greens leader Scott Ludlam, Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon and Greens NSW transport spokesperson, Mehreen Faruqi MP, joined campaigners and community members at the SaveSydneyPark anti-WestConnex protest camp in Alexandria today.

WestConnex to Build 7 Lane Highway At Residents' Front Doors

WestConnex plans to expand Euston Road in Alexandria to 7 lanes leaving a mere 1.8 metres between the increased traffic and hundreds of residents living in apartments on Euston Road between Sydney Park Road and Maddox St.

Stanmore Bus Stop Closures Unacceptable

Jenny met recently with local residents in Stanmore, who are concerned about a proposal to remove bus stops on Douglas St that are serviced by the 412 bus.

Police and Security Guards Take Control of New Taxi Rank to Make Streets Safer in Newtown

Published in Inner West Courier, 9 April 2017 POLICE and security guards have started patrolling a new taxi rank in Newtown in a bid to curb assault rates and reduce traffic chaos from late-night revellers hailing cabs along King St. Three security guards have been employed to oversee the safety of patrons and taxi drivers at the cab rank (outside the Commonwealth Bank) near Whateley Lane.

Campaign Against Westconnex Tollway Steps Up

Published in Green Left Weekly, 8 April 2017 Opponents of the $16.8bn WestConnex tollway project held a lively protest outside NSW Parliament on April 6 built around two demands: Not another cent for WestConnex; and No new tolls. 

Letter to the Transport Minister About Light Rail Construction in Surry Hills

Many Surry Hills residents have contacted our office concerned about the construction of the Light Rail in Surry Hills. While there is strong community support for government investment in public transport infrastructure like the Light Rail, residents have raised a number of issues about the delivery of the project. We have written to the Transport Minister, outlining the concerns that have been raised with us.  

University of Sydney Plans $300 Per Week Rooms For Students Lodging at Camperdown Campus

Published in Inner West Courier, April 8 2017 CASH-strapped students would struggle to meet “affordable rents” charged by the University of Sydney in the latest proposal to build hundreds of new student lodgings at the Camperdown-Darlington campus.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian Says Sydney Houses are $50,000 Cheaper Because of Government Policies

Published in Sydney Morning Herald, April 7 2017 Premier Gladys Berejiklian has been challenged to produce evidence that the government's policies have significantly reduced house prices, after claiming in Parliament that the average Sydney house is $50,000 lower than it would be thanks to state government policies. 

Will USYD's Transport Dreams Be Derailed Again?

Published in Honi Soit, 6 April 2017 Noticed the crowds getting bigger at the City Road bus stops? Finding it harder than ever to overtake others on the Redfern Run? The University has noticed too, but whether or not these concerns will result in any real change is another question.

Keep Newtown diverse, warm and welcoming: update from Newtown Vibe public meeting

On Wednesday 15 March 2017 the Protecting the Vibe public meeting was co-hosted by the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre and Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP. It followed on from a 2015 public meeting on the Newtown Vibe, called in response to community concerns around the Sydney lockouts and community safety, and gave the community the opportunity to hear about the work of the Newtown Vibe Roundtable, established after the initial public meeting, and to report in on the current vibe in Newtown.

Greens MP Calls Out Premier On Housing Supply

Today in Question Time, following the Premier and the Treasurer talking up the Government’s record on housing approvals, NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing Jenny Leong MP asked the Premier to explain at what point the increase in housing supply would result in stabilising or reducing housing prices in NSW. Jenny Leong MP said: “It just doesn’t add up. We are seeing record levels of housing supply in NSW yet house prices continue to spiral upwards. 

Greens Commit to Improving Rental Security for Newcastle

NSW Greens Housing spokesperson, Jenny Leong MP says that ending ‘no grounds’ evictions in NSW is a simple reform that will provide much needed security for renters in Newcastle, Port Stephens, the Hunter and across the state. The Greens are kicking off a campaign to end ‘no grounds’ evictions with the launch of the website. “Many renters live in fear of being thrown out of their home, even when they pay rent on time and look after the property.  These laws are unfair and out of date,” Ms Leong said.

Greens Standing Up for Greyhounds

Today we defended the ban on Greyhound racing in NSW. Read our speech below.   

Speech: It's Not Too Late To Stop WestConnex

NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex and Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP, spoke in Parliament on Wednesday 4 April 2017, to challenge the myth that WestConnex is a done deal.

Our Speech Opposing the Construction of Stage 3 of Westconnex

Today the Government snuck through a motion supporting the construction of Stage 3 of Westconnex. The Greens will always oppose this wasteful and harmful project.   

Greens MP Says WestConnex Offers Unacceptable Alternatives

NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex Jenny Leong MP has called on the Minister for WestConnex to stop pitting communities against each other with false solutions, in response to today’s announcement that the proposed mid-point tunnel site for the M4-M5 Link will be at Darley Road and not next to the Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt campus.

Challenges Ahead For New NSW Police Commissioner

The Greens wish new Police Commissioner Mick Fuller well in his new role leading the NSW Police Force. The NSW Police Force is well overdue for fresh leadership, with poor succession planning by the Coalition as well as  infighting and internal disputes amongst senior police overshadowing the broader work of frontline police for too long.

Speech: the Newtown Response to the Lockouts

NSW Greens spokesperson on Night-time Culture and Economy and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong spoke in the Parliament about the local, targeted response to the lockouts that has taken place in Newtown.

Taking Action on the WestConnex Stench

The community has known for a while that WestConnex stinks - but now it is having a real impact on local residents, workers and businesses. Residents In St Peters, Sydenham, Tempe, Newtown and beyond have been suffering for two weeks because of a foul, toxic odour coming from the WestConnex construction site at the old Alexandria Landfill site next to Sydney Park. Shamefully, no real action was taken until Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong raised this with the Minister.

Community Recognition: Women's and Girls' Emergency Centre

Today we acknowledged the work of the Women's and Girls' Emergency Centre in Redfern.   

Community Recognition: Soroptimist International Sydney

Today we acknowledged the work of Soroptimist International Sydney, which is part of a global movement to improve the lives of women and girls.   

Greens MP Forces Action on WestConnex Stench

Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP has questioned the Minister for WestConnex on his inaction regarding the foul, toxic odour emanating from the WestConnex construction site in St Peters. “What is the point of the Minister for WestConnex, if he is failing to take proper oversight of the serious concerns around the construction of this tollroad. “It’s unacceptable that residents have complained bitterly for two weeks directly to the Minister and various bodies, but saw no real action until I raised it with the Minister today.

Greens Fight for Local Democracy

Today we defended the independence of democratically elected councils.   

WestConnex Compliance Failures

Increasingly, the NSW Government and the Sydney Motorway Corporation have failed to enforce safety and compliance conditions on WestConnex work sites and recent reports of serious defects in contractor’s trucks, shows that this project is running out of control and putting us all at risk. The NSW Minister for WestConnex, Stuart Ayres is ultimately responsible for the safety of residents and workers in relation to all WestConnex works.  He must demand that the Sydney Motorway Corporation enforce all compliance conditions and that contractors and sub-contractors conform to all road safety regulations. We have written to Stuart Ayres seeking his urgent intervention to resolve the mounting serious health and safety concerns regarding WestConnex construction worksites and truck haulage but to date he has not responded. 

Greens MP calls for Rental security to be part of solution to housing crisis in NSW

NSW Greens spokesperson for Housing Jenny Leong MP says that the NSW Government must consider the needs of the growing number of tenants facing lifelong renting as they address the housing affordability crisis. “The reason that affordable housing is so essential is that it provides people on moderate incomes with a safe and secure place to live. That security should also be extended to renters and there’s a simple and immediate way to do that – by ending ‘no grounds’ evictions,” says Ms Leong.

Newtown targeted response shows lockouts not the only answer says Greens MP

NSW Greens spokesperson on Night-time Culture and Economy and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP says that the locally-led response taken in Newtown shows that there are real alternatives to blanket lockout laws. “While the latest BOCSAR statistics on assaults seem to confirm that the community's concern that imposition of the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross lockouts would push violence and anti-social behaviour to nearby suburbs, the specific stats for Newtown are showing that reported assaults have remained stable, even with a significant increase in visitor numbers. Targeted, community-led solutions can have an impact," said Ms Leong.

Charlotte Dobrovitz our 2017 Local Woman of the Year

Redfern community member and public housing tenant representative Charlotte Dobrovits has been recognised as the 2017 Newtown Electorate Local Woman of the Year. Each year the NSW Government recognises the outstanding contribution made by women across the state to industry, community and society. Local Women of the Year are selected by their local MPs.

Greens in Parliament: Newtown Vibe Under Threat from Lockouts

Today I called on the Liberal Government to provide real solutions that lead to a vibrant and safe night-life in our city, and not to displace violence from the city onto the people of Newtown.   

Greens say BOCSAR stats show lockouts are not the solution to problem violence

The Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research have released an updated report on the effect of lockout and last drinks laws on non-domestic assaults in Sydney.   NSW Greens spokesperson on Night-time Culture and Economy and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP says that a considered response is needed.

Newtown Community asked to report on the “Newtown Vibe”

Anyone who lives, works or plays in and around Newtown is invited to report in on the “Newtown Vibe” at a public meeting on Wednesday 15 March. Hosted by the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre and Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP, the meeting will give locals and Newtown-lovers an opportunity to give their views, and hear about the work done by the Newtown Vibe Roundtable to keep Newtown safe, diverse and respectful.

Mardi Gras 2017

Published in the South Sydney Herald, March 2017 It has been great to see Sydney covered in rainbows for another wonderful Mardi Gras season. Community participation in Mardi Gras grows stronger and prouder every year. I had the opportunity to chat with lots of people at Fair Day, which was held in Camperdown Memorial Park as a one off while Victoria Park is undergoing improvements. This time of year is certainly a celebration – but also an opportunity to remember the struggles of the past and highlight the issues of equality that still need to be achieved.  

Protecting the Newtown Vibe Community Meeting 2017

Join us at the Newtown Vibe Public meeting on Wednesday 15 March at 6pm, hosted by Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (NNC) and Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown.

Community Recognition: Fair Day

Today we congratulated organisers and volunteers for another successful Mardi Gras Fair Day.   

Parliament Acknowledges the Contribution of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Today NSW Parliament acknowledged the significant contribution Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras makes to our city. Read our contribution below.   

WestConnex Update, February 2017

What a week it has been for WestConnex – with the release of a damning report by the National Auditor General, the arrival of the Minister for WestConnex in the NSW Parliament, and Labor supporting a Greens motion in the Senate condemning the Federal Government for lack of governance in expending federal funds for the project.

Greens Renew Call for End to ‘No Grounds’ Evictions for NSW Renters

In response to the “Unsettled: Life in Australia's private rental market” report released today, NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing Jenny Leong MP gave notice of a motion in the NSW Parliament calling for an end to ‘no grounds’ evictions in the state. The report, a national study co-authored by Australian consumer advocacy group CHOICE, the National Association of Tenants' Organisations and National Shelter, shows that tenants across Australia are living in a climate of fear, due to insecurity around their tenure.

Join Us At Mardi Gras Fair Day 2017

Drop in to the Greens’ stall at Fair Day to chat with us about our campaigns supporting LGBTIQ communities. Don't forget it's a Camperdown Memorial Rest Park this year! Our NSW LGBTIQ spokesperson Jenny Leong MP and our Federal spokesperson Senator Janet Rice will be there from midday, along with a number of other Greens MPs. 

Western Sydney Needs Public Transport, Not a $17 Billion Toll Road

Instead of congratulating itself for spending $17 billion dollars on a toll road that Western Sydney doesn't want or need, the government should scrap Westconnex and invest in public transport. Read our contribution to the debate in NSW Parliament.   

Former Reserve Bank boss needs to move the Premier beyond supply mantra

The NSW Premier has announced that former Reserve Bank of Australia governor Glenn Stevens will be assisting the government with their housing affordability strategy. NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing Jenny Leong MP has welcomed the Premier’s recognition that housing affordability is an urgent issue for the people of NSW, but says that the solution needs to move beyond supply.

Can our new Premier improve the score?

Published in the South Sydney Herald, February 2017 Can our new Premier improve the score? NSW has a new Premier. We’re relieved to see the back of Casino (or is it Chainsaw?) Mike, but will our new Premier be better? Premier Berejiklian has already indicated how her Government will respond on a number of key issues. On others, we’re still in the dark. Over the coming months we will see whether the Premier is genuinely willing to listen to community concerns and take action to repair some of the disastrous decisions made under former Premier Baird.

Will the NSW Government Invest in Renewable Energy: Our Question to the Premier

Today in Parliament we asked the NSW Premier if she will legislate to meet the aspirational target set by the NSW Liberal Government for net zero emissions by 2050. Read her response below.   

WestConnex audit slams Federal Government process

The Australian National Audit Office has released its report into Commonwealth funding of the WestConnex project. The report looks into whether appropriate steps were taken to protect the Commonwealth's interests and obtain value for money in relation to the $3.5 billion in Commonwealth funding committed to WestConnex.

Federal Government pulling the plug on public housing will have devastating effects

Reports that the National Affordable Housing Agreement will be scrapped at the next budget have sent shockwaves through the housing and homelessness sector, with advocates warning that abandoning the agreement will have devastating effects on the most vulnerable members of our community. NSW Housing spokesperson Jenny Leong MP said that, while the agreement was flawed, it was an essential source of funding for public housing.

A Special Minister can’t fix WestConnex

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklin announced her new cabinet today, with the extraordinary announcement that a stand-alone ministry has been created for WestConnex. Greens spokesperson for WestConnex and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP says that a special ministry won’t solve the WestConnex debacle.

Everyone Has A Right To A Home – Time To Scrap Generous Tax Breaks

Every single major housing market in Australia is ‘severely unaffordable’ according to the latest Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey. Sydney is second on the list of the most severely unaffordable housing markets in the world. Greens housing spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon and Greens NSW housing spokesperson Jenny Leong say it is absurd that both federal and state governments insist that they can tackle housing affordability without making any changes to unfair tax structures like negative gearing and capital gains tax discounts that favour investors.

Time For WestConnex To Be History Like Baird

Now that Baird is opting out of politics, his centerpiece project needs to be stopped.  Since he and Tony Abbott turned the first sod of this toxic project back in March 2015, community opposition has continued to grow. Public criticism of WestConnex, billion dollar budget blowouts, shonky, secretive planning and huge contracts to companies under federal police investigation, have all played a significant role in the declining popularity of Premier Baird, according to Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP.

Police Use New Anti-protest Laws Against WestConnex Protesters

More community members have been aggressively handled and violently arrested at Sydney Park as peaceful protests against WestConnex continue. The use of force and the subsequent charges laid show that the police are using the powers of the Baird Government’s new draconian anti-protest laws. NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex and Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP, says: “I have serious concerns about the level of police aggression and violence that’s occurred in recent days at Sydney Park. “Local police, the riot squad and plainclothes police - some wearing leather gloves and refusing to display their name badge - have used disproportionate force against peaceful community members showing their opposition to WestConnex.

WestConnex Destruction of Sydney Park Begins

Contractors have begun cutting down trees in Sydney Park, as part of the WestConnex project. Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP joined community members at the Save Sydney Park Camp, where one resident is stationed in a tree in an act on nonviolent direct action.

Speech: Security for NSW Renters - Ending No Grounds Evictions

Almost 40 per cent of New South Wales households are now renting, and more people than ever will be lifelong renters. Member for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson on Rental Issues Jenny Leong MP explains why urgent reforms are needed to remove 'no grounds' evictions, to provide more security for renters in NSW.

Homelessness Services in NSW Facing Unprecedented Demand

In response to new data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), which shows increased demand for Specialist Housing Services in NSW, NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing Jenny Leong MP, says urgent action is needed to address homelessness and housing affordability. “The increase in demand for Specialists Homelessness Services is stark evidence of the housing affordability crisis we’re facing in NSW,” she said.

Inner West Council Funds WestConnex Modelling As RMS stalls

At the last Inner West Council meeting of 2016, the Administrator Richard Pearson committed to spending half a million dollars toward modelling the impact of WestConnex on local streets and neighbourhoods.  “This is a welcome initiative and shows that local government shares the community’s concerns about how badly WestConnex will impact our neighbourhoods, said Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex. “The RMS only plan to look at the impact of WestConnex 12 months after each stage has been opened - well after the traffic chaos and air quality impacts have occurred.  Premier Baird’s appointed Administrator has called this wait-and-see approach, ‘totally unacceptable and inconsistent with the principles of modern environmental impact assessments’ and he should know, as he has come directly from the NSW Planning Dept. 

Tinkering With Lockout Laws Won’t Boost Sydney’s Nightlife

In response to the changes to Sydney’s lockout laws that were announced today, Member for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson on Night-time Culture and Economy Jenny Leong MP, says the changes will do little to encourage a thriving Sydney nightlife.

New Road Corridor Another WestConnex Planning Sham

RMS has announced plans to radically alter key local roads between Alexandria to Moore Park and they have put these plans forward without indicating that they are obviously the result of the impact that WestConnex will have on traffic in this area. Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex has condemned this announcement . "It’s obvious that this work is directly related to WestConnex and the St Peters interchange - attempting to provide a stop gap solution to the widely discredited plan that would put 70,000 more cars into the area. "The pathetic attempt by RMS to try to pretend these works are stand alone so the true impact of WestConnex is hidden, will not fool anyone.

NSW Greens response to Real Estate and Property Services Industry Reforms

The NSW Government has proposed a number of reforms to the real estate and property services industry. While some of the proposals will improve the industry, the reforms do not do enough to protect the significant number of NSW residents who have dealings with the industry, either as renters or as the buyers or sellers of property.

Turnbull Government’s Ongoing Failure On Housing

The Greens say the split between state and federal Liberal ministers highlights the ongoing failure of the Turnbull government to act on the housing affordability crisis.

Triple The Population Density For Camperdown With No New Infrastructure

The Baird Liberal Government has released its final UrbanGrowth plan for The Parramatta Rd corridor, including Camperdown. The density of the precinct will triple, but there is no new infrastructure to support these new residents. While UrbanGrowth has scaled back their plans considerably due to strong opposition from the local community, the planned density increase is still extreme.  There are currently 720 people living in UrbanGrowth NSW’s Camperdown Precinct, and this plan will increase that to 2120.

Update on Surry Hills Light Rail Works

As Transport for NSW put out notifications of works related to the light rail that will affect Surry Hills residents, we will pass on the updates. See the light rail construction schedule here and find the interactive map with updated road closures here.

Supply Alone Will Not Solve Sydney's Rental Crisis

The third Rental Affordability Index (RAI) released today shows that Sydney remains Australia's least affordable city for renters and makes it clear that significant change is needed to address this crisis. NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP said: "It is clear that any attempt to deliver housing affordability can't start and end with supply alone. What we need is an increase to affordable supply. Unless there are mandated significant targets for affordable rental housing in new developments, rents will continue to soar."

Density Around Parramatta Rd to Grow By 400% With No New Infrastructure

The Baird Liberal Government has released its final UrbanGrowth plan for The Parramatta Rd corridor, including Taverners Hill. The density of the precinct will increase more than 400%, but there is no new infrastructure to support these new residents.  

Public Housing For Private Profit?

Published in the South Sydney Herald, November 2016 For more than 100 years, government funded public housing has been available to low income earners in NSW. Government owned estates provided working class people, the elderly, new immigrants, young families, and working people in low-income, essential services the opportunity to live in our cities and regional centres, and participate in their local communities. In recent decades we have seen a shift. Successive governments have under invested in maintaining safe, secure, affordable housing for low-income earners. Many public housing tenants suffer long standing issues around maintenance and safety.

Roads Minister Must Ensure that WestConnex is Corruption-Free

With renewed focus on corruption in NSW politics this week, with amendments to the ICAC rushed through Parliament, the NSW Greens WestConnex spokesperson and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP, is calling on Roads Minister Duncan Gay to assure the public that the construction company CIMIC (formerly Leighton Holdings), which has huge WestConnex contracts, is free of corruption.

Question to the Premier: Will He Meet Residents Affected by Westconnex?

Today we asked the Premier if he will meet residents impacted by Westconnex construction to hear about their experiences and respond to their concerns.   

Community Recognition: Good Food Guide Awards

Congratulations to the restaurants across the electorate of Newtown that were recently honored in the 2017 Good Food Guide Awards.   

NSW Liberal Government Guts Biodiversity Protections

Today the NSW Government pushed through amendments to biodiversity legislation that will make land clearing easier, reduce biodiversity protections, and change the way threatened species are managed, reducing protections. Read our contribution to the debate below.   

Liberal Government Guts the Independent Commission Against Corruption

Today the NSW Liberal Government rushed through legislation that will diminish the independence of the Independent Commission Against Corruption. Read our speech defending ICAC.   

Will the NSW Government Abolish No Grounds Evictions?

Today we called on the NSW Government to abolish no grounds evictions and to support legislation to improve housing affordability.   

Climate Bill 2016 Speech

The Greens’ Climate Change Bill 2016 creates a framework that requires the New South Wales Government to consider the impacts of global warming in every policy decision. The Bill was first brought to the NSW Parliament last year by Greens MLC Jan Barham. It was introduced to the Legislative Assembly by the Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP, to continue the long and strong tradition of The Greens leading the Parliament on climate change action.

Community Recognition: Redfern All Blacks

Today in Parliament we acknowledged the achievements of the Redfern All Blacks rugby league football club.   

NSW Must Stop Land Clearing and New Coal Mines to Meet 2050 Emissions Target

We welcome the Baird Government's 2050 net zero emissions target announcement and we call on the Government to put an end to land clearing, and to veto approval of new coal mines in NSW.   

Community Recognition: Canteen

Today we acknowledged the incredible work of Canteen supporting young people with cancer.   

Latest WestConnex Changes Show Urgent Need for Inquiry

Member for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex Jenny Leong MP, is again calling on the Premier to immediately step in to halt all WestConnex works until an independent inquiry can be undertaken, as the Roads Minister announces further changes to the $16.8 billion dollar project on the run. "With this latest announcement of WestConnex changes there's some good news and some bad news, but one thing is very clear - the Roads Minister is making it up as he goes", she said. "The good news for Camperdown – and for the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the University of Sydney - is that the exit/entry ramps have been scrapped with the M4/M5 tunnel link being moved further west. 

Greens in Parliament: Supporting Electric and Hydrogen Fuel, and Improvements to Rental Bond Services

Today the Greens supported measures to improve the uptake of electric and Hydrogen powered vehicles, and supported changes to make lodging rental bonds easier and more transparent for renters.   

Greens in Parliament: Changes to Compulsory Acquisition Process Inadequate

Today we acknowledged the community pressure that has forced the Baird Government to take action on the unfair compulsory acquisition process, and called on the Government to take further steps to ensure residents whose houses are compulsorily acquired are treated fairly.   

Baird Government's 4am Attack on Public Assets

At 4am this morning the NSW Liberal Government snuck through legislation making it easier to sell our parks and public assets to developers. This underhanded behavior represents a new low for a Government hell bent on privatisation at all costs.   

Community Recognition: Angie Ballard

Today in Parliament we celebrated the fantastic achievement of Paralympian and Camperdown resident Angie Ballard.  

Local Sports Grants Available - applications open until 11 November

Applications for the Local Sport Grant Program are open until this Friday 11 November. $50,000 is available for clubs and associations in the Electorate of Newtown for Sport Development, Community Sport Events, Sport Access and Facility Development. 

Newtown MP Joins Campaign To Improve the Maligned 370 Route

Published in Central Sydney, 2 November 2016 The campaign to bring the “worst bus in Australia” into line has amped up, with a state MP launching her own bid. Last month, Central Sydney exposed the 370 route — which runs between Leichhardt and Coogee via Glebe and Newtown — as one of the worst in the state.

Affordable Housing and Appropriate Support Services Key to Addressing Homelessness in NSW

The Greens NSW have responded to the NSW Government's Foundations for Change – Homelessness in NSW discussion paper. The submission from The Greens recognises that action is required at all levels of government to guarantee access to adequate, affordable and appropriate housing to all members for our community and to ensure that appropriate support services are available to address the systemic and personal issues that often result in homelessness.

Inclusionary zoning a key part of the housing affordability puzzle

NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing Jenny Leong MP welcomes long overdue attention to inclusionary zoning as a means to address the housing affordability crisis in Sydney. However she warns that scrutiny is needed to ensure that it is not used as an excuse to give developers free reign on density, with no consideration of community needs. “Requiring a percentage of affordable dwellings to be part of any new significant development is an important part of the puzzle when it comes to addressing the housing affordability crisis” she says.

WestConnex evictions and arrests

Last week residents and protesters fighting WestConnex in Newtown and St. Peters faced off police at a drilling site and conducted a vigil as a Campbell St resident was forced to leave her home as one of the last remaining in that street due to WestConnex compulsory acquisitions.  On Friday Oct 21, the company preparing the plan for the M4/M5 (Stage 3 WestConnex tunnel), AECOM, called the police and riot squad to remove about 30 locals who'd gathered on Holmwood Street, Newtown to protest against their impending exploratory drilling.  

Greens Newtown MP Condemns WestConnex Arrests

Reports that Police have arrested three residents taking part in nonviolent direct action at Holmwood St in Newtown today are cause for serious concern for our community. Member for Newtown and spokesperson on WestConnex Jenny Leong MP says that people have a right to engage in peaceful protest. “Local residents were peacefully protesting at the site when contractors shamefully built a fence around them. It’s not the first time we’ve seen dodgy tactics like this used by private contractors doing the Baird government’s dirty business,” she said.

Family and Domestic Violence Leave

The Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP joined the discussion on Domestic Violence Leave in the NSW Parliament.  Women attempting to escape family violence situations often face additional hardships if they don’t have the support they need from their workplaces. It is important that paid domestic violence leave is in place to provide support for the thousands of women who find themselves in family violence situations every year.

Greens in Parliament: Domestic Violence Leave

Today we added our voice to calls to make domestic violence leave a universal workplace entitlement. 

Greens Oppose Privatisation of NSW Prison Education Services

Today we stood up in Parliament to oppose the Baird Governments privatisation of prison education services.   

Greens MP Objects to Hanson Comparison

Today in NSW Parliament, during a debate on public housing, the National’s Member for Myall Lakes Stephen Bromhead implied The Greens were “a lot like Pauline Hanson and the One Nation Party”. Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP says that the comparison was nothing short of insulting.

More Public Housing Desperately Needed in NSW

We need urgent funding to ensure the 60,000 people sitting on the waiting list for public housing in NSW can be placed in homes.   

Speech: NSW Container Deposit Scheme

After a successful and long-running community campaign, legislation to establish a container deposit scheme in NSW has come to Parliament. The scheme will have a positive impact on waste management in NSW. Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP joined the debate. A full transcript of her speech can be found below.

Greens in Parliament: Container Deposit Scheme

Read our speech in parliament supporting legislation that will finally introduce a container deposit scheme in NSW.   

Baird's compulsory acquisition overhaul too little too late

Today’s announcement from Premier Baird regarding the government’s compulsory acquisitions process is well short of offering landowners and residents a fair process, according to Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP. “Community pressure on the Baird Government has forced it to respond to a multitude of serious and legitimate concerns and I congratulate those who’ve worked so hard to get action on this issue. “While I welcome the Premier’s and Minister Perrottet’s long overdue statements on reforming the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act, we need to be clear that what has been announced today does not address the major concern of hundreds of people undergoing compulsory acquisitions right now.

Sydney Park trees saved by WestConnex protest camp - for now

The #SaveSydneyPark community camp has successfully put a halt to unauthorised tree felling by WestConnex in Sydney Park, as work on the Euston Road works site was stopped today. NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP has congratulated the efforts of the thousands of people who were a part of this nonviolent direct action to protect the award-winning and much-loved park. "Were it not for the clear display of strength Baird’s private contractors would have gotten away with destroying many large trees and bulldozing an area of land that is owned by the City of Sydney council and over which they had no approval," she said.

NSW Treasurer fails to rule out Serco involvement in public housing

In response to a question from NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP, the NSW Treasurer has failed to rule out allowing global corporation Serco from profiting from public housing in NSW. Serco are infamous for their operation of Australian detention centres, which have been the subject of many complaints of human rights breaches.

The Worst Bus in Australia: It's Time to Fix the 370

Read our speech in Parliament on the much maligned 370 bus.   

National Art School Petition: Greens Support NAS Independence

Today the NSW Liberal Government ignored 13,000 petitioners calling to keep the National Art School Independent and properly funded. Read our speech supporting the community and standing up for this vital institution.   

Community Recognition: YFoundations

Today we acknowledged the amazing work of YFoundations in supporting young people who are at risk of and experiencing homelessness.  

Will Detention Center Operator Serco be Allowed to Run Public Housing in NSW?

Today we asked the Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian if Serco, the company that operates Australia's inhumane refugee detention centers, will be prevented from profiting from public housing in NSW.   

Greens Stand with the Community Opposing NSW Liberal Government Agenda

The NSW Liberal Government is doing away with due process, good governance, transparency and accountability, and ignoring the will of the people. The Greens stand with the community in demanding better from our elected Government.   

Protestival for Sydney Park

Published in City Hub, 5 October 2016 By Jordan Fermanis On Saturday October 1, protestors and partygoers descended upon Sydney Park in what was billed as a ‘protestival’. The protestival was organised by the WestCONnex Action Group and Reclaim the Streets. The protestival came together with only a weeks notice. It commenced at 1pm, where music acts kept crowds entertained until 6pm. The event was held not far from where WestConnex protestors have set up a tent blockade which has been running for almost three weeks.

Hounded By Police

Published in the Central Sydney Magazine, 5 October 2016 By Heather McNab Revealed: Drug dogs sniff out troubling trend for Redfern RESIDENTS in Redfern are more likely to be targeted by drug sniffer dogs than neighbouring suburbs after revelations the area is among the highest for searches that come up empty-handed. Figures released under a Greens’ Freedom of Information request show that in the last two years, police performed 1313 searches in the area – far more than the Newtown, Surry Hills or Kings Cross police commands.

Why Our Community Camped Out to Save Sydney Park

Published in the South Sydney Herald, October 2016 This stand of trees on Euston Road next to Sydney Park has been earmarked for destruction to make way for WestConnex. Eventually the Baird government will take 14,000 square metres of the park and 350 trees including all those along the park side of Euston Road and Campbell Road as well as those along Sydney Park Road.

Keep Our Schools Safe Schools

Tamara Smith, Member for Ballina and NSW Greens spokesperson for education today spoke in support of the NSW Safe Schools Coalition Program. 'It is astonishing that we have people petitioning NSW parliament, saying that they do not want schools to be safe for all students that attend them. Surely everyone would agree that our schools should be safe, supportive and inclusive for all young people,' said Ms Smith.

Sydney Park Protest Camp Stops Bulldozers

  Community members and local anti-Westconnex campaigners were joined by Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Greens MP for Newtown, Jenny Leong, on Monday morning Sept 19 and stopped the first bulldozer destroying parts of Sydney Park. A protest campsite was established which was later raided at 3am by the Redfern police and WestConnex who pulled out the protestors who had been previously assured that they would not be moved during the night.  However, the camp remains and is growing as more people join the campaign to Stop WestConnex bulldozers here. Join them and sign up at the protest camp on Euston Road, Alexandria (adjacent to Sydney Park) or Call our office on (02) 9517 2800 or email for more information.

Greens Committed to Vibrant and Violence-Free Sydney

Recognising the threat to Sydney’s vibrant night-life from the Baird Liberal Government, the NSW Greens have established a new Night-time Culture and Economy portfolio. This has been announced today in line with the release of the Callinan Review report. Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP, will take carriage of the new portfolio and continue to work closely with key stakeholders to keep Sydney safe and open.

Greens Back Gayby Baby Toolkit

The Greens have attacked moves by the NSW government to remove the Gayby Baby School Action Toolkit from state schools. "The NSW Education Minister has pulled a valuable resource that his own department has supported, seemingly because he was told about it by the media," said the Australian Greens LGBTIQ spokesperson Senator Janet Rice.

Community Investment in Solar Powered Beer is a Small Step Towards Big Change

Published in the South Sydney Herald, September 2016 Recently, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, over 150 people from across Sydney gathered to launch a unique solar energy project that brings together the beer brewing expertise of Young Henrys with the solar energy knowhow of Pingala. It’s a special collaboration – not just because it will deliver ‘solar powered beer’ – but because it allows community members to come together to invest in small-scale renewable energy.

NSW Government Assurances re WestConnex Asbestos Concerns Ring Hollow

The Greens say recent revelations from a whistleblower regarding asbestos contamination in WestConnex road fill add to the alarming list of asbestos concerns about this project which have been made to the NSW Premier Mike Baird and Roads Minister Duncan Gay. “The number of serious concerns raised over the past 12 months regarding asbestos handling and safety precautions on the WestConnex project should have raised red flags for Duncan Gay,” said the Australian Greens spokesperson for transport and infrastructure Senator Janet Rice.  “However, Minister Gay has continuously disparaged or rebuffed claims from residents and from Jenny Leong, NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex, that WestConnex has been acting outside proper health and safety protocols. 

Baird's Double Deception on WestConnex Acquisition Process

Given the recent revelations concerning the Government's responses to the Russell Review of the compulsory acquisition process, it now is clear that the Premier failed to act on two key reports which were highly critical of the government’s compulsory acquisition process and functioning of the Valuer General's office. The first dates back to May 2013 when the Report of the Joint Standing Committee on the Office of the Valuer General, chaired by Liberal MP Matt Kean was released. This committee made 29 recommendations which included a number criticizing the fairness and openness of the land acquisition process and the functions of the Valuer General’s office, but the government did nothing to make the process fairer. Mike Baird was Treasurer at this time when the Liberals embarked on hundreds of acquisitions for infrastructure projects including Westconnex, NorthConnex, Sydney Metro and the Sydney light rail, knowing the process regarding property valuations by the Valuer General was not transparent and was unfair in a number of ways. Then in February 2014, the government received the Review from David Russell, SC, which was commissioned in 2012 and included guiding principles on how compulsory acquisitions should be dealt with by government.  

Community Win on Surry Hills Light Rail Stop

Transport for NSW has announced that Wimbo Park in Surry Hills will be ‘future proofed’ to allow for an additional light rail stop on the CBD and South East Light Rail route. The announcement follows a local community campaign calling for a second Surry Hills stop, to increase accessibility and to bring that stretch of the route in-line with the rest of the project.

Standing strong on Safe Schools

Greens NSW MP and acting spokesperson on Sexuality & Gender Identity Dr Mehreen Faruqi has said that the reported conservative push against Safe Schools by a NSW Liberals MP (Daily Telegraph, 23 August 2016) is another example of unwarranted attacks and scare tactics being used on an important education program.

Sydney Uni to Axe Arts Staff and Courses

The NSW Greens oppose the University of Sydney's announcement that up to 50 jobs will go from the Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) as part of the incorporation of the college into the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.  This cut comes after students, staff and supporters successfully lobbied against the earlier plan to merge the SCA with the College of Fine Arts (COFA) at the University of NSW. The SCA will be relocated from the present site in Rozelle at Callan Park to the Camperdown/Darlington campus to 'ensure financial viability' and the university has indicated that the structure and delivery of the current curriculum will be 'streamlined'.  It's proposed that the Jewellery and Object major and Ceramics and Glassmaking components of the Sculpture major in the Bachelor Visual Arts (BVA) will be discontinued for students commencing from 2018. The Greens believe that these staff cuts and proposed cuts to the arts practice content of the BVA, are a cynical cost cutting excercise which will reduce options for students and have a negative impact on the future of our arts industry.  Major universities such as the University of Sydney should offer comprehensive arts degrees and not cut funding and marginalise arts education. 

Ending Lockouts is Key to Rejuvenating Sydney

The release of the government’s Sydney Night-Time Economy Roundtable Action Plan is a move in the right direction, but doesn’t address the real problems facing Sydney’s nightlife and cultural industries.

Premier Admits Shocking Acquisition Process But Leaves Hundreds Out Of The Fix

Premier Baird admitted today in Question Time that the WestConnex acquisition process has not been ‘anywhere near as good as it should have been’. The Premier highlighted that he has appointed Michael Pratt, the Customer Service Commissioner in the Department of Premier and Cabinet, to oversee a new process that will ensure that those affected by the Stage 3 acquisitions will get a more generous and caring ‘world’s best practice’ process.

WestConnex Audit Submission

After ongoing calls for an audit of WestConnnex by the public and The Greens, The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) is reviewing the circumstances surrounding the federal funding and concessional loan to WestConnex.  The submission by Senators Janet Rice, Lee Rhiannon and Jenny Leong MP is here.  The objective of this audit is to assess whether appropriate steps were taken to protect the Commonwealth's interests and obtain value for money in respect to the $3.5 billion in Commonwealth funding committed to the NSW Government for the WestConnex project. The Greens believe that the decision to commit public funds to the WestConnex project was premature and motivated by political gain and that the federal government's allocation of public funds to WestConnex was made without any real impartial or independent assessment according to the proper processes and good governance protocols that were in place.

The future of Erskineville and St Peters stations

After lobbying by local residents and Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong, Transport for NSW has announced that Erskineville and St Peters stations will remain open during construction of the Sydney Metro, in a statement given to the Sydney Central newspaper. Erskineville and St Peters are currently on the Bankstown line, which is being re-purposed to become part of the privately operated Sydney Metro line. All other stations on the line will be closed during construction of the Metro, with trains being replaced by buses for years.

IWC Administrator Comes Up Against WestConnex Arrogance

The government-appointed Administrator of the Inner West Council, Richard Pearson, admitted at last night’s council meeting that his approaches to the Sydney Motorway Corporation have been met with complete intransigence, with the SMC effectively stonewalling Council.  “The SMC has shown clearly that they are not prepared to negotiate in any way on even the most basic issues of resident’s safety. The Administrator stated publicly last night that he was extremely disappointed with their responses, and that in fact so far he’s got ‘nought out of ten’ on Council requests. This is appalling but not surprising,” said Greens MP for Balmain, Jamie Parker. “Baird’s own hand-picked Administrator is being bulldozed - just like the residents of the Inner West - by this private company, set up by the Liberal Coalition government to ram through the tollroad at any cost and to operate outside the normal planning requirements of local and State government.”  “The SMC has brazenly refused to apply to the RMS regarding Council’s proposal for a School Zone along Campbell Street in St Peters, because it is concerned that this may slow traffic along the street.  This shows a shocking disregard for our children’s safety.” 

NSW Government indicates a shift on lockout laws

The NSW Greens oppose blanket lockout laws across Sydney’s CBD, Oxford St and Kings Cross, calling instead for the implementation of targeted measures that address problems of alcohol-fuelled violence. This week the NSW Deputy Premier Troy Grant has indicated that the government may be shifting their hardline position, which has been in strong support of the lockouts, due to evidence that the 1:30am lockouts are not having an impact on violence and crime.

Moore Park Master Plan unveiled

The Moore Park ‘Master Plan’ has been released, mapping out the future uses and management of the parklands. Moore Park is part of Centennial Parklands, the green lungs of our inner city. With 60,000 new residents forecast to be living in the suburbs immediately adjacent to Moore Park over the next 20 years, demand on greenspace and recreational space will only increase. It’s urgent that we put in place protections and sustainable management practices on our existing parklands.

WestConnex Rozelle tunnel plan shifting the road chaos

Today’s confirmation of an additional one kilometre of tunnel under Victoria Road, Rozelle shows how planning for WestConnex is a shambles, says Greens Member for Balmain, Jamie Parker. “This add on tunnel announcement is nothing more than a half-baked response to the traffic chaos that will occur around the ANZAC bridge,” he said.   “The Sydney Motorway Corporation and the RMS know from the traffic modelling that they commissioned for the M4 East, that that the impact on Victoria Road and the ANZAC Bridge would be gridlock with or without the proposed Rozelle Interchange. 

A Bleak Future for NSW Renters

NSW Fair Trading has released the Statutory Review of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010  in response to the 210 public submissions that suggested improvements to NSW rental laws earlier this year.  The report signals a bleak future for NSW renters.

Sydney Metro: Concerns for the Newtown Electorate

The Sydney Metro will be a privately operated metro line running from Chatswood to Bankstown. The southern part of the route from the CBD to Bankstown will replace the current Bankstown line on the Sydney Trains network – a functional line that is now in public hands. The Bankstown line includes two train stations within the Electorate of Newtown – Erskineville and St Peters. The construction of the Metro will have significant impacts on services at those stations, as well as on services at nearby Sydenham and Marrickville stations that are also on the Bankstown line.  There will also be impacts on residents who live near the Marrickville ‘dive tunnel’ that will join the existing terrestrial train line to the new underground section of the Metro. A new metro station will be built in Waterloo, where around 2000 existing public housing residences will be demolished to make way for a large residential development. There will be impacts on residents around that area too.

Inner West Council to maintain opposition to WestConnex

Some good news for our community from the Inner West Council regarding WestConnex. The Inner West Council Administrator has included a major item on WestConnex on the agenda for the  2nd meeting which  will be held on Tuesday July 5 at 7pm at the  Ashfield  Service Centre, 260 Liverpool Road, Ashfield.  The Administrator’s Minute (see full text below), states that the Inner West Council will formally adopt a position of continued opposition in the ‘strongest terms’ to the WestConnex project,  which is in line with the position of the previous three councils, Marrickville, Ashfield and Leichhardt which have been amalgamated.  If you would like to speak on this item you are encouraged to preregister,  which will also mean you get a seat in the meeting.  You can pre-register up until 2pm of the day of the Meeting, via the Pre-Registration Form.  All those who have pre-registered will speak before those that haven’t pre-registered. 

NSW Affordable Housing Fund Actually Funding WestConnex

A new analysis of the NSW budget reveals the Government's much-promoted "Affordable Housing Fund" is actually being directed to road projects, including the contentious WestConnex tollway.  The analysis was revealed by peak housing body Shelter NSW. It shows that rather than paying for housing, the $262 million fund will pay for roads, with $140 million for a WestConnex off ramp at Lidcombe.  

Local students lose out with closure of Petersham TAFE

Last week's budget revealed plans by the Baird Liberal Government to shut down the Petersham TAFE West St Campus. The facility will be turned into a distance learning school for the Department of Education, a move that will have no benefit for inner west residents.

Art School Merger Risks Callan Park Heritage and Threatens Specialist Focus

The University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney have signed a Heads of Agreement for the Sydney College of Arts (SCA) to merge into UNSW Art and Design.   The college at Callan Park, Rozelle, is set to transfer to UNSW Art & Design, with students set to complete their SCA courses at the UNSW campus in Paddington.  

Breaking Down the 2016 NSW Budget

The 2016 NSW Budget brings bad news for public transport, housing affordability, TAFE, the Arts and our environment. Here are some facts on where our public funds are being allocated.

Budget fails to deliver right infrastructure for Inner West

The largest single Roads and Transport Infrastructure budget item in the NSW Budget is WestConnex with $2.9 billion earmarked this financial year, with nearly $800 million for planning and pre-construction costs.  "The Liberal government is committing billions to the wasteful and polluting WestConnex project but has failed yet again to deliver simple public transport improvements like accessible lifts at Redfern, Stanmore or Petersham railway stations, says Greens MP for Balmain, Jamie Parker.  “The Liberal government is continuing its wasteful expenditure on this destructive 33 km tollroad which won’t solve Sydney’s congestion problems.

MPs Back RPA Staff Call for Child Care

Greens Member for Balmain Jamie Parker MP and Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP are supporting RPA staff who are calling on hospital administration to ensure they have on-going access to childcare. Last week parents using the hospital’s Lucas Street Child Care Centre were told it would be demolished to make way for a staff car park. The State Members for Balmain and Newtown are backing a petition that demands access to both parking and child care.

A Message from Jenny: It's Happening!

From Jenny: It's happening! In the next couple of weeks my partner Kristian and I will be having a baby. So starting today I will be taking a few months of maternity leave. While that means that I personally won't be in parliament, at local events, or in the media for a while, I can assure you that the work done in our office and in the NSW Parliament will continue.

NSW Parliament Pays Tribute to John Kaye

Today NSW Parliament paid tribute to the late John Kaye. You can read our contribution here.   

Greens NSW Submission to the Draft Strata Regulation

The NSW Greens have made a submission on the draft strata regulation released by the NSW Government. The regulation gives detail to the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015 and Strata Schemes Management Act 2015.

Greens MPs defend elected local government representation and the right to peaceful protest

Jamie Parker MP, Member for Balmain, and Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown, issued the following statement:   On Tuesday May 24, 2016 a peaceful protest was held at the former Marrickville Council Chambers where the state government-appointed Administrator was to conduct the first meeting of the Inner West Council.   There had been an overwhelmingly response from residents in our electorates since the government announced on May 12 that it had sacked the elected councillors and forced the merger of Leichhardt, Marrickville and Ashfield councils. For the next 16 months, when 185,000 inner west residents will be without elected local government representation, the state government will push ahead with major projects like WestConnex, Parramatta Road Urban Transformation and Bays Precinct - each of which have significant impact on our inner west communities.   We attended the meeting as local Members of Parliament to stand with the communities we represent. Also present were former local Councillors and former Mayors. Hundreds of local residents attended the meeting and, while their opposition to the sacking of their elected councils was vocal, the vast majority acted reasonably and respectfully. Of course, we do not condone in any way spitting or aggressive behaviour. Those types of actions have no place in peaceful protest.

Vic Apology for Historical Homosexual Convictions Recognises State Responsibility

Member for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson on Sexuality and Gender Diversity Jenny Leong MP has welcomed the apology made by the Victorian Government to people with historical convictions for homosexual acts.

Greens call for halt to all WestConnex work and funding pending federal audit

With the announcement by the Australian National Audit Office of their intention to audit WestConnex,  NSW Greens WestConnex Spokesperson Jenny Leong MP has called for an immediate halt to all work and funding of this controversial project.

Baird Government Sacks Local Councils

In a move that completely undermines our local democracy, Mike Baird has pushed a head with his council amalgamation agenda. Mayors and councillors from 42 councils across the state have been sacked, including those from our local Marrickville, Leichhardt and Ashfield Councils.

The Fight For The Right To Party Heads to Parliament

More than one hundred Sydneysiders joined the Member for Newtown and NSW Greens acting spokesperson on Liquor Laws Jenny Leong MP in the NSW Parliament yesterday for the debate on the petition to keep Sydney safe and open. The petition was signed by nearly 12,000 NSW residents who agree that our streets should be safer, but don’t agree that the way to do this is to lock people out and shut down our nightlife.

Speech on the Petition to Keep Sydney Safe and Open

More than one hundred Sydneysiders joined the Member for Newtown and NSW Greens acting spokesperson on Liquor Laws Jenny Leong MP for the parliamentary debate on the petition to keep Sydney safe and open.

Greens Condemn Baird's Council Sacking

Greens MPs and local inner west councilors condemn Premier Baird’s forced amalgamation of Leichhardt, Marrickville and Ashfield councils stating that this action reaffirms this government’s absolute disregard for community concerns and its ruthless program of reducing services to NSW residents.  Jenny Leong MP Member for Newtown “This is the Liberal agenda - a vision for government tailored to developers and large private interests, at the expense of community voices and services that support the most vulnerable. The sacking of local councilors and the imposition of administrators until September next year will mean our community who are facing massive threats from WestConnex and Urban Growth will be without local representation at this crucial time. Jamie Parker MP, Member for Balmain “Make no mistake - the sacking of Councils is about cutting jobs and services. It is about removing what limited voice remains for communities to stand up to over development and to projects like WestConnex which will decimate our communities.

Keep Sydney Open: Petition

Today we presented a petition signed by more than 12,000 people calling on the NSW Liberal Government to keep Sydney safe and open.   

Greens in Parliament: Domestic and Personal Violence

The Greens are committed to ending domestic and family violence. Read our speech supporting legislation to protect and support victims and their families.   

10,000+ People Bring Keep Sydney Open Petition to Parliament

Almost 12,000 people have signed a petition calling on the NSW Government to recognise that the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross lockouts are having a damaging reputation on culture, personal freedom, business and Sydney's global reputation. The people who have signed the petition agree that our streets should be safer, but don’t agree that the way to do this is to lock people out and shut down our nightlife. NSW Greens acting spokesperson on Liquor Laws and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP has tabled the petition in Parliament. The debate is schedule for Thursday afternoon.

Speech on WestConnex Peoples Inquiry and WestConnex Federal Funding

Member for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex Jenny Leong MP reported to Parliament on the WestConnex Peoples Inquiry, where evidence presented by experts, councils and affected residents highlighted the lack of transparency, good governance and community consultation surrounding the $16.8 billion WestConnex toll road. Ms Leong also highlighted the federal funding propping up the polluting WestConnex disaster. The recent Federal budget sawthe supposedly public transport-loving Prime Minister's Government set aside another $300 million for WestConnex, which is in addition to the $1.15 billion already gifted to the project.

NSW gets a Container Deposit Scheme

After a decades-long campaign, NSW residents will be refunded 10c for recycling plastic bottles and drink cans. This will have a huge impact on reducing litter and the plastics that pollute our marine environment. This win comes thanks to the thousands of campaigners across the state who have written to Members of Parliament in support of proven container deposit legislation, including many residents in the Electorate of Newtown. 

The People's Westconnex Inquiry

Last Friday we hosted the People's Westconnex Inquiry in NSW Parliament. Today we drew the Government's attention to the testimonies of health professionals, council transport planners, academics, residents, community campaigners and members of Parliament who all agree that Westconnex is bad for Sydney.   

Peoples WestConnex Inquiry Hears Damming Evidence

NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP, today chaired the Peoples WestConnex Inquiry in the NSW Parliament. The Inquiry seated close to 100 participants and heard presentations from 20 expert speakers as well as multiple testimonies from affected members of the community who took the opportunity to put their views against WestConnex on the public record. “The purpose of this Peoples Inquiry was to highlight the lack of transparency, good governance and community consultation surrounding the $16.8 billion WestConnex tollroad and today’s Inquiry exposed many of the extremely problematic impacts that this project will have”, said Ms Leong.

Peoples WestConnex Inquiry to Expose Serious Flaws

NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP, will chair the Peoples WestConnex Inquiry in the NSW Parliament tomorrow. What:  Peoples WestConnex Inquiry Where:  NSW Parliament, Jubilee RoomWhen:  Friday 6 May 10 – 2 pm The purpose of the Peoples Inquiry is to highlight the lack of transparency, good governance and community consultation surrounding the $16.8 billion WestConnex tollroad. A number of expert speakers, community representatives and members of parliament will make presentations to the Inquiry including: Ms. Jude Page, NSW Public Health Association Mr. Mark Ely, Newtown Business Precinct Association Ms. Daisy Barham, Nature Conservation Council Members of NSW Parliament: Dr Mehreen Faruqi MP, Jamie Parker MP and Jo Haylen MP Representatives from local councils and residents’ groups Members of the public will also be provided with an opportunity to put their views on the record. A full schedule, including all speakers, is available here.

Parliamentary Speech on WestConnex Transparency

Member for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex Jenny Leong MP speaks on the Government Information (Public Access) Amendment (Sydney Motorway Corporation) Bill 2016. This bill is designed to ensure that the information held by the Sydney Motorway Corporation  - the entity created to administer the WestConnex project - is subject to freedom of information requests.

Community Recognition: South Sydney PCYC

Today in Parliament we acknowledged the important work of the South Sydney PCYC.   

Make Sydney Motorway Corporation Accountable to the Public

Sydney Motorway Corporation (SMC) is wholly owned by the NSW Government and paid for by the people of NSW, yet is neither transparent nor accountable to the people of NSW. The Greens will continue to fight for transparency and accountability when it comes to this disastrous motorway project.  

Question to the Transport Minister: Tram Stop at Wimbo Park

Today we asked Transport Minister Andrew Constance to consider a tram stop at Wimbo Park in Surry Hills to ensure good accessibility for the community.   

Community Recognition: Cat Protection Society

Today we acknowledged the important work carried out by staff and volunteers at the Cat Protection Society of NSW Inc.  

Community Recognition: BOLD Book Launch

Today we drew the attention of Parliament to the recently released BOLD anthology, a collection of stories written by older lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people.  

Pokie Reforms Not Good Enough

Today we called on the NSW Government to consider the harmful effects that the pokies industry has on our communities.   

Question to the Deputy Premier: Lockouts Review

How can the public have confidence that the current review of the lockout laws will be comprehensive and impartial when the risk-based liquor licence scheme, which targets problem venues, was never implemented?  

Our Civil Liberties Are Under Attack

NSW Liberal Government pushes through legislation that undermines the fundamental principles of the criminal justice system, including the right to presumption of innocence, the right to a fair trial and protections against double punishment.  

Keepin’ It Weird In Newtown

Published in City Hub, 28 April 2016 “Don’t just take pictures, come and join us!” protesters implored to onlookers as the ‘Keep Newtown Weird & Safe’ Reclaim the Streets rally marched down King Street on a dark Saturday afternoon. A mix of beards, dresses and dreadlocks paraded as mobile speakers blasting tunes kept the rally in step.

Licensing Scheme Delayed Then Shelved: Baird Govt Fails to Make Repeat Liquor Offenders Pay

NSW Deputy Premier Troy Grant has quietly suspended plans to charge additional licensing fees for venues that have a poor compliance rate with the states liquor laws, with big Sydney venues including The Ivy, Home Nightclub Tunnel nightclub and World Bar all set to benefit. The fees, which were part of the package of reforms included 1:30am lockouts and last drinks, were due to be implemented in March 2016. This is despite being announced in January 2014, and promised to be implemented in the first part of that year.

Greens call for civil disobedience to stop WestConnex in light of latest planning approval

NSW Greens spokesperson for WestConnex Jenny Leong MP has condemned the approval of the New M5 Stage 2 plans for WestConnex.  Labeling the process a sham, she will be conducting an urgent People’s WestConnex Inquiry and is encouraging the community to engage in civil disobedience to stop this private tollway disaster. “The Baird government’s approval of this next stage of WestConnex is a slap in the face for the community who have tried to engage in good faith with the planning process but have been ignored at every turn,” she said.

Greens NSW Submission to the Sydney Lockouts Review

The NSW Government is in the process of reviewing the Liquor Amendment Act 2014, the legislation that brought in the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross lockouts two years ago. The NSW Greens have made a submission to the independent review, outlining our case for repealing the current laws in favour of innovative, integrated policies that reduce alcohol related violence without negatively impacting on Sydney’s creative communities and night-time economy.

Media Release: Local residents arrested trying to protect Haberfield homes from WestConnex

Media Release April 16, 2016 Two Haberfield residents were arrested this morning for occupying a home in Haberfield which is one of hundreds to be bulldozed by WestConnex.  The residents, Sharon Laura and Bill Holliday, had joined other locals in the home in an effort to stop the demolition of homes for the highly controversial tollroad.  “Given the way the Baird government is ramming through this highly flawed project despite the masses of evidence showing that it won’t work and that it will be a social, environment and  economic disaster, the community has had to resort to this to protect their homes and environment, said Jenny Leong, Greens MP and spokesperson on WestConnex. “Communities have a right to non violent resistance and to insist that the government spends our money on projects that are sustainable, clean and economically viable  - WestConnex is none of these  - it’s just a cashcow for developers and tollroad operators, said Greens candidate for Grayndler, Jim Casey who joined local residents and No WestConnex and WestConnex Action group campaigners in front the home that will be demolished.

Greens Welcome Police Integrity Commission Investigation into Police Misconduct

MEDIA RELEASE - April 14, 2016 The Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP has welcomed today’s statement from the Police Integrity Commission announcing Operation Colchester, which will investigate the matters referred to them in relation to reports that serving members of the NSW Police Force engaged in online racist and sexist harassment of Ms Leong as a Member of Parliament. “After being presented with evidence that suggested that several employees of the NSW Police Force had posted offensive racist and sexist comments about me on facebook, we referred the matter to the Police Integrity Commission. “We welcome the commitment from the Police Integrity Commission to investigate whether there has been any police misconduct. This is a very serious matter and we are pleased to see it is being responded to accordingly. “Our office will work with the Police Integrity Commission and assist with its investigations as required. “While the investigation is being undertaken, we will not be commenting further on this matter specifically. However, we will continue our work representing the people of the electorate of Newtown and advancing the Greens’ vision for a more just, more sustainable and more equitable society. That includes our ongoing work to see a repeal of the ineffective NSW drug dog detection program in NSW. “I would like to thank the many members of the community who have expressed their personal support to us since these issues have been exposed. The outpouring of concern, care and commitment to seeing an end to racism and sexism in our community has been truly heartening in the face of such vile online abuse.”

Media Reports of Police Involvement in Online Racist and Sexist attacks on Greens MP

On Sunday 10 April Fairfax reported that serving officers in the NSW Police Force have been trolling and harassing NSW Greens MP Jenny Leong on social media.

MEDIA ALERT: Press Conference on Police Trolling MP

Greens MPs Jenny Leong and David Shoebridge will be holding an 11:00am press conference to discuss the disturbing evidence of NSW police trolling Jenny Leong's Facebook site.

Marrickville Council Refusal Another Blow to Construction of WestConnex

Following a motion moved by Greens Councillor Sylvie Ellsmore, Marrickville Council last night refused a request by WestConnex sub-contractors to access local roads to install underground electricity mains for the proposed St Peters Interchange. Greens NSW WestConnex spokesperson and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong said: “Clr Ellsmore and Marrickville Council last night showed strong solidarity with all the members of the community opposing the WestConnex tollroad project. “Residents and community groups made over 12,000 submissions concerning the New M5 Stage 2 WestConnex plans and most universally condemn this project. Many call for the St Peters component of the works to be completely reshaped. “The only reason contractors would be applying to dig up streets and lay cables before any formal planning approval has been granted is if the Baird Liberal Government has no intention of genuinely considering the submissions from the community about this stage of the project,” she said. 

Department of Planning hides landslide of opposition to WestConnex

The Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP has expressed serious concern that the 12,866 submissions against the WestConnex New M5 EIS have effectively been hidden on the Department of Planning’s website. “This is just the latest example of the NSW government just going through the motions when it comes to WestConnex oversight and planning. Pretending there is a real consultation and genuine dialogue and engagement with the community and civil society on this $16.8 billion polluting private tollroad is unacceptable.  “The planning assessment process has been farcical – and raises serious concerns about the pressure being put on the Department of Planning to fulfill the Roads Minister’s arrogant and misguided road agenda.

M5 Environmental Impact Statement: Thousands of Submissions Show Depth of Community Concern

Today I drew the attention of parliament to the 12,866 submissions lodged by the community and NGOs and highlight the serious concerns about Westconnex held by the community.   

Question Time: Affordable Housing

Today we asked the Minister for Planning Rob Stokes what the Government is doing to ensure affordable housing is prioritised.   

Greens Support New Measures Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence

Today we supported new legislation to ensure apprehended domestic violence orders are recognised across state lines.   

Member for Newtown Jenny Leong on the Northcott Estate

Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong has spoken about the challenges faced by public housing residents in the Northcott Estate in Surry Hills in Parliament. For a number of years, residents and staff have been raising serious concerns about escalating crime activity in the area, and a recent violent stabbing has caused distress and concern.

Free Tickets to NSW Senior's Week Gala 2016

Our office has tickets available for the NSW Senior's Week Gala Concerts, which will be held at the Allphones Arena at Olympic Park on April 5th and 6th. The tickets are for seniors that live within the electorate of Newtown.

Greens Call For End To Failed Sniffer Dog Program

The Greens’ bill to end the use of drug detection dogs in a public place without a warrant came to the NSW Parliament this morning. Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP delivered a speech outlining the Green’s opposition to the costly, ineffective, intimidatory and discriminatory use of sniffer dogs.

Greens MP Jenny Leong Speaks on Sniffer Dog Bill

Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP has introduced the Greens' bill to repeal the use of NSW drug detection dogs without a warrant, with a speech that called on the Government to recognise that the program is a failure.

Greens Stand with Community Against Sydney Harbour National Park Development

Today we stood with the more than 12,000 community members who signed the petition opposing the Gap Bluff Hospitality development proposal in the Sydney Harbour National Park.   

Greens Introduce Bill to Abolish Drug Dog Program

In New South Wales the use of sniffer dogs by police on public transport, at festivals and in bars is not about effective drug control. It is about police intimidation and harassment. Today we introduced legislation into Parliament to abolish this harmful program.   

Member For Newtown Jenny Leong on the Right To Protest

Yesterday the Shooters Party joined with the NSW Government to ram through laws that could see protestors jailed for up to 7 years for protecting  land, water, climate and communities. The laws are yet another attack on our civil liberties by the Baird Government.

Legal cloud over toxic waste handling at WestConnex site

Marrickville Council voted on Tuesday night to release confidential legal advice which suggests that WestConnex has been operating for months without any legal approval, including in the handling of toxic waste and asbestos.  Greens Marrickville Councillors and Greens WestConnex spokesperson JennyLeong MP have called on the Minister to issue an immediate stop work or to produce evidence of the legal authority issued for the works and what environmental protections have been put in place.   

Greens Sniffer Dog Bill In Parliament Tomorrow

Member for Newtown Jenny Leong will bring the Greens’ Bill to end the use of drug detection dogs in a public place without a warrant to the NSW Lower House tomorrow. This is delivering on an election commitment Ms Leong made to introduce a bill to end the drug dog program with its state sanctioned harassment and intimidation if elected to the NSWParliament.

Greens in Parliament: Fuel Price Transparency

Greens support legislation making it mandatory for all petrol stations to record price changes at the bowser through an online portal that can be accessed by consumers.  

Greens Support Bill to Improve Rights of Donor-Conceived People

Read our speech supporting legislation to improve the rights of donor-conceived people.   

Northcote Public Housing Estate: Public Housing Tenants Deserve Better

Today I brought to the attention of Parliament the serious issues facing public housing tenants at the Northcote Estate. The NSW Government can and must do better.   

Liberal Government Pushes Through Draconian Anti-Protest Laws

The right to peaceful protest is a fundamental human right. Today the NSW Liberal Government pushed through laws granting police extraordinary new anti-protest powers. The Greens will always support the right to protest peacefully.   

Greens in Parliament: Police Drug-Handling Reforms

Poor management of drug exhibits by the NSW Police Force has seen officers exposed to dangerous chemicals, resulting in serious injuries in a number of cases. Today we supported reforms to police drug-handling practices in order to address this.   

Protecting Green Space in the Inner City

Many residents have contacted me understandably upset about the unnecessary destruction of the giant fig trees on ANZAC Parade.  I am very concerned about the loss of these wonderful trees, and know that many constituents in the electorate feel the same. Your emails and phone calls prompted me to make a speech raising these issues in parliament last week.

Duncan Gay, Minister for Congestion

The Sydney Morning Herald reported today that Sydney is facing increasingly slow peak hour speeds. Greens spokesperson for WestConnex, Jenny Leong MP said that the Roads Minister Duncan Gay needs to shoulder the blame. “This Roads Minister is so absorbed by his arrogant obsession with building great big dirty tollroads – like the $16.8 billion WestConnex - that he can’t see that this approach is actually causing congestion,” she said.

Community Recognition: Newtown High School

Congratulations to the Newtown High School students who have lobbied successfully for an updated policy that removes reference to gender and allows students to wear the uniform they feel most comfortable in.  

Greens Standing Up for Local Democracy

The Greens are opposed to any forced amalgamations. We support strong, local representation and, unlike this Government, we are supporters of democracy. Read our support for the petition against the forced amalgamation of Woollahra council.   

Transport Minister Given Unchecked Powers to Close Down Public Transport

Today the NSW Liberal Government granted the Transport Minister unchecked powers to close down public transport. The Greens will always stand up for effective and accessible public transport.   

Greens Welcome Government Change of Tune on Sydney Lockouts

Greens Member for Newtown and acting spokesperson on liquor laws Jenny Leong MP congratulates the strong community campaign that has seen a welcome shift in the Government’s willingness to conduct a genuine review of the Sydney lockouts.

Community Recognition: Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival

Congratulations to the Mardi Gras staff, board, members and volunteers, and each of the 170 floats and 12,500 participants who danced their way up Oxford Street at the weekend.  

Women’s Health Specialist and WestConnex Activist Celebrated as Local Women of the Year

Women’s Health Specialist Roxanne McMurray and WestConnex Activist Pauline Lockie have been recognised for their work in their communities and will be celebrated as Local Women of the Year. Each year the NSW Government recognises the outstanding contribution made by women across the state to industry, community and society. Local Women of the Year are selected by their local MPs.

Record Number of Greens MPs at Mardi Gras Parade 2016

The Greens are proud to once again be participating the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. The theme of the Greens’ float this year is ‘Transcend Bigotry, Transform our Communities’, which echoes our commitment to trans rights and equality. The Greens remain passionate supporters of full equality for LGBTIQ people in every regard.

WestConnex activist Pauline Lockie, our 2016 Local Women of the Year

WestConnex Activist Pauline Lockie has been recognised as the 2016 Newtown Electorate Local Woman of the Year.

MEDIA RELEASE: Greens Welcome NSW Police Apology to the 78ers

NSW Greens spokesperson for Sexuality and Gender Identity and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong has welcomed the apology from Superintendent Tony Crandell, on behalf of the NSW Police, for the actions of police at Sydney’s first Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in 1978. Ms Leong says “We’re pleased to see that the NSW Police have responded to the Greens call for a long-overdue apology, that amplified the community’s long-standing request for recognition of the police actions that have caused real hurt and harm.

WestConnex to decimate more of the Inner West

With detailed reports of two new WestConnex interchanges in Camperdown and Rozelle due to be released soon as part of the recent approval by Planning Minister Stokes of the M4 East,  NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex, Jenny Leong MP, called for a complete review of the project.   “Again we see this mega road tearing into the fabric of local communities bringing untenable numbers of vehicles and dangerous levels of concentrated pollution from tunnels directly onto RPA hospital and Sydney University at Camperdown.   “We will be writing urgently to the Ministers for Education and Health seeking their views on the Road Minister’s plans to deliver a massive toll road interchange right on the doorstep of the university and the Inner West’s major hospital.

Community Recognition: Australia Day Awards

Congratulations to the Australia Day Award recipients from the Newtown electorate.   

Liberals and the ALP refuse to support Greens proposal to keep Sydney CBD open and safe

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon and Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong have commented on the growing economic and cultural impacts of Sydney’s CBD and Kings Cross lock-out laws, after federal ALP and Liberal senators voted down a Greens motion encouraging the NSW government to find a better long term solution to the perceived problem.

Jenny Leong Joins Parliamentary Apology to the 78ers

The NSW Parliament has finally offered a formal and long-overdue apology to the 78ers, the participants of the first Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney on June 24, 1978. NSW Greens spokesperson for Sexuality and Gender Identity and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong made a speech that called on the NSW Police to join the Parliament and apologise for the violence and intimidation perpetrated by NSW police on that night.

Greens Call for NSW Police Apology to the 78ers

Today the NSW Parliament offered an historic apology to the 78ers, participants of Sydney’s first gay and lesbian pride marches and protests. NSW Greens spokesperson for Sexuality and Gender Identity and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong is a member of the Parliamentary Friends of LGBTI group that worked with the 78ers to have the formal apology made in Parliament. In her speech Ms Leong called on the NSW Police to join the Parliament and apologise. She has launched a petition asking Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione to issue a formal apology.

Greens in Parliament: Justice for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

Today the Greens supported legislation to remove the statute of limitations for civil claims for the victims of child sexual abuse.   

WestConnex Business Case Slammed by Independent Review

The City of Sydney’s independent review of the WestConnex Updated Business Case reveals that the decision to proceed with WestConnex is highly questionable, says NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex Jenny Leong MP. “This report by SGS Economics and Planning shows what we suspected all along, that WestConnex is a big con with the real possibility that NSW taxpayers will be exposed to the massive risks of a failed project. “It seems the real Benefit Cost Ratio is nowhere near the figure that Roads Minister Duncan Gay so confidently touted. In economic terms, this project just doesn’t add up and can’t be justified. 

Standing Up for Green Spaces

The NSW Liberal Government must end the destruction of trees in our inner-city areas. The Greens will always stand up for urban sanctuaries and green spaces.   

Waterloo Public Housing Residents' Information Meetings

Around 150 residents joined a public meeting at The Factory in Waterloo on Thursday 11th February, to voice their concerns about the future of public housing in Waterloo. The cause of concerns is the announcement by the NSW Government late last year that two thousand Waterloo public housing residences will be demolished to make way for a development built around the new metro train station.

The Alexandria Hotel Survives

In another win for the community campaign to save The Alexandria Hotel, the owner developer has discontinued his appeal in the Land and Environment Court against the City of Sydney’s interim heritage order which stopped the impending demolition of the hotel to build 28 apartments and ground-floor commercial premises.

Community Recognition: Lunar New Year

Today we brought to the attention of Parliament the invaluable contribution of organisations and communities throughout NSW who celebrate the Lunar New Year.   

Question to the Premier: Consider Alternatives to Lockouts

Our question to the Premier: does he recognise the enormous negative impact that the lockouts have had on Sydney's night-time economy and vibrant nightlife, acknowledging that there are other measures that can reduce violence and keep Sydney open?  

Greens Bring Anti- Sniffer Dog Bill Back to Parliament

Member for Newtown Jenny Leong will use the first day of NSW Parliament in 2016 to re-introduce a Greens’ Bill to end the use of drug detection dogs without a warrant on public transport, at festivals and in bars.

Longer Leases, Stable Rents and End to No-Grounds Evictions At Core of Greens’ Rental Law Reform Campaign

The Greens have called for extensive reform of NSW rental laws, to give renters improved access to safe and secure housing, in their response to the government’s Discussion Paper on the Review of the Residential Tenancies Act.

Greens MP joins rally to hightlight sham approval for WestConnex M4 East

NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex Jenny Leong MP, joined outraged community members outside the NSW Department of Planning on March 15, responding to the NSWgovernment’s planning approval of the highly flawed WestConnex M4 East.

Police Attempt to Shutdown Community Rally for TJ Hickey

Today NSW Greens Aboriginal Justice and Police Spokesperson, David Shoebridge MP, and Member for Newtown and NSW Greens Human Rights spokesperson, Jenny Leong MP, expressed serious concern at actions taken by the police in an attempt to shut down a peaceful protest marking the tragic death of Aboriginal boy TJ Hickey in Redfern. The matter is in the NSW Supreme Court this morning at 10am.

Community Locked Out of Lockout Review

NSW Greens acting spokesperson on Liquor Laws Jenny Leong says the community is right to be outraged by the recent comments from Premier Mike Baird that have all but promised that Sydney’s CBD lockout laws will live on – even though the stipulated public review has not even begun. “The CBD lockouts were imposed with a top-down, heavy-handed approach from the Baird government. Yes, there was a problem, but there was no attempt to work with the community and key stakeholders to find a long-term solution that would keep our city vibrant, open and safe,” she says.

Tour of Australian Heritage Park with Heritage Minister Mark Speakman

Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong arranged for the Minister for Heritage to attend a tour of Austalian Heritage Park (ATP) in January 2016, with a number of historians and community representatives. With the sale of ATP to Mirvac, the management of the wealth of cultural, innovation and transport heritage at Australian Technology Park and surrounds is more urgent than ever.

Marrickville Council locks out WestConnex

Greens WestConnex spokesperson and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP congratulated Greens Councillor Sylvie Ellsmore and Marrickville Councillors who, last night, voted to support resolutions against WestConnex. The resolutions included revoking permission that had been previously granted by Council officers for WestConnex preparatory drilling at Tempe Reserve and affirmed the right of residents to peacefully protest.

Senate backs Greens motion calling on Auditor-General to investigate WestConnex

The Greens motion calling on the Auditor-General to investigate the Commonwealth funding approvals for the WestConnex was passed by the Australian Senate today. Senator Rhiannon said: “Winning Senate support for a federal audit of WestConnex was a great breakthrough that comes on top of the release of the AEC political donations data that shines more light onto the problematic WestConnex project. “Since 1998 two major contractors for WestConnex, John Holland and Leighton and related entities, have donated over $3 million to the major parties. “Just last year toll road operator Transurban Holdings donated almost $18,000 to Liberal Party branches, and made payments totalling over $100,000 to a Liberal-aligned fundraising vehicle.

Sydney Theatre Report: Venue Shortage Means the Show Can’t Go On

A Sydney-based playwright, director and theatre producer has conducted an independent study of Sydney’s theatre venues, which has determined that there is both a lack of suitable venues and many barriers for theatre-makers looking for a suitable space. Steven Hopley’s Sydney Theatre Report 2015 has found that many theatre spaces are used as performance spaces less than 30% of the time, and that independent producers say that finding an affordable venue is the biggest problem they face when putting on a show.

City of Sydney Report Shows Jump in Newtown Late Night Foot Traffic

Member for Newtown Jenny Leong has responded to today’s story in the SMH on a City of Sydney report on late-night pedestrian numbers throughout Sydney. The report notes a large decrease in nighttime foot traffic through Kings Cross and the CBD, and a sharp rise in pedestrian numbers in Newtown.

Greens MP Backs Community Direct Action Against WestConnex

Newtown MP Jenny Leong joined community residents and activists at Tempe Reserve this morning who had stopped preparatory drilling by WestConnex.  Ms Leong said, “If the Baird government is going to arrogantly ignore the planning process - signing billions in contracts and commencing exploratory drilling before approval has even been granted - then the community has no choice but to engage in nonviolent direct action to stop them.

Thousands of submissions against WestConnex New M5 EIS

Community groups and local residents fighting to stop WestConnex contributed a remarkable 9000 submissions to the Department of Planning by last Friday’s deadline.  These were in response to the latest Environmental Impact Statement for the the New M5, the section of toll road between Kingsgrove and St. Peters.  NSW Greens spokesperson for WestConnex Jenny Leong said, "The fact that this remarkable number of submissions were made during the summer holiday period, shows the community’s level of concern and anger at having this expensive, 50’s style mega road forced on them without being offered cleaner, more sustainable options for solving Sydney’s transport congestion problems.

Save Marrickville Council - Stop the Forced Amalgamations

A week before Christmas the Liberal State Government announced its proposal to amalgamate Marrickville Council with Leichhardt and Ashfield councils. Soon after, it published its reasons and announced the appointment of a ‘Delegate’ to examine the proposal and report back to the Minister of Local Government by March 31, 2016. The process involved in this plan to amalgamate the councils and the reasons behind it are both seriously concerning and seek to further undermine our local community's involvement in local decisions. This isn't just stopping the NSW Baird Government from forcibly amalgamating our local council - it's about their bigger agenda - to remove local communities and local reprsentatives from decisions that impact us.

WestConnex: A Case Study In How Things Are Still Done In NSW

This is an excerpt of an opinion piece written by NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex Jenny Leong, published in New Matilda on 30 Jan, 2016 Corruption, dodgy deals and vested interests have unfortunately been synonymous with NSW politics for a long time. After 16 years of ALP rule, which saw government ministers delivering sweet deals for big business, developers, coal mining companies and their mates, the NSW public made it clear that enough was enough. The Coalition was elected on a landslide in 2011, only to be exposed for having some rather dirty laundry of their own. But when Mike Baird stepped up to lead the state nearly two years ago, there was at least a sense that those dark days were behind us and that things would change. Surely, we would see an end to in-house corruption, improvements to governance, and increases in transparency and improvements to independent oversight – all cornerstones of a functioning democracy.

Greens MPs Say Light Rail Along Parramatta Road Is A Winner

Welcoming news that Sydney University has added its weight behind the campaign for light rail along Parramatta Road, the two local state members said the Liberal State Government needed to meet community expectations and jump into the 21st century with its transport planning.

Recognising Aboriginal History, Welcoming New Australians

Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong will visit a number of events across the electorate of Newtown on Tuesday, January 26th, recognising Australia’s long and lasting Aboriginal history, and welcoming new Australians from across the seas to the local area. Ms Leong will join the Invasion Day 2016 march, which begins at The Block in Redfern, and also visit the Yabun festival of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Festival in Victoria Park Camperdown.

WestConnex compulsory land acquisitions fail community

NSW Greens spokesperson for WestConnex and Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP has condemned the Sydney Motorway Corporation’s latest land grab of an extra 6,000 square metres from Sydney Park and surrounding areas.   "It’s been abundantly clear since the St Peter’s interchange was announced that WestConnex will have a devastating impact on Sydney Park, but this latest land grab will mean that approximately 3 ½ acres of public green space will be taken from this area.  

Greens Call For Rental Horror Stories Ahead of Rental Laws Review

There’s an opportunity to reform NSW rental laws in 2016, with the Review of the NSW Residential Tenancies Act. Although rental properties are people’s homes, too often they are used as a way for dodgy landlords to maximise profits, at the expense of tenants’ security and safety. NSW Greens spokesperson for Tenancy and Rental Housing Jenny Leong has asked renters to share their ‘Rental Horror Stories’ on Facebook, as part of the Greens’ campaign for renters’ rights. Renters can also share their rental experiences via an online renters’ survey. The stories that are submitted will be used to identify the biggest problems with the current rental system.

Government Warned that WestConnex Home Acquisitions Unfair

The NSW Government has known for three years that the process for valuing homes forcibly acquired for major infrastructure projects - including WestConnex - is unfair to home owners. As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald (p1) this morning a parliamentary committee chaired by Liberal MP Matt Kean found the compulsory acquisition system is "unfair and inadequate". Yet the Government has forged ahead, acquiring a number of homes along the WestConnex route, with many more targeted for acquisition in the coming months. MP for Newtown and NSW Greens WestConnex spokesperson Jenny Leong has called for a moratorium on all home acquisitions until a fair process has been determined and an independent inquiry of WestConnex has been undertaken. “This is yet another reason why the construction of WestConnex needs to be halted until a full inquiry is undertaken. With the whole WestConnex project looking shakier by the day, people should not be forced out of their communities for what is looking more and more likely to be a failed project.

2015 - What A Year For The Newtown Electorate

2015 has been a huge year for our Electorate Office in Newtown. We couldn’t have done it without your support and enthusiasm, so thank you! Since the election in March it’s been my privilege to represent you in Parliament and to work side by side with you on local issues. Our office has resolved over 450 individual constituent cases and we’ve met with over 100 of the impressive organisations doing outstanding work in our local area and across NSW. Here’s just some of what’s we’ve achieved!

Joint Submission on Parramatta Road Urban Renewal proposal

 Greens MP for Newtown, Jenny Leong and Greens MP for Balmain, Jamie Parker cosigned this submission to Urban Growth stating their objections to the proposed overdevelopment of Taverners Hill, Leichhardt and Camperdown precincts. As the local members of electorates which will be greatly impacted by these plans, Jenny and Jamie will  work with local communities and in the NSW Parliament against developments such as these which override and trample on existing Local Environment Plans and the Sydney Metropolitan Plan. This is an artists impression of the Camperdown precinct (from the New Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Strategy)  

Marrickville Council To Be Forcibly Merged

The Baird Government has confirmed their plans for forced amalgamations of local councils across the state, in the face of growing community opposition. According to the State Government’s plan, Marrickville Council will be merged with Ashfield and Leichhardt Councils. This is despite clear indications that residents in the Marrickville LGA do not want their Council to be merged and strong public statements by the Liberal Government before the election that they would not force amalgamations.   Member for Newtown Jenny Leong says: “Residents expect good local representation. Under this plan the size of LGAs will increase dramatically, but the number of Councillors won’t. That will give residents less access to their Local Councillors, reducing the ability for local advocacy. “Marrickville Council is known for delivering local services that cater to our community. We fear that those localised services, like Council run-childcare, community festivals – and the Magic Yellow Bus - are under threat.

NSW hit-hard as Australian Arts Sector Devastated By Funding Cuts

As Australia’s performing arts sector is reeling from the announcement that many performing arts companies have lost their federal funding along with drastic cuts to peak national arts organisations, the real impact will be felt by many artists and arts organisations in NSW. In the wake of the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) announcements,  Screen Australia will lose $10.4 million over four years, which is the third cut to the funding body for local film and television in 18 months, while a 3% efficiency dividend has been imposed on federally funded galleries, museums and art galleries who will lose $36.8 million. And while Screen Australia’s budget shrinks, an additional $47.3 million will go towards international films shot in Australia over the next two years - Ridley Scott’s new Alien film and the third Thor movie. NSW Greens spokesperson for the Arts and Creative Industries Jenny Leong MP said, “This is a terrible blow to our cultural life and to our ability to tell Australian stories, with savage cuts to key arts organisations and to our emerging artists which will impact on us all for decades to come.

Sydney Metro Station Announced For Waterloo

Today the NSW Government has announced a Sydney Metro station at Waterloo. Member for Newtown Jenny Leong says that it’s reasonable that the local community has concerns about the implications of the decision, particularly around public and affordable housing, and transport accessibility.

Public And Affordable Housing Needs To Be Key In Waterloo Metro Development

NSW Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong, which covers the Redfern area, and Jan Barham, Housing spokesperson have responded to today’s announcement that a private Metro station will be built in Waterloo highlighting the serious housing concerns. Two thousand existing public housing residences will be demolished to make way for the development. Member for Newtown Jenny Leong says: “The announcement by the state Government today will see Urban Growth taking over the development of large parts of our Redfern/Waterloo public housing community. This is cause for serious concern – not because redevelopment of public housing isn’t needed, but because Urban Growth’s track record in our area has seen some pretty devastating outcomes – including the selloff of the Australian Technology Park site and massive proposed overdevelopment at North Eveleigh. “While we acknowledge the Government’s commitment that the number of social housing dwellings will be maintained in the new development, we need to ensure that these dwellings will continue to house the same number of residents. “We have seen cases of redevelopment of public housing where the number of dwellings has been maintained but with a significant reduction in size. As a minimum we need a commitment that there will be no reduction in the number of bedrooms or number of residents that can be housed.

Air Pollution Standard Sets A Low Bar For WestConnex

Under the new ‘Clean Air Agreement’ NSW has opted for air pollution standards below World Health Organisation guidelines. State ministers were divided on appropriate levels of the dangerous PM10 particles. According to reports, the decision to allow a threshold over WHO recommendations was driven by NSW Environment Minister Mark Speakman. Stricter standards have been self-imposed by Victoria and the ACT. The decisions have implications for WestConnex and the levels of emissions released by traffic along its route. Member for Newtown and Greens spokesperson for WestConnex Jenny Leong MP said: “We don’t have to look far to see why the NSW Government is so opposed to meeting the recommended levels for PM10 pollution given that the polluting WestConnex tollway, one of the state’s most significant infrastructure projects, won’t meet those standards.

Community United Against North Eveleigh Development

What a strong response to our community meeting last weekend about the NSW Government plans to sell off public land to developers around Redfern and Eveleigh. Our community is united in calling for targets for affordable housing, open space, recreational facilities, schools, healthcare and active transport before there is any sell off of public land to developers. 

WestConnex $6 billion cost blowout - Turnbull govt refuses review

Media Release In the wake of the release of the updated WestConnex Business Case and the New M5 EIS the Greens have criticised the federal government for ruling out a review of the project that has now shown a multi-billion dollar blowout in total costs. Newtown Greens MP Jenny Leong said “With the cost of the WestConnex blowing out from the initial $10 billion to $16.8 billion, this project should be urgently reviewed. “Neither the WestConnex Business Case or the new M5 EIS adequately address the fundamental issue of public transport solutions but instead offer spurious benefit cost figures based on questionable financial benefits to the NSW economy. “This is just Utopia-style spin and unfortunately the outcome for locals will be more congestion and polluted air.

OP ED: The way we justify investments in road projects like WestConnex doesn’t add up

Written by Chris Standen for the Sydney Morning Herald. "The approach used in Australia for assessing the "economic benefits" of urban  transport projects was devised by highway agencies in the 1960s to justify  the massive cost of urban motorways. This has given us the urban sprawl,  car-dependence and high transport costs with which we are encumbered  today.

Alice St Community Wins Development Battle

Media Release Residents on and around Alice St in Newtown are celebrating after the Land and Environment Court refused an appeal by the development company Al Maha to expand their Alice St development. Al Maha’s Development Application (DA) to add additional storeys to the block was refused by Marrickville Council twice earlier this year. Both Council and surrounding residents are concerned that development beyond the approved 5-storeys will be too high-density for the area, where public space, amenities and public transport are already under pressure.

Surprising News on Inner City High School

We were surprised to hear about a “Community Consultation” session happening tomorrow morning at Central Train Station in relation to the new Inner City High School planned for Surry Hills.

MP for Newtown Announces Boost for Inner City Cyclists

Media Release Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong today announced a win for inner city cyclists and bike commuters, with confirmation of 50 secure bike spaces to be installed at Redfern Station. This announcement is part of a NSW Government active transport initiative, which will install secure bike sheds at more than 40 train stations and transport interchanges around Sydney and surrounding regions. Ms Leong said, "This is a fantastic initiative for people who ride to Redfern station every day, giving them free, secure bike storage. “It’s recognition that bike riders are entitled to facilities like this as they are actively promoting healthy and sustainable commuter options and easing congestion on the roads.

Aboriginal Custody Notification Service delivered last minute reprieve

Media Release As Aboriginal and social justice campaigners gather in Sydney's CBD today, very positive news has been delivered that the Aboriginal Custody Notification Service will be funded until June 2019. The funding grant was due to expire at the end of this year but the Federal Government has committed to completely fund the service.    The Custody Notification Service was a recommendation from the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody and since its implementation there has not been a single Aboriginal death in a police cell or paddy wagon in NSW. This is an important win for the Indigenous Social Justice Association, Aboriginal Legal Service and other social justice campaigners who have been demanding that this important service is retained.

Redfern Station Lift Finally Operational

After years of community pressure by Lift Redfern and other groups, a lift is now operational at Redfern Station. It operates on Platform 6/7, giving access to the Inner West line.

Residents say no to ‘New Parramatta Road’ development plan

Last night Petersham Bowling Club was packed by local residents voicing their concern with the draft ‘New Parramatta Road’ transformation strategy for Taveners Hill, recently released by UrbanGrowth NSW. The draft strategy proposes demolishing hundreds of period homes in the residential streets of Lewisham and Leichhardt to make way for apartment blocks up to 12 stories high. Housing density will increase dramatically – the area is now home to 700 residents but the plan is to house 5500. Residents are rightly concerned that this will have huge impacts on the liveability of the area: putting pressure on schools and medical services; reducing public space; increasing traffic; and putting pressure on an already under-resourced public transport system.

Grinch Duncan Gay Delivers Community a WestConnex EIS for Christmas

Media Release The release of the WestConnex New M5 EIS today brings no holiday cheer to residents of Sydney’s inner west and inner south west suburbs. The NSW Government has released the New M5 Environmental Impact Statement just before everyone breaks for the year but it’s no gift to the residents, councils or organisations that will be forced to digest this massive document – made up of 149 individual multi-page attachments - during the holiday period.  Submissions are due at the end of January, just as many families will be returning from summer holidays. NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong  is calling on Premier Baird, The Roads Minister and the Planning Minister to immediately review this decision.

Electorate Update #6: WestConnex in Parliament, Eveleigh Community Meeting, Save Marrickville Council

Government caves to Community Pressure and releases WestConnex Business Case Yesterday around one hundred residents directly affected by WestConnex joined me in Parliament, as we debated the 'Stop WestConnex' petition. More than 10,000 people from across Sydney and NSW signed the petition, which called on Premier Mike Baird to halt work on WestConnex until the full business case has been released and a parliamentary inquiry has been conducted. Today the much-delayed updated business case was finally released - thanks to the strong pressure from the community campaign. Read more and watch my Parliamentary speech here.

Who’s Hiding Behind the WestConnex Business Case?

Greens spokesperson for WestConnex Jenny Leong has called on Premier Mike Baird to immediately clarify the authorship of the WestConnex Updated Strategic Business Case, to allay serious concerns that the lack of attribution is so that the author can avoid liability or public scrutiny if the content is found to be flawed. “Before we have even begun a detailed assessment of the 320 page, heavily redacted, WestConnex Updated Strategic Business Case, it’s clear that there is a glaring omission: there is NO author.” “Unlike the 2013 WestConnex Business Case Executive Summary, which was attributed to the Sydney Motorway Project Office, this latest Business Case is not attributed to any individual, organisation or department. “Given the only identifiable marker on the document is a generic logo - “NSW Making it Happen” – it falls to the Premier to clarify who in the NSW Government is responsible.

Govt Caves to Community Pressure and Releases WestConnex Business Case

Yesterday around one hundred residents directly affected by the $16.8 billion WestConnex tollway came to Parliament House for debate on a ‘Stop WestConnex’ petition – which demanded the release of the business case. Today the NSW Baird Government released that much delayed business case. More than 10,000 residents from across Sydney and NSW signed the ‘Stop WestConnex’ petition, which called on Premier Mike Baird to halt work on WestConnex until the full business case has been released and a parliamentary inquiry has been conducted. Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong, who sponsored the petition, led the debate, congratulating the community for their tireless campaign. Ms Leong said: “The fact that the business case has finally been released today is the result of continued pressure from community members, local businesses and local councils who have come together to raise concerns about this polluting tollway.

Westconnex: Petition Introduced to Parliament

Today I was proud to introduce a petition signed by more than 10,000 people opposing Westconnex. The Greens stand with the community in opposing this wasteful and harmful project.   

Community Recognition: Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations to the winners and nominees for the NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards.   

Greens in Parliament: Stop the Attacks and Fund Tafe Properly

Today we called on the Labor and Liberal parties to stop undermining our Tafe system. It's time to stop the attacks and fund Tafe properly.   

Liberal Government Refuses to Listen to the Community on Moore Park Development

Today the NSW Liberal Government refused to listen to the community on the Moore Park development proposal. We need to protect our inner-city green spaces.  

Sydney Should Not Have to Sacrifice Precious Green Space for Needed Development

Today I called on the Government to halt plans to develop Moore Park and allow the community consultation already under way to take its course. The Greens do not believe the community should be forced to sacrifice parkland and green spaces for needed development.   

Community Recognition: Newtown Neighbourhood Centre and Marrickville Legal Centre

Today we acknowledged the fantastic efforts of the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre and the Marrickville Legal Centre.   

Transgender and Intersex Law Reform

Today we added our voice to calls to reform laws that cause serious harm to transgender and intersex people. Let's put an end to state-sanction discrimination in NSW.   

Greens Support Legislation Protecting People Who Buy Property Off the Plan

Today the Greens supported legislation preventing developers from terminating contracts for financial gain using sunset clause provisions on property bought off the plan.   

Labor and Liberal Parties Hand Millions to Gambling Industry

Today the Labor and Liberal Parties joined hands to hand millions of dollars in tax concessions to the racing and gambling industries. We should be investing in health and education, not splashing money on the racing and gambling industries.   

Australian Technology Park to be sold off to Mirvac

Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong has expressed disgust at the Government’s decision to forge ahead with the privatisation of the Australian Technology Park and Eveleigh Railyards site despite their important public and heritage value. The Local Member has vowed to continue to work with the community to ensure that public access to the sites is not lost and that the living heritage and specialisation in innovation is maintained. “This publically owned space should not be seen as a cash-cow for developers. We’ve seen this behaviour from successive NSW Governments, selling off valuable public assets with benefits going to their developer mates. “This is an irreplaceable part of the historic fabric of Sydney’s inner city. Once it’s taken out of public hands we’ll lose it forever. “It’s distressing to think that this innovation hub and heritage site could soon be branded with big, flashy ‘Comm Bank’ logos.

Sydney Rally: No More Delays! Marriage Equality NOW!

NSW Greens spokesperson on Sexuality and Gender Diversity Jenny Leong joined the 'No More Delays! Marriage Equality NOW!' rally at Sydney's Town Hall on November 7th, alongside thousands of marriage equality supporters. The Federal Coalition has been fiercely opposing equal marriage rights for over a decade. Their latest proposal for a national plebiscite is an insulting delaying tactic and a blatant refusal to act immediately on an issue that has the support of the majority of Australian.

Greens Call On Councils To Stay Strong On Mergers

Media Release - 11 November 2015 Marrickville Greens Councillors called on Inner West mayors to respect the resolutions of their Councils and continue to stand up against forced amalgamations, after the Councils adopted near identical resolutions that claim to resist amalgamations and to submit merger options under protest - with a view to them only being implemented if the Baird Government forces the issue.  Greens Councillor Sylvie Ellsmore said, "It's clear that the vast majority of residents in the Inner West want their Council to stand alone and not merge and that's the position that Marrickville Council took last night.” The Greens voted against submitting a ‘Plan B’ merger for a Marrickville-Ashfield-Leichhardt Council, as the Greens believe that Councils should not be merged without a vote of affected residents.

Arts Ministers should help Tropfest open curtains this year

The Greens have called on the NSW and Federal Arts Ministers to sit down with John Polson and Tropfest organisers to see what they can do to make sure the world’s largest short film festival is able to run this year.

Protecting Heritage, Innovation and Living History in the Australian Technology Park

The Greens are committed to do everything possible to protect the Australian Technology Park and Eveleigh Carriageworks precinct. We recognise the importance of these sites and the need to preserve our heritage, living history, innovation and inner-city green space. We’re standing with community groups like REDWatch, the Alexandria Residents Action Group, and the Friends of Erskineville to show our opposition to the privatisation of these valuable public assets.

Liberal Government Removes Right of Casuals Refuse to Work on Boxing Day

Today the NSW Liberal Government removed the right of casuals to refuse to work on Boxing Day. The Greens support the right of all workers to spend this important day with family and loved ones.   

Greens Oppose Privatisation of the Australian Technology Park

The Australian Technology Park is of great significance both for its heritage and ongoing contribution to the community in Sydney. The Greens want to keep this vital site in public hands.   

Safe Schools an Essential Program

Media Release - 6 November 2015 The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) is promoting a campaign against the Safe Schools Coalition program around Australia. Greens NSW Sexuality and Gender Diversity Spokesperson Jenny Leong says that the program is an essential service that provides support for vulnerable students and their families. She says: “We are disappointed but not surprised to see yet another scare campaign by the ACL targeting an important service for the LGBTIQ community.” “The Greens are proud supporters of the Safe Schools Program, and feel that ensuring our young people feel safe and included at school is key to their wellbeing.

M4East EIS Submissions

Thousands of residents have made submissions to the WestConnex M4East Tunnel Environmental Impact Statement. Those submissions have raised concerns with a range of issues that will have negative impacts on communities across Sydney, including traffic co0ngestion on local streets, destructions of bushland and greenspace, destruction of heritage listed buildings, increased carbon emissions and air pollution and the forced eviction of hundreds of people from their homes.

Unfair Strata Laws Bring Insecurity for Strata Owners

With the help of the CDP and the Shooters’ Party the Government’s Strata Schemes Development Bill has passed the NSW Upper House. This means that a provision allowing the collective sale of a strata scheme with the support of just 75% of owners will now come into force. The Greens raised concerns and proposed amendments in both the Lower and Upper Houses, but our calls for protection of home-ownership rights were ignored.

Question to the Premier: Westconnex Business case. Why the Delay?

Today I asked the Premier to explain the delay in the release of the WestConnex business case that the Government had committed to publicly releasing in mid-2015?  

Community Recognition: Ethnic Communities Council of NSW Fortieth Anniversary

Celebrating the fortieth anniversay of the Ethnic Communities Council of NSW.  

Community Recognition: Mental Health Month

Today we acknowledged the fantastic Mental Health Month events and activities that took place across the electorate of Newtown.   

Greens in Parliament: Bail Amendments and Extraordinary Police Powers

Today the Government introduced unnecessary changes to bail laws making the application of bail less transparent and less consistent, and extending extraordinary police powers. Read our speech opposing these changes below.   

Community Recognition: ACON Community Honour Awards

Today we acknowledged the Community Honour Awards established by the AIDS Council of New South Wales.   

New Strata Laws Set to Force People from their Homes

Media Release – 20 October 2015   New Strata Laws Set to Force People from their Homes   Today the Government’s Strata Schemes Development Bill passed through the NSW Lower House after the Government gagged debate and stopped the Greens and opposition to even speak to amendments.   The Bill is part of the Government’s overhaul of NSW strata laws. There has been strong opposition to the elements of the proposed legislation that deal with the collective sale or redevelopment of a strata scheme as it will allow the collective sale of a scheme with the support of just 75% of owners.   Greens spokesperson for Rental, Tenancy and Strata Jenny Leong MP, after being gagged from speaking to her amendments, voted against the Bill, saying that the Greens cannot support a Bill that will force people from their homes.   “We have been contacted by many community members who are extremely concerned by this proposed legislation. They are fearful because their home, which is a unit in a strata scheme, can be forcibly taken away from them if this becomes law.   “Many of them are older residents who, approaching retirement, invested in a property that would provide them with security through their later years. This legislation takes away that security.    “The Government is clearly concerned about the growing community opposition to these changes and moved to rush things through and gag adequate consideration of amendments.

Strata Law Changes: Homes Before Profit

Today the Government pushed through legislation that will allow home owners to be kicked out of their property. The Greens oppose any bill that puts profit before people's secure occupation of their home.  

Government forced to recognise WestConnex asbestos concerns

Today Member for Newtown and NSW Greens Spokesperson for WestConnex Jenny Leong highlighted ongoing community concerns around the works happening at sites contaminated by asbestos that are part of the proposed WestConnex project. She asked NSW Premier Mike Baird what action he would take to protect residents, workers and business owners from exposure to asbestos, given reports of serious concerns that contractors are not adhering to safety procedures.

Question to the Premier: Westconnex Asbestos Exposure. What is Being Done?

Today we asked the Premier what action is being taken to protect residents, workers and business owners from exposure to asbestos as a result of WestConnex at the Alexandria landfill site, in Granville and along the route of the M4 East widening, given reports that contractors are not adhering to safety procedures?  

We Must Address the Housing Affordability Crisis

Today I called on the Government to take meaningful action to address the Housing Affordability Crisis.   

Saturday's Snap Action in St Peters

On Saturday 3rd October Member for Newtown and Greens Spokesperson for WestConnex Jenny Leong joined the snap action at the Alexandria Landfill site in St Peters. The site is contaminated with asbestos and residents are rightly concerned about its safe removal. Jenny joined Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon and community groups including No WestConnex and the WestConnex Action Group to highlight the many community objections to the WestConnex dirty tollway project.

Labor supports pro-WestConnex Liberal as Deputy Mayor of Marrickville

Media Release – 23 September 2015 Last night at the Marrickville Council Mayoral vote Labor councillors, including the Member for Summer Hill Jo Haylen, aligned with conservatives to secure themselves the mayoralty and vote in a pro-WestConnex Liberal Deputy Mayor. “This is clearly a bad outcome for our progressive community – to have the Labor Party once again reject the offer from the Greens to work together to take on the roles of Mayor and Deputy Mayor,” said Greens Councillor and Mayoral candidate Melissa Brooks.

One gaffe too many from Gay

Media Release – 18 September 2015 WestConnex: One Gaffe too many from Gay NSW Greens WestConnex spokesperson Jenny Leong MP today called on NSW Premier Mike Baird to immediately intervene to halt all activities in relation to WestConnex after an error with the information provided in the Environmental Impact Statement.   “This is one gaffe too many from Roads Minister Duncan Gay and the WestConnex Delivery Authority. It makes it clear that this process is being rushed and mistakes are being made.   “It's time for Premier Mike Baird to step in, bring the arrogance of his Roads Minister Duncan Gay under control, and put a halt to all activity until there is a publicly available comprehensive business case that justifies this $15.4 billion polluting tollway disaster.   “We have just had hand delivered two new versions of two parts of the WestConnex environmental impact statement to replace the original versions, which had information omitted.   “Already the timeline for consultation and making submissions was too short, so simply extending the consultation period to cover for this error isn’t enough.   “We are supportive of community and local council calls for this to be extended to 90 days.   “At the start of this week Marrickville Council voted to issue a stop work order on the St Peters landfill site until the WestConnex Delivery Authority could confirm the activities being undertaken were the subject of a valid development consent or a valid exemption from Council development controls.   “The Roads Minister is out of control and must be brought in to line. It’s time the Premier stepped in,” she said.

Newtown MP congratulates Marrickville Council’s tough stand against WestConnex Delivery Authority

Media Release – 17 September 2015 Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong congratulated Marrickville Council for its strong decision to seek a stop work order against the WestConnex Delivery Authority’s activities at the former Dial a Dump waste dump at St Peters. Council voted on Tuesday night to immediately issue a stop work order on the site until the WestConnex Delivery Authority could confirm the activities being undertaken are the subject of a valid development consent or a valid exemption from Council development controls, subject to legal advice.

Greens in Parliament: Addressing Antisocial Behaviour in Public Housing

Today we called on the Government take steps to address antisocial behaviour in public housing without making vulnerable people homeless.   

Sydney ready to welcome refugees

Media Release – 17 September 2015 Today the Daily Telegraph published sensationalist coverage of the emergency resettlement of Syrian refugees in Sydney. Greens Member for Newtown and Spokesperson for Human Rights Jenny Leong said: “Australians have responded with compassion to the heart wrenching images of Syrian refugees left with nothing after escaping war and destruction in their country. We have shown that we are ready to welcome refugees and offer safety to some of the 4 million Syrian men, women and children now displaced by the conflict. “I am dismayed by the Daily Telegraph’s sensationalist coverage of the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Sydney.

Greens Oppose Closure of Newcastle Rail Line

The Greens are disturbed by the fact that while cities around the world appear to be closing motorways and investing in public transport, the New South Wales Government appears to be doing the exact opposite. The Greens will always support investment in public transport.   

Community Recognition: Humans of Newtown Book Launch

Celebrating the Humans of Newtown book launch.   

Greens in Parliament: Acknowledging the Contribution of Asylum Seekers

Today we supported a motion in Parliament acknowledging the contribution made to New South Wales by those who have sought asylum, refugees, and other immigrants.   

Official figures show Westconnex is a huge waste

Media Release – 10 September 2015 Greens WestConnex spokesperson and MP for Newtown Jenny Leong said today that the government’s own figures prove that the $15.4 billion WestConnex motorway project allegedly being built to ease traffic congestion for western Sydney will be a complete waste of taxpayer money. Ms Leong was commenting after an initial review of the Environmental Impact Statement for the M4 East tunnel section of Westconnex, which went on display yesterday.

Funding for LGBTIQ Domestic Violence Research and Education Welcomed

Media Release – 10 September 2015 Yesterday the Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, Pru Goward, announced that ACON will receive funding for research and education into domestic and family violence in the LGBTIQ community.

Breaking WestConnex News - M4 East WestConnex EIS

Dear friends, After months – or is it years?! – of calling for the NSW Government to release the WestConnex Environmental Impact statement, we finally have some movement. Today in parliament, the Minister for Planning announced that the environmental impact statement for the M4 East section of this polluting tollway will be on public display from tomorrow - September 9. Will you pledge now to make a submission – and make your objection to this environmental and community destruction heard? You will be able to view the EIS online (only active from tomorrow) and at 14 council and State Government offices from Strathfield to the city*. This multi-billion road is an environmentally catastrophic project that will carve two 5.5 kilometre long tunnels under our communities, result in polluting stacks being put near our schools and green spaces, and in the long term do nothing to solve Sydney’s congestion crisis. We’ve got 45 days to make our voice heard – pledge to make a submission now Let’s stop this madness! Cheers, Jenny   PS - Are you on Facebook? Take a minute to ‘like’ and share our post to spread the word. *The EIS will be on display from September 9 at and at the following offices:  Department of Planning and Environment, 23-33 Bridge Street, Sydney Roads and Maritime Services (Head Office), Level 9, 101 Miller Street, North Sydney Ashfield Council, Customer Service Centre, 260 Liverpool Road, Ashfield Auburn City Council, Civic Precinct Centre, 1 Susan Street, Auburn Burwood Council, Suite 1, Level 2, 1-17 Elsie Street, Burwood City of Canada Bay Council, Civic Centre, 1A Marlborough Street, Drummoyne Strathfield Council, Customer Service Centre, 65 Homebush Road, Strathfield Ashfield Library, Level 3, 260 Liverpool Road, Ashfield Auburn City Library, Civic Place, 1 Susan Street, Auburn Burwood Library, 2 Conder Street, Burwood Concord Library, 60 Flavelle Street, Concord Five Dock Library, Level 1, 4-12 Garfield Street, Five Dock Strathfield Main Library, 65-67 Rochester Street, Homebush, Nature Conservation Council, Level 2, 5 Wilson Street, Newtown.

Road Minister’s WestConnex arrogance hits new heights

Media Release – 2 September 2015 Roads Minister Duncan Gay today announced further details for Stage 2 of the WestConnex Project, despite revealing this week that the business case is still under review. The project remains without planning approval and an environmental impact statement. His arrogance also appears to be getting out of hand.

Petition: Protecting the Ballina Koala Colony

The Greens today supported the petition to protect the koala population in the Blackwall Range area.  

5 million reasons to be proud as community campaign ensures Aboriginal Housing at the Block

The Greens NSW welcome today’s announcement of $5 million in commonwealth funding to ensure Aboriginal housing at the Block in Redfern’s iconic Aboriginal heart. The funding has come after a 15 month community occupation of The Block by the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy (RATE) lead by the indefatigable Wiradjuri Elder, Jenny Munro and in the shadow of court proceedings to evict RATE from the Block.

Community Recognition: Same Sex Families

Recognising the invaluable contribution that the organisers and participants of Wear it Purple Day, the Safe Schools Coalition and the makers of the Gayby Baby documentary.   

Greens slam Piccoli’s ‘Gayby Baby’ ban

Media Release: 26 August 2015: Greens slam Piccoli’s ‘Gayby Baby’ ban The Greens NSW response to sensationalised coverage in the Daily Telegraph regarding the documentary ‘Gayby Baby’, and NSW Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli’s kneejerk reaction. Greens NSW spokesperson on Sexuality and Gender Identity, Member for Newtown Jenny Leong said: "Gayby Baby is an important and wonderful film telling the stories of a number of families in NSW from the children’s perspective.

Give Parents Choice on Ethics Classes

Today we called on the Liberal Government to stop pushing religious education onto our kids and to make parents aware of all alternative options available, including ethics classes.   

Terra Nullius lives on as the Supreme Court finds against Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy

Media release24 August 2015 Local Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP, and Greens NSW spokesperson for Aboriginal Justice, David Shoebridge, are calling on all levels of government to step up and ensure Aboriginal housing is funded on The Block. This follows the decision of the NSW Supreme Court which ruled against the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy, finding the Embassy was “trespassing” on Aboriginal land at The Block. Greens NSW MP and Spokesperson for Aboriginal Justice David Shoebridge said: “Jenny Munro, a proud Aboriginal Waradjuri elder  and the Tent Embassy have been engaging in good faith negotiations with the Federal Minister and the Aboriginal Housing Corporation (AHC), and believed they had reached a final agreement last week on Aboriginal housing in The Block.   “Ms Munro made it clear to the Court that she does not accept that the Aboriginal people ever ceded sovereignty of this land to the English crown. In response the Court held: The Defendant’s aboriginality, and her contention that the Aboriginal people have never ceded sovereignty to the English Crown does not help her.  “The fact that the law can so readily dismiss our first people’s prior occupation and custodianship of this land is proof positive of a fundamental flaw in our legal system. “When it comes to symbolic Aboriginal land like The Block, Aboriginality and more than 40,000 years of Aboriginal custody and possession, should never be dismissed so lightly by our Courts. “This is far from the end of the struggle for Aboriginal housing on The Block, which is supported by a cross section of the Redfern community,” Mr Shoebridge said. Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong said: “This community – and the significance of maintaining Aboriginal housing and community on Gadigal country in Redfern is too important to be ignored.” “Our neighbourhood is awash with plans to develop and invest in infrastructure projects – with billions for Urban Growth’s development of the Central to Eveleigh site and constant construction by the University of Sydney. And yet there is no money for Aboriginal housing. “Successive governments have been a part of creating this mess – it’s time for them to step up and help resolve it.  “While it may seem that there is currently an unresolvable conflict – in reality all parties agree that we need to see the funding secured to build Aboriginal housing,” Ms Leong said.     Background The Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy were established on ‘The Block’ on National Sorry Day last year, May 26, after the Aboriginal Housing Company put forward a planning proposal for a $70 million commercial development on the site. The Block in Redfern was one of the first parts of urban Australia to be formally returned to Aboriginal people.

Community Recognition: One Sydney Fundraising Event

Today we acknowledged the amazing collaborative efforts of The Equal Project, Create or Die art gallery in Marrickville, and Art Party for their work in organising the One Sydney event, which was held last weekend in support of the Asylum Seekers Centre.  

Government Blocks Transparency on WestConnex

Today the NSW Legislative Assembly debated a motion to stop all activity on the WestConnex project until the Business Case and the Environmental Impact Statements are released. The Government blocked this attempt to introduce some transparency into the project. “Today the Baird Government refused to act in the interest of good governance or financial accountability. This Government is going to great lengths to stop any public scrutiny on this $15.4 billion dollar project,” said the Greens MP for Newtown and Spokesperson on WestConnex. Thirty community activists attended the debate and demonstrated the community opposition to the WestConnex project.   Community Activists join Jenny Leong and Jamie Parker outside Parliament House

WestConnex EIS periods must be extended

During Question Time on Thursday 6 August 2015, the Greens MP for Newtown and Spokesperson for WestConnex Jenny Leong called on Minister for Planning Rob Stokes to extend the WestConnex Environmental Impact Statement exhibition periods to no less than 60 days. She asked a Question without Notice to the Minister for Planning. It read: Given the size and scale of the WestConnex project, as well as the high level of public interest, will the Minister give a commitment to the community that the exhibition period for all future Environmental Impact Statements related to WestConnex will be no less than 60 days?  

Newtown Vibe Worth Protecting

This opinion piece by Jenny Leong appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on August 5th 2015.   Some of my first experiences of Sydney, as a newly arrived teenager from Adelaide, came in the early hours of the morning. As a waiter in Circular Quay, our nights out began when others were starting to wind down. Dancing in the Cross, playing pool at the Oxford, walking out of the Imperial to see the sunrise over Erskineville - these are all part of why I love this city. These days my late-night struggle for a cab tends to start after long parliamentary sittings rather than nights out. But I love the late-night culture of Sydney, and Newtown in particular. I don't want to shut it down and lock it up. That said, it must be acknowledged that the "vibe" in Newtown is changing. It's clear the law and order response that imposed lockouts on Kings Cross has had a significant impact on the area and on Sydney's nightlife.

Question to the Planning Minister: Commit to 60 Day Feedback Period for Westconnex EIS

Today I asked whether the Planning Minister will give a commitment that the exhibition periods for all future environmental impact statements related to WestConnex will be not less than 60 days?  

Community Recognition: NAIDOC Week

Today we acknowledged the fantastic National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee [NAIDOC] celebrations that were held in the Newtown electorate.  

Tribute to Adam Goodes

The Greens stand in solidarity and support of Adam Goodes. We add our voice to more than 150 organisations and major newspaper outlets in a growing community response to say that the appalling treatment of Adam Goodes is not ok.   

WestConnex Threatens Endangered Species' Habitat

Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong and Senator Larissa Waters are calling for the Department of Environment to protect Green and Golden Bell Frog habitats from WestConnex. A Roads and Maritime Services NSW (RMS) referral of proposed action to the Federal Department of Environment seeks to gain permission to use a significant portion of Kogarah Golf Club in Arncliffe for construction and tunneling for at least three years, despite including the habitat of a threatened species.

Alexandria Hotel DA Submission

The City of Sydney has listed the Development Application to demolish the Alexandria Hotel as 'deemed refused'. We understand that the developer is appealing to the Land and Environment Court. You can read our submission to the council here. Local activists with the Alexandria Residents Action Group and other community organisations are pushing for the Alexandria Hotel to be protected with an Interim Heritage Order. We will keep you updated with any new information.

Alice St Developer must respect council and community

Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong has criticised developer El Maha for their complete lack of respect for the local community and council when it comes to the proposed development at Alice St Newtown. “The arrogance and lack of regard for the community which is being exhibited by this developer is staggering,” Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong said.

Meeting at Marrickville Council on Alice St Development

Last Monday I met with Marrickville Councillor Victor Macri and a staff representative from the council to discuss the Alice St development and community opposition to the development. Councillor Macri went through the DA process in detail from the Council's perspective. As we know, the DA to increase the height of the Alice St development to seven stories is now in front of the Land and Environment Court. Councillor Macri made assurances that the Council will do everything they can as part of that process to represent the interest of the community.

An Open Letter on transphobia

An Open Letter on transphobia, violence against transgender people and discrimination in our laws From Jenny Leong MP with a contribution from Anna   Dear friend,   I am writing because I want you to know that any form of transphobia, violence against transgender people or discrimination against the transgender community in our laws disgusts and angers me. It is unacceptable and something that I am committed to working with you to eliminate.   While the tragic issue of transphobia and violence faced by transgender people, particularly transgender women, in our community is not new – it has been getting a lot more media coverage of late.   I felt the seriousness of this situation would not be helped by me politicising the issue in the media. As such, I purposely chose to not put out public statements nor insert myself into the centre of specific incidents as I didn’t – and still don’t - want this to become all about me. Nor do I feel comfortable making comments about specific incidents without having the consent of those involved.   I now realise that it’s possible that this approach has meant that some in the community feel that I am ignoring the situation or not taking it seriously – and to those people who have felt that way I am sorry. I wish to reassure you that I am taking it seriously – and that I and the Greens stand with you in your struggle for equal treatment under the law and the ability to live in the community free from violence.   That said, I still don’t think it should be me at the centre of this, so I wanted to use my position to share with you some thoughts from Anna – an young woman and activist who I spoke to earlier today and provided me with the advice and guidance that resulted in this letter. For me Transphobia and transmisogyny are everyday parts of my life, but this shouldn’t be so. The only way for the community to move beyond attacking, harassing and abusing transgender people is if the discriminatory laws against transgender people are removed, if Parliament took us and our well being seriously, if we were given platforms like this one that Jenny has given me so that we may speak, have our voices heard and hopefully that will help combat transphobic violence and transmisogyny. I have been the victim of transphobic hate, and transmisogyny from members of the public and the police, I’ve been threatened, called all sorts of horrible things, I’ve been spat at, I’ve been given move on orders when I’ve tried to use the toilet that aligns with my gender. Transphobia isn’t just happening in Newtown which has usually been a safe haven for people like me, it happens on the trains, in toilets, on buses, in shops, in pubs, in parks and many other places.  The only way that we can change this is by engaging the public, by campaigning, by having MPs by our side and fighting for legal equality in Parliament and most of all by saying enough, this cannot go on any more.   It is for these reasons that we must continue to work towards equality and an end to discrimination in our laws – because it has a real impact, a dangerous and threatening impact on people’s lives.   On a more personal and specific note, I want to let you know that I have been in contact with Stephanie McCarthy who was violently attacked at the Town Hall Hotel in Newtown and suffered increased injustice and violence at the court hearing of her attackers yesterday. Stephanie gave me permission to mention that we had spoken and were in touch in this letter. For the record, let me make it clear that it is unacceptable that Stephanie was attacked in the way that she was – and it is even more outrageous that she suffered further abuse during the court hearing yesterday. I am so sorry at the violence and injustice that Stephanie has suffered and have offered to do whatever we can to assist her.   Finally, let me say that this is the phone number of our office 9517 2800 – and our email is If you have concerns that you wish to raise with me – or issues that we can assist with – or frustrations about what we are doing please don’t ever hesitate to get in touch.   Being a Member of Parliament is something that I am new to – so I encourage you to provide me with feedback and input on ensuring I do it in a way that meets your needs and expectations.   In return, I can commit to you that I will strive to be open and honest in my dealings with you, always willing to apologise and will listen to your advice if you think I could do things another way – and above all to work tirelessly every day to end discrimination and injustice.   Thank you to Anna, Stephanie, Teddy and the others in the community for talking with me and being a part of shaping this response.   Yours sincerely,   Jenny Leong MP Member for Newtown NSW Greens Sexuality and Gender Spokesperson          

New Sydney rent data shows action needed

New data regarding rent prices in Sydney is alarming and requires serious action by the state government to protect renters in Sydney, according to Jenny Leong MP, The Greens NSW Rental Housing spokesperson and Member for Newtown. Article from page 2-3 of today's SMH.

Electorate Update #2: New Office, State Budget, Shape our work – Read, watch, act!

Exciting news – the Newtown electorate office is now open! On Monday we opened the doors at 383 King Street Newtown to the public for the very first time.

2015 NSW State Budget Reaction

2015 NSW State Budget Reaction: Greens NSW MP for Newtown Jenny Leong, with Greens NSW Member for Balmain Jamie Parker. Issues covered include planning, WestConnex, Urban Growth, affordable and social housing, Ultimo Public School, TAFE, domestic violence, Powerhouse building sell-off, and train station access.

Greens Call For Investment in Public Transport

The Greens believe that people have the right to inexpensive, efficient, accessible and safe public transport. Today we called on the Labor and Liberal parties to stop wasting public money on polluting tollways and invest in public transport.   

NSW Budget 2015: Government doesn’t deliver on affordable housing despite stamp duty windfall

MEDIA RELEASE: NSW Budget: Government doesn’t deliver on affordable housing despite stamp duty windfall The Greens have criticised the NSW Government for delivering a 2015-16 Budget that benefits from a boom in stamp duty revenue yet fails to do enough to ensure the availability of affordable housing across Sydney and the state.

NSW Parliament Supports Marriage Equality

Today NSW Parliament sent a strong message of support for marriage equality. The Greens are proud to have always stood for marriage equality; every vote, every MP, every time.   

Community Recognition: Marrickville Welcome Dinner

Today we acknowledged the incredible work and contributions that went into the Marrickville Welcome Dinner last Saturday night at Marrickville Town Hall.  

WestConnex - over $450 million per kilometre

In the interests of good governance and transparency, The Greens WestConnex spokesperson and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong has called on the Government to immediately halt the acquisition of homes and the construction of early stages of the tollway until the business case has been finalised and made public.  “We are now talking about $15.4 billion dollars for the WestConnex tollway – an increase of $500 million from last year – and up from $10 billion from when the project was first initiated. That’s over $450 million per kilometre!” said The Greens WestConnex spokesperson and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong.

Westconnex in NSW Budget - more favours and money for mates?

Announcements in the NSW Budget regarding changes to state significant infrastructure decisions and commitment of billions of dollars of public money for WestConnex, makes it clear that this Government is more interested in  serving the interests of the big end of town not the community, says Greens WestConnex spokesperson and member for Newtown Jenny Leong. “WestConnex operates under an accountability smokescreen. No business case, no Environmental Impact Statement, a company with a questionable record being awarded contracts both for construction and assessing environmental risks,” she said.

Train Accessibility in the Newtown Electorate

Accessibility at our train stations is a serious risk to safety for those who struggle up and down the stairs, and limits the full participation in society of all members of our community. Read our speech calling on the Government to ensure all train stations in the Newtown electorate are made accessible.   

Train station accessibility needs prioritisation in NSW Budget

Media Release 18 June 2015   Train station accessibility needs prioritisation in NSW Budget   Questions asked by the Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong in NSW Parliament have revealed that train station accessibility works on Redfern Station Platforms 6 & 7 will be complete by the end of the year, and have advocated for other stations in the area to be prioritised in the next tranche of station upgrades.

M4 East Tunnel contracts put community at risk

MEDIA RELEASE: The NSW Government announcement of contracts worth $2.7 billion, and a preferred design for the M4 East tunnel ahead of planning approval or an Environmental Impact Statement process, puts the community at risk, according to Greens WestConnex spokesperson and MP for Newtown Jenny Leong.

Beijing Democracy Network Statue

On Thursday 4 June Jenny addressed a rally in Belmore Park, near Central Station, organised by the Sydney Network for Democracy in China. The focus of the event was commemorating the 1989 Beijing Democracy Movement and mourn the victims of the Tiananmen Massacre. During the rally a 3.2m high fiberglass statue of the Goddess of Democracy, built by New Zealander sculptor Mr Chen Weiming was exhibited.

Parramatta Road Urban Renewal Project: Planning Needs to be Integrated

The NSW Liberal Government has failed to consult properly with the community, and has failed to plan for massive population growth that will result from the Parramatta Road Urban Renewal Project.  

Greens in Parliament: Improving Fair Trading

Today The Greens proposed changes to Fair Trading legislation aimed at ensuring cuts to red tape don't create confusion or cause disadvantage to those who are already disadvantaged by their circumstances.  

Community Recognition: Stop CSG Sydney

Recognising the incredible work by the members of Stop CSG Sydney over many years in stopping the spread of coal seam gas in the inner west and throughout Sydney.   

Our Statement Regarding World Environment Day

The Greens stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of New South Wales, Australia and the world in recognising the need to protect our precious marine parks, national parks, native vegetation and biodiversity on World Environment Day. Read our full statement below.   

Drug Dog Repeal Bill Launch

Drug Detection Dog Repeal Bill launch feat. internationally renowned musicians Today Greens member for Newtown Jenny Leong will give notice of a bill to end the use of drug detection dogs without a warrant on public transport, at festivals, bars and Kings Cross. The Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Amendment (Sniffer Dogs—Repeal of Powers) Bill 2015 aims to repeal parts of the Law Enforcement Powers and Responsibilities Act 2002 relating to the use of drug detection dogs.  The Bill is the latest part of the Greens NSW “Sniff Off” campaign against the use of drug dogs.  The campaign is supported by musicians and performers including Paul Mac and Dan McNamee (from Art vs Science) who aim to protect their audiences from over-policing. A Sniff Off Party will be held on Saturday 30 May at the Red Rattler in Marrickville, featuring Paul Mac and other artists.

Community Recognition: Redfern Legal Centre

Today we acknowledged the incredible work of the Redfern Legal Centre and called on the Government to guarantee funding so that this vital service can continue.   

Government's Child Sex Offences Legislation Not Good Enough

Today we called on the Liberal Government to end their law and order display, listen to the evidence, and deliver justice to victims of historical child sexual abuse.  

Greens launch fresh bid for inquiry into WestConnex

The Greens have launched a fresh bid for a parliamentary inquiry into the toxic WestConnex Project, with Greens NSW Transport spokesperson Dr Mehreen Faruqi introducing a notice of motion into the NSW Legislative Council. (Full wording below). Download the petition to support the inquiry and stop WestConnex

Time to halt WestConnex Nightmare on King St

Following new revelations this morning undermining the over $15 billion WestConnex project – with the government’s own modelling showing the project will not ease congestion on Sydney’s roads – Greens WestConnex spokesperson and MP for Newtown Jenny Leong has called for a halt to this tollway disaster. “WestConnex is shaping up as the Nightmare on King St parts 1 to 15 billion,” she said.

Duncan Gay insults residents; Community and Local Councils stand together

Media Release: 20 May 2015 The Greens NSW spokesperson for WestConnex and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP has expressed disgust at Minister for Roads Duncan Gay for his insulting comments directed at concerned residents opposed to WestConnex and congratulated Marrickville Council on their latest move to oppose the project Minister Gaye’s comments in the SMH.  “The school yard style insults reportedly made at a Committee for the Economic Development of Australia lunch by the Minister for Roads shows the complete disregard he has for genuine community concerns about the misuse of public money on polluting tollways,” Jenny said.

Jenny Leong MP congratulates Marrickville Council on opposition to WestConnex

Jenny Leong MP for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson for WestConnex has congratulated Marrickville Council on their stand against WestConnex and in support of community action. At their meeting on 19 May 2015, Marrickville Council passed a motion to create and fund the WestConnex Advisory Committee and called for a full parliamentary inquiry and a halt to the tender process.  

Motion to Oppose Forced Council Mergers

Today we moved a motion opposing forced council mergers.   

Community Recognition: NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby and Sydney Star Observer

Acknowledging the fantastic work of the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby in conjunction with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex [LGBTI] news publication the Star Observer.  

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

On Wednesday 13 May 2015, Jenny Leong, The Greens MP for Newtown and Greens NSW Spokesperson for Sexuality and Gender Identity, spoke on a Matter of Public Importance in NSW Parliament. Jenny spoke about the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, to be held on May 17-18 2015.

Community Recognition: Nepal Earthquake Fundraising Events in Newtown

Acknowledging the work of the Asian Australian Alliance Women's Forum, members of the Nepalese community and BloodWood Restaurant and Bar in Newtown in fundraising efforts this week to support recovery efforts following the earthquakes in Nepal.  

Statement Supporting International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia [IDAHOT]

Read our statement supporting International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia [IDAHOT].  

Leong sets out her priorities (Inner West Courier)

GREENS MP VOWS TO STAND UP FOR RIGHTS OF COMMUNITY Published in the Inner West Courier - 12 May 2015 by Sarah Sharples

Our Statement on the Federal Budget

Today we drew attention to the upcoming federal budget and its implications for the Newtown Electorate.  

Government shifts on WestConnex business case

Responding to Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong in Question Time today, Minister for Transport Andrew Constance confirmed the government would finally release parts of the full business case for WestConnex. The Minister’s office confirmed that the non-commercial-in-confidence elements of the business case would be released in July.

Jenny makes inaugural speech

Last night I made my first speech in NSW Parliament. So many people who have been part of the campaign and the Greens and our progressive movement for so long filled the house for the occasion. It was a great showing of our strong community and we certainly made a mark on the opening day of the 56th parliament!

Community Recognition: Westconnex Action Group

Today we acknowledged the dedicated creativity and bravery of the WestConnex Action Group and all those who are standing up to the polluting and damaging WestConnex project.  

Anglicare snapshot shows that it’s time for urgent action on housing affordability crisis

MEDIA RELEASE: Anglicare snapshot shows that it’s time for urgent action on housing affordability crisis An important new Rental Affordability Snapshot from Anglicare highlights the need for broad reforms to housing policy and tenancy laws to address the crisis in the state’s housing sector, warn the Greens.

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